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Literature Urban & Rural Space 2018

Agnidakis, Paul 2013, Rätten till platsen. Tillhörighet och samhörighet i två lokala industrisamhällen
under omvandling [The right to a place. Belonging and communality in two local industrial communities
in transition], pp. [in Swedish] 9-30, 107-160 or summary [in English] 209‒215. [The book will be
possible to buy by the teacher]

Combs, J.L. 2015, "Using Jane Jacobs and Henry George to Tame Gentrification: Taming
Gentrification", American Journal of Economics and Sociology, vol. 74, no. 3, pp. 600-630. [e-book,
fulltext UB]

Dadan-Smith, Eve 2007. Country and city in the new Europe [Conference paper].

Erdkamp. Paul P.M. 2001. ‘The limits of the “Consumer City”. A model of the urban and rural economy
in the Roman world’, Historia. Zeitschrift für Alte Geschichte 50:3, pp. 332‒356. [pdf]

Fife, Wayne 2005. Doing fieldwork. Ethnographic methods for research in Developing countries and
beyond. New York. [e-book, fulltext UB]

Gmelch, George, Robert V. Kemper & Walter P. Zenner (eds.). 2010 (5th ed.). Urban life: readings in
the anthropology of the city. Long Grove, Ill. [will be distributed by teacher] (c. 100 pp. by selection)

Hall, Peter 2014. Cities of tomorrow: an intellectual history of urban planning and design since 1880, pp.
1-148. [e-book, fulltext UB]

Hedberg, Charlotta (ed) Translocal Ruralism: Mobility and Connectivity in European Rural Spaces.
New York, pp. 1-72

Jacobs, Jane (1964). The death and life of great American cities. Penguin in association with Cape, pp.

Low, Setha M. (ed.) 1999. Theorizing the City: The New Urban Anthropology Reader. Rutgers
University Press. [will be distributed by teacher] (c 100 pp. by selection)

Stevenson, Deborah 2003. Cities and Urban Cultures. Maidenhead/Philadelphia: Open University

Vanempten, Elke 2015. ‘Challenging urbanism: the rurban reality of the Brussels metropolitan area’.
[Conference paper].

Vikstrand, Anna Micro. 2005: Strävan efter ett ordnat samhälle. Stadsplanering i Huddinge 1900–1960
[The Pursuit of an ordered society. Urban planning in Huddinge, 1900‒1960]. Stockholm, [in Swedish
about Sollentuna] pp. 34–37, 66–69, 85–87, 114, 128–130, 196–201, 221–225 or summary [in English]
272–280 [The book will be possible to buy by the teacher]

Wortham-Galvin, Brooke D. 2013. ‘An Anthropology of Urbanism: How People Make Places (and
What Designers and Planners Might Learn from It)’, Footprint. Delft Architecture Theory Journal 13,
pp. 21‒40. [pdf]

Please note! Additional literature (about 150-200 pages),directly linked to the New York
excursion, will be distributed as a PDF file at the beginning of the course

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