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Auditing and Attestation

less Antman Kevin Stevens, DBA, CPA


This publication is a comprehensive, yet simplified study program. It provides a

review of all the
basic skills and concepts tested on the CPA exam and teaches important strategies
to take the
exam faster and more accurately. This tool allows you to take control of the CPA
This simplified and focused approach to studying for the CPA exam can be used:
 As a handy and convenient reference manual
 To solve exam questions
 To reinforce material being studied
Included is all of the information necessary to obtain a passing score on the CPA
exam in a
concise and easy-to-use format. Due to the wide variety of information covered on
the exam, a
number of techniques are included:
 Acronyms and mnemonics to help candidates learn and remember a variety
rules and checklists
• Formulas and equations that simplify complex calculations required on the

 Simplified outlines of key concepts without the details that encumber or

distract from
learning the essential elements
 Techniques that can be applied to problem solving or essay writing, such as
preparing a
multiple-step income statement, determining who will prevail in a legal conflict,
developing an audit program
 Pro forma statements, reports, and schedules that easy to prepare these
by simply filling in the blanks
• Proven techniques to help you become a smarter, sharper, and more accurate test
This publication may also be useful to university students enrolled in Intermediate,
and Cost Accounting; Auditing, Business Law, and Federal Income Tax classes;
and Finance Classes.

Good Luck on the Exam,

Less Antman, CPA
Kevin Stevens, DBA, CPA

About the Authors

Less Antman, CPA, has been preparing individuals for the CPA exam since 1979. For many

years, he taught CPA review classes on a full-time basis for various programs, including
Mark's CPA Review Course and Kap/an CPA Review. He currently operates his own CPA
review program in the state of California, under the name Antman CPA Review, located in
Arcadia, California. He has taught more than 5,000 totally live CPA review classes, more
than any other CPA review instructor in the United States, and his written materials have
been used in several different instructor-based CPA review programs.
Kevin Stevens, DBA, CPA, is the director of the School of Accountancy and Management
formation Systems at DePaul University. He is a full professor of accountancy and is a
tered certified public accountant in Illinois. He has taught for many years in DePaul's CPA
view program and at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. He holds a doctoral
degree in business administration (accountancy) from the University of Kentucky, a
master's in taxation from DePaul, a master's in accounting from the University of Illinois at
Urbana and a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Loyola University, Chicago.