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04/16/2018 2:30 PM Filed Lee County Clerk of Courts € oe First Appearance Court Order! 20° Judicial Circuit _ Lee County, Florida Defendant: JONES, HOLLEY DELTON Jacket Number: 127322 Aliases: Aiprest Number: 876295 ‘Case Numbers: 18-015762CF ty Roll Cas ‘The State must, within 24 hours, establish probable cause on each charge or release the defendgnt. The Court does hereby find. probable caus on the following charges and RELEASE CONDITIONS. The defendant alafledgs tht hele bas been advised of| the right to be represented by an attorney now, and at all other CRITICAL STAGES and of thisrights on the plea form, and that this plee, conviction and sentence is acceptable. The defendant understands that this conviction my be used ona subsequent felony score sheet and may be considered for purposes of deportation. ‘On Monday, April 16, 2018, the defendant has been advised he or she is under arrest for the following charges: PC Charge ‘Sentence | Court Appearance Yes [Disturbing Peace breach OF The Peace ate: 408 M-877.03 18-015762cF [Felon [Yes | Resist Officer Obstruet Wo Violence M-843.02, Bond: $3,500.00 18-015762CF ash/Surety Felon ‘Yes |Heroin-possess with Intent To Sell Mfg Or Deliver Release: Bond Schedule 1 Bond: $10,000.00 frss93.3 lat Casivsurery Te0157620F Pleas Felon Yes [Macijuane-possess not More Than 20 Grams Release: Bond Date: 5/14/2018 M-893.13.00, Bond: 85,000.00 Time: 8:30 AM 18-018762cF Type: Cesh’Surety Room: 4A Felon Plen Type: Arraignment Counsel: Defendant determined not indigent, application Nam completed ASA: Leah Harwood - Bar #567061 (GPS Exclusion Zone(s): (Conditions: INo Possession/Consumption of Alcohol/Drugs while case is pending; Stay Away ftom Location of lOfrense: 7-11 11501 SR 82 Rd Lehigh Acres, FL 33971 Probation: (Other: [Defendant mev have his phone cal fo call his wife DEFENDANT'S OBLIGATIONS IF THE PUBLIC DEFENDER IS APPOINTED: ~ Pursuant to Florida Statute 27.52, ifthe defendant has applied forthe services of the Public Defender, a fifty dollar ($50) application fee must be paid within seven (7) days to the Clerk of the Court (on the 1* floor of the Justice Center). ~ The defendant is responsible for contacting the Public Defenders office at (239)533-2911 to (a) find out the name of hisher attorney. (b) obtain court dates. and (¢) advise his/her attorney of any change to address or phone number, [No further notice of cout dates willbe given tothe defendant by the cletk orth judge. The defendant shall bein court atthe time noted above and thereafter as directed or a bench warrant and an estreature of the bond will be issued. The defendant shall be provided with a copy of this Court Order at time of release fom the jel Page I of 2 Defeadan: JONES, HOLLEY DELTON i Appears Cou Order SS emtirtt OLT e . we Applications for the services of the Public Defender can be completed at the Lee County Pretriii Services Department located in the Justice Center, 3" floor, 1700 Monroe Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901. Pretrial Services can be a at (239)533-8400. Mandatory assessineus are imposed and sll be included in the judgment without regard to ether the assessment was announced in open court Gajzalez, Judge, Lee Gounty Florida ni i Page 2 of 2 parts ARREST I NOTICE TO APPEAR wm fo] oe [BR S0.04. 272] fewer = oie ea wie Fy 0,3, 6,0, 1, 0, 0 |sacmere crore crore | ans Heaton tae actus acon ma OE SE Oa wncreow Garwrnc Ceoren a 41152018 “Dnewastiarae ae Oe reed pans ‘a4 150 SRE Reng eres, 71 rato Stings, 27 seri — — wae = A Ter = on ri TRAC | arc GFMER LOCAL Nu POLE NOMEER NBER Far wR siete as JONES, HOLLEY DELTON, tal ae a <4 PE meee [a | Se _ Ss" ae eo SCARS MARKS, TATTOOS, ONGUE PERSONA. FEATURES (ain, Tipe OOO = 8 Bl faoretaGrsaem oS ene oo ASE SHAE SCENT ACRES, PL 23971 hed feria (Gaoyess.1246 Verbal Saeco sis es a a — a oan 7 7 ee RES Ysera aa tn kb, to oe tom — a ion S2eShcoe DISTURBING PEACE - BREACH OF THE PEACE ncruisre2 | 7 VIBE ergs lrea0 a Or irene TaPce joes Dac Claw Clew Cirw Cv. CIGnATION DATERSUE Twat ad CY ames ole —C) Oars Visence uy C] Orca af ret — RIT BE amesronce oamucrwovownce ware [7,558 ema humm Bre aac Baga Sa Oe Ge OF OF Se es Oe = Be Sms ee ay a van me nat ace Hanae SP a TOE OE ES TAF TPE PTE COT ee ne Se — om a PES TRESS ig =~ uid 7 TTigsegve BOATS SURO COT ORE TE TE ES oaae f) Sesser ao § aoe os Auuvew Besbow 890-0539, a spe a Saree Gia Ca Ml ANNUM AREY HUD HNO YY PASE pe sera ans i Sa eT OUNCE 494003