SI LABU BIN SI LUNCAI NRIC: 123456-78-8888 (Tenant) ****************************





TAMAN BANDAR SENAWANG. 70400 SEREMBAN. 70450 SEREMBAN. TAMN POLAN. 2010. NRIC No.TENANCY AGREEMENT THIS TENANCY AGREEMENT is made on this 1st day of NOVEMBER. WHEREAS:[A] The Landlord is the legal and beneficial owner of the premises bearing Postal Address of: No. NEGERI SEMBILAN (Tenant Address) [hereinafter referred as "the Tenant"] of the other part. TAMAN LUCAI.: 123456-78-8888 of No.8.10. [B] The Tenant is desirous of renting the whole of the Demised Premises for a fixed term of ONE (1) YEAR with an option to renew the same for a further period as provided below.: 123456-78-9012 of No. AND [2] SI LUNCAI (TENANT NAME).325. NEGERI SEMBILAN (Landlord Address) [hereinafter referred as "the Landlord"] of the one part. NEGERI SEMBILAN [hereinafter referred as the "Demised Premises"]. NRIC No. 2 . 70400 SEREMBAN. BETWEEN [1] SI POLAN (LANDLORD NAME).

00] ONLY [hereinafter referred as "the Rental"] before start of rental.00] as utility deposit to the Landlord. No. 4. In addition both parties agree that tenant to pay landlord an additional 2 monthly rentals as deposits of surety at a fix sum of Ringgit Malaysia EIGHT HUNDRED [RM800. [b] 3 .1 TENANT'S COVENANTS The Tenant agrees and covenants with the Landlord as follows:[a] To pay the Rental within the first Seven [7] days of each month during the continuance of this Agreement. 2. water. the parties hereby agree that the monthly rental for the Demised is hereby determined at a fix sum of Ringgit Malaysia FOUR HUNDRED [RM 400. 3.IT IS HEREBY AGREED AND DECLARED as follows:1.: 123456-78-9012 at (Bank) MAYBANK BERHAD Account No. 2010 [hereinafter referred as "the Commencement Date"] until the 18 December. 4. The Tenant shall pay all charges for maintenance. which is to be banked into the account of SI POLAN (LANDLORD NAME) NRIC.: 123456789123. Subject to the working provisions of this Agreement.00] and Ringgit Malaysia TWO HUNDRED [200. HANDING OVER OF VACANT POSSESSION The Landlord shall hand over vacant possession of the Demised Premises to the Tenant 5 days before the Commencement Date. electricity.1 MONTHLY RENTAL AND SECURITY DEPOSIT AMOUNT. AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE PARTIES The Landlord agrees to let and the Tenant agrees to take subject to the stipulations and agreements hereinafter stated the Demised Premises for fixed term of ONE (1) YEAR commencing from 19 December. disposal of refuse and/or garbage during the continuance of this Agreement. 2011 [hereinafter referred as "Expiry Date"] 2.

shutters. To pay and discharge all existing and future rates. The maintain and keep the main structure. The Tenant shall upkeep and maintain the Demised Premises including but not limited to the flooring and interior plaster or other surface material on walls. roots. ceilings and the Landlord's fittings and fixture thereon including but not limited to doors. its agent and/or servants. electric wires. staircase and corridors of the Demised Premises and all costs and expenses incurred thereon shall be borne and paid by the Tenant. drainage and sewerage systems and pipes and the electrical wiring of the Demised Premises in a good and [b] [c] 4 . [d] [e] 5. agreements.1 LANDLORD'S COVENANTS Landlord agrees with the Tenant as follows:[a] So long as the Tenant shall pay the Rental hereby reserved and performs and observes the convents. 5. quit rent and outgoings payable to local authority or any other parties as indicated in written law in respect of the Demised Premises. obligation and stipulations on its part herein contained. installations and other fitting for lights and power in a good and tenantable repair and condition and at the Tenant own costs and expense replace or repair any of the aforesaid items which is broken. walls. taxes. the Tenant shall peaceably hold enjoy the Demised Premises during the term of this Agreement without any interruption by the Landlord or any person lawfully claiming under or in trust for the Landlord. The Tenant shall be responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the toilets. assessments.[c] The Tenant shall pay for any increase by the relevant authority in rates for the supply of water and/or electricity to the Demised Premises. windows. employees. Any repair or maintenance works which needs to be carried out due to the pre-existing condition of the Demised Premises and due to normal wear and tear of the Demised Premises inclusive of all the fittings and furniture as provided by the Landlord shall be borne by the Landlord directly or deducted from rental. glass. damaged or missing due to the negligence or careless acts or omissions of the Tenant. locks. fastenings. invitees and/or licensees.

2 below shall be applied. the Landlord shall notify in writing to the Tenant of the grant of an extension to the Tenancy for a further period of ONE (1) YEAR or any other period to which the parties may agree upon commencing from the Expiry Date (hereinafter referred as "the Further Term"). 6. EVENTS OF DEFAULT AND RIGHTS OF LANDLORD This agreement has fixed term of ONE (1) YEAR from the Commencement Date (hereinafter referred as the "said Period") and neither party shall be allowed to determine this Agreement prior to the expiration of the said period UNLESS both parties further agree to another terms and conditions. fittings. In the event of premature determination of this Agreement during the said Period other than in accordance with the exceptions provided in clause 7. storm or tempest and to make all payments necessary for the purpose PROVIDED ALWAYS that the provisions of this Clause shall not be deemed to bind the Landlord to insure against consequential loss nor against damage to or destruction of any furniture. stock in trade or other goods. PREMATURE DETERMINATION. 7. chattels or effects of the Tenant and situated in or upon the Demised Premises. the party giving such notice of determination shall compensate the other party for the balance of the unexpired term of this Agreement term of this agreement during the said Period as liquidated damages. 6. [d] The Landlord will insure and keep insured at all times during the continuance of this Agreement the Demised Premises against all loss or damage by fire.1 7. Otherwise clause 7.1 7.tenantable repair and condition throughout the term of this Agreement.1 above. OPTION TO RENEW The tenant is hereby given the option to renew the tenancy contemplated under this Agreement PROVIDED THAT any request for renewal of the Tenancy shall be made in writing by the Tenant to the Landlord not less than TWO (2) MONTHS before the expiration of this Agreement and SUBJECT ALWAYS that there is no existing breach or non-observance of any of the covenants and obligations on the part of the Tenant.2 5 .

No: (NAME) in the presence of THE TENANT SIGNED by the Tenant ] ] in the presence of ] 6 . 2010. THE LANDLORD SIGNED by the Landlord ] NRIC.EXECUTION PAGE IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have hereunto set their hands on this 1st day of NOVEMBER.

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