Maungaturoto Matters

23 October and 6 November

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Maungaturoto Matters


Fred Astaire / Cyd Charise

The Marx Brothers

Saturday October 16th 1pm
Otamatea Repertory Theatre
Bickerstaffe Rd.
Tickets $20 Available
Tonys Lotto Maungaturoto
Inquiries Ph 09 4318008

Maungaturoto Matters

Come down to the Paparoa Tennis Courts
A Sausage Sizzle lunch will
be provided.
Monday 25th October (Labour Day)
From 10:30am – 1:00pm
We are having an Open Day, to start
Tennis Season, some racquets available.
AGM to be held at 12 midday followed
free lunch.
` Contact Vickie Owens 4316432 , Pete
Hames 4316822 or Bill Sheppard 4317196.
All ages welcome. Come along and have a
(You might have some fun!)

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- The purpose of our lives.
- The nature of the soul.
- The condition of the soul
after death.

Study Classes. Please ph.
Ginny 09 431431-8782

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Do you feel at times there's no way out
you've hit rock bottom, your full of doubt

Maungaturoto Matters

Murphy’s Law

Your friends are fake that always take
and dead end roads are all you make.
The same old story ,different day
there's really not much left to say
The doors are closed, the windows shut
your sinking deep into a rut
Freedom seems so far away
but please just stop and let me say
change is hard, i understand
but if you will , take his hand
His hand, who, who is this he,
what is this love that sets me free
who is this jesus, why does he love
i know its strange, but he really does
Maybe you think your already free,
but a life without christ is no life indeed
The light in the lives of the ones that are free
is proof that he is, and he always will be
so shake off the chains, climb out of the ruts
because of his blood, the holes and the cuts
The thorns and the spear, because of his name
are why we are saved and have no shame
trust in jesus, commit all your strife,
submit to the father that gave you life
come as you are, he loves you for you
there are so many things that he wants to do.
will you come.......
By Tracey Batten
Maungaturoto congregational church
sunday mornings 10am
see you there.

It seems once in a while we have things
happen we haven’t anticipated. In my
case as editor a life event came along that
involved an Ambulance and the Fire Brigade as first response to my precious
Mum’s cry for help.
Thanks to the wonderful team at St John
and the Maungaturoto Volunteer Fire
Brigade my mum is alive and well. For
that my family and I are eternally grateful.
A huge thank you also to Tina, Linda,
Stella,Andrea, Bev and Amy who were a
listening ear.
Tina you have the patience of a saint
Many many thanks to everyone for their
support and caring
With much love and gratitude
Liz and the family

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