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z c) i fs a | oe o ra z 3 4 rl 84 stevie would change pitches without either bending fr audibly retriggering note, With the proper tone, ¢ hhammer-on or pull-ff can achieve the smooth synth- Iike legato inflecion a originally intended. ‘With either slides or slurs, make sure to Telax your fretting hand and let it low in the groove, only applying as much pressure as needed to Keep the rote full. Working too hard will make it sound stiff, land youll need to conserve your energy 10 get through this, anyway: THE COOLEST, FUNKIEST BARS. ‘Once 1 went deep inside this line, bar by bar, beat by beat, inflection by infletion, the rewards just poured coat There's so mich valuable stuf to cop and incorpo- rate in different styles of playing that it practically defies description. For my money, the best of the best are the following: : Bars 44-45 A supersmooth up-and-down string of funky Ab major pentaronie suf, with a double 32nd note lick on the way down. ‘Bar 63 Like bar 45, but with a unique anticipated twist atthe end. Bars 104-107 Everything but the kitchen sink. Three chords, two octaves, mutes, slides, shuts, and cone heaping slab of Funk, Now thats how you set up & fade. This one my personal fave. ‘Bars 110-112 Stevie goes for some new stff on the fade, working the hell out ofthe Dp to B}7 transition. Bonus: bars 4-5 This intro is probably the most un-bessike thing in the whole plece, and is wildly ‘open to interpretation, But esa challenge, try pulling it off as writen CAN IT BE DONE? AND SHOULD I17 ‘With all that said, here the challenge: Can you doit? Every note, every mute, every inflection, up to speed, top to botiom, in one shot? Because, honest- Jy. tdoubtit ean be done. (Anthony Jackson, are you ‘out there?) Ifyou want to give ita shot, make « video of yourself playing along with the tack, and post it to wwwimymusicplayertvcom. The winner gets & PhD. in bass-synth funk ermulation, props from the bass community, and an “Tm not worthy” bow from yours truly ‘But realy, all praise is due to Stevie Wonder. 1 always knew he was a bad man. I just dnt mow he was such a badass. © For thoughts on “Boogie On Reggie Woman" fom long-time Steve Wonder bassist Nathan Wat, o0 to wormbassplaer.con. STEVIE WONDER’S “BOOGIE ON REGGAE WOMAN” TRANSCRIPTION BY BRYAN BELLER J=108 roby layed wth praetor the grado nace tbr-mnonien tue On ee nib Stee Mod 174 need 08S Cod Ba a 0 Ma Ine}, igus sed Inratoal opt secured Used by prison Reprinted by prison of Hal Leonard Care De Ab our Fr 847 Bes a7 5 D, Lt oe re teem Dae TRANSCRIPTION Ab Gp? FT Dien Db yeast a5; aS = oa SS ee aa BG bass puaven 1 o¥cemern 2007