Wedding Bell’s Planning Nichole M. Bell September 8, 2010 I. Executive Summary A.

Wedding Bell’s Planning is a dream of Nichole Bell’s to organize and design beautiful weddings for those that cannot afford four star resorts but deserve the same type of service and feeling of luxurious weddings. With careful budgeting, extensive research, negotiation and innovative ideas, Wedding Bell’s Planning will appeal to those that need organization and creativity in planning for a wedding. B. With little overhead and financial backing, this plan sets the pathway to a profitable wedding planning business by the end of 2015, three years after successfully booking the first wedding to occur in 2013. II. Industry Description A. The wedding industry consists of an array of vendors including caterers, photographers, florists, apparel and event planners. B. There are over 2 million weddings in the United States in one year with an average of $20,000 spent on each wedding.

III. Marketing A. The target market is young engaged couples, 19-25 years old, in college and the workforce and whose parents often contribute to the cost of the wedding. B. Most people with a limited budget do not utilize a wedding planner to save money. The approach will be an insider of the industry to save money and time so that the couple and family can enjoy the experience of a dream wedding. In order to reach the targeted market, tools such as the following will be used: social networks, referrals, and free to consumers/college newspaper ads. Payment terms will be based the mutually agreed amount of time that a planner will work and a percentage of the wedding budget. Here are some examples: 1. Full service – 23% of the budget: Planner will attend all appointments to vendors (with or without couple); unlimited meetings with couple; wedding planner creates plan with suggestion of vendors and services; confirmation with vendors the week before wedding; rehearsals and last minute “to-do” errands; and wedding planner and two additional staff on day of wedding. 2. Limited service – 8% of the budget: Initial meeting with planner, wedding planner creates plan with suggestion of vendors and services, meeting week of the wedding for full details of the wedding to ensure understanding couple’s wishes, wedding planner and one additional staff on day of wedding. IV. Research & Development A. Joining a trade association such as Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) and National Bridal Service.

C. D.

2014 – Ten weddings booked for 2015. A home based business with ability to meet customers in mutual agreed location. a restaurant or each other’s homes. Attending bridal expositions and reading magazines for the latest trends. during and after a wedding. With little overhead in this business. working directly with staff. D. Appendix A.Lack of customers 2. Management A. Breakdown of Revenue Estimated Revenue for 2013 – 2018 Wedding Bell’s Planning . B. IX. X. Part time staff will be hired for the day of the wedding and during busy season (mid May through end of June). Sample of Wedding Budget B. V. Financial – No payment by customer and event cancellation. Creating a Risk Management Plan is essential in selling wedding planning services and knowing what to do in most crisis management situations before. The major risks of a wedding planning business include the following: 1. Critical Risks A. Nichole Bell. Legal –Any party not upholding their part of a contract.B. VII. Central and South Jersey. Montgomery. By December 31. Delaware. Marketing . 2011 – All business plans set and preferred vendors selected. B. customers and vendors. Berks and Lancaster. Business will be a sole proprietorship with operations management consisting of owner. B. Customers will be getting married in the Greater Philadelphia area. B. 2012 – First wedding booked to occur in 2013. including Pennsylvania counties of Philadelphia. 3. Financial A. C. 2015 – Twenty weddings booked for 2016.2 . Bucks. break even analysis will be utilized. Milestones A. By December 31. Chester. C. VIII. Location A. By December 31. VI. and the entire state of Delaware. By December 31. such as a potential vendor for the wedding.

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