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Alex Jeffries

Questions about Organization How this looks in my classroom

1) What are the daily and weekly In my practicum school the bell schedule is
schedules? posted as well and the learning objective.
There is not a clear schedule of what the
class will be doing but each student knows
where they need to be by the bell schedule.
2) What happens when students don’t Depending on the students IEP it differs. A
complete/turn in assignments and/or forget student may not be able to turn the
materials? assignment in, they might be able to get
some credit and then they might be able to
turn it in the next day, it all depends on the
3) What happens when students are absent This also depends on the student some
and/or missing assignments? Explain and students get extensions and others lose
give an example. points.
4) Where are materials, equipment, and They are located in the back of the
resources located and how do students gain classroom. There is a table in the back,
access to them? Provide a floor plan of desks in the middle, and the teachers desk
your classroom to illustrate your answer. and smart board on the other side of the
Describe routines that are in place. room.
5) How and when do students move about The have to ask if the can go to the
the classroom and for what purposes? bathroom and such.
Describe routines or procedures that are in
6) When are students allowed to sharpen The student cannot do these things if the
pencils, use the restroom, get drinks of teacher is teaching, it is allowed when the
water, get materials or equipment? teacher is done and the start class.
Describe routines or procedures that are in
7) How are seating arrangements The teacher decides where the students
determined? Who decides? Teacher or seat, they have assigned seats.
students or teacher and students together?
8) In general, how is the classroom I think there is good flow, I am just a little
organized and arranged? Is there good more organized then other people.
“flow?” How would you change or modify
the arrangement, if it were your classroom?
Why would you make those changes?

9) What are students expected to do as When students enter the classroom they are
they enter the classroom and prepare for expected to start on their math bellwork
instruction to begin? Describe any routines until after the announcements are done.

or procedures that are in place. Describe When students finish work checked by
any teacher “cues” used. Give an example myself, the teacher will start on lesson for
of each – a procedure and a teacher cue. the day.
10) What are students expected to do They need to make sure their area is picked
before they are dismissed from the up and chairs get pushed in. The teacher
classroom? How are students dismissed? will let know when it is time to finish up.
Describe the routines or procedures used to
dismiss students. Are they effective?
Explain your answer.