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Regional District of Nanaimo; Leaders-in-Training 2018 Summer Program 


Statement of the overall Specific statements of Specific tasks to complete through implementation Immediate results (direct Intermediate results (1 to 3 Long-term results (3 to
purpose of the project what the project sets out of the project products of project years after project starts) 10 years after project
to accomplish activities) starts)

The Regional District of -Develop leadership -Experience working with a -LITs -Development of tangible -Further development of -Increased success in
Nanaimo offers a low cost skills in youth team broad spectrum leadership leadership skills that will the work force
funded summer program for skills in LITs support youth as they enter
-Create opportunities for -Explore various tricks and tools -Increased leadership
studenst aged 14-17 looking into the work force
young leaders in training for managing groups -Development of age skills that can be
to develop their leadership
to have hands-on skill -LITs with specific leadership skills -Development of greater applied to all aspects of
skills. Through a series of -Learn a repertoire of games,
development Mentors and group management confidence and success when their lives
community events, LITs work crafts, songs and other activities
skills working with groups
towards building their -Integrate LITs into -Strengthened
-Understand how to choose and
leadership skills and community leadership -Game theory -Increased community community environment
plan an age-appropriate
confidence while gaining events development engagement betweem through youth
experience working with a -LITs with different groups engagement
-Develop opportunities -Development of work
variety of age groups. -Experience the expectations for Mentors and
for LITs to have skills ethic -LITs will develop increased -Summer hire Leaders
a real job Supervisors
RDN Recreation and Parks that will help to make team skills confidence could become long term
-Attainment of LIT
believe that ​young adults them employable -Develop tangible leadership -LITs employees for the RDN
certification -LITs will be hired by the RDN
should have the skills
to mentor and run youth and
opportunity to develop -LITs will have access to
-Work with a mentor who is community programs
leadership skills in -LITs and supportive adults and
supportive and provides
programs that will benefit Mentors mentors -LITs will want to return for
themselves and their more than one year in the
community. -Receive a LIT shirt and manual program
The Leaders in Training -Receive a certificate that
program endeavors to acknowledges their
develop tangible leadership contributions
skills, self-confidence and
nurture self-esteem.
Assumptions: External Factors:
● LITs will be engaged for the work ● LITs will have enough community expereince to show growth in
● LITs will turn up and complete all activities leadership skills
● Community events will try and access LITs ● There is enough of a demand in the community for LITs to work with
● There will be enough LITs signing up for the program to be worthwhile seniors and youth
● There will be enough returning LITs to offer support and guidance ● There is employees that have been tasked with running the LIT program
● There will be people that have completed the LIT training and want to in the RDN
participate as mentors ● There is money being contributed towards the RDN to support the LIT
● LITs return to the program for multiple years, further cementing growth program
in leadership skills ● LITs continue to demonstrate growth after being in the program
● The community demonstrates an appreciation for the LIT program and
continues to seek support from it for community events