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LOA Number 4500002229 RA Bill No 2

Name of Contractor M/s RAJ Engineering works
Name of Work Replacement of 132KV Swyd equipment
Period of Measurement 07.03.2018 - 31.10.2018


PART A For First & Subsequent Bills (incl. 2nd & Final Bill)

1 Approved LOA Issued (At the time of first bill only) YES
2 Agreement with contactor as per LOA (At the time of first bill only)

3 G/L code where it is not available in the PO YES

4 Document parked & MIR7 No. is mentioned

5 Contractors Bill or Tax Invoice in proper manner YES

6 Date of Start & Bid opening date YES

7 Whether EIC has certfied the contractor's bill

8 Period of Bill to be mentioned YES

MB & SES is duly signed by Engineer In Charge and authorised by Copmetent Authority &
9 Release of SES YES
10 MB & SES is duly signed by Contractor

11 Declaration & Certification done by EIC as required YES

Not Applicable
12 Time extension and Amendment,if any

13 Deductions if any (duly approved by the competent authority Not Applicable

14 Whether EIC has certfied and attached the Annexure - B YES

PART B For 2nd RA Bill

1 IR clearence from HR

PART C For Final Bill

1 Whether Ifianl ammendment has been issued Not Applicable

2 Annexure C signed by EIC -Not Applicable

3 IR clearence from HR Not Applicable

4 CCP-10 Not Applicable

5 CCP-11 Not Applicable

Certification by EIC that work has been completed & no recovery pending from
7 Contractor Not Applicable

10 All the BOQ item should be nil Not Applicable

11 The balance limit should be nil Not Applicable

12 Date of Completion Not Applicable

PART D For SD Rlease Not Applicable

1 In case of SD/EMD/Retention release claim letter of contractor is required Not Applicable

2 Details of SD qunatum to be released has been certified by the EIC in the MB Not Applicable

3 Defect Liability Period is over Not Applicable

4 Certification by EIC that work has been completed & no recovery pending from Contractor Not Applicable
In case of initial 50% SD release, all requirements as per GCC & LOA complied with?
5 If yes, EIC should clerly cerify that the final bill will be submiited within 3 months of
completion of the contract. Not Applicable

Signature of EIC