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Horoscope Matching
Vedic Astrology has an excellent and proven method of
compatibility matching based on nakshatras (Lunar
Constellations), which is called Ashtakoot match or simply
guna milap. It assigns points for factors that influence
marriage. More the points obtained, more the chances
of successful and happy married life. As the name suggests,
Report Price:
maximum possible points are 36. If a matching obtains less than
18 points, it is not considered good and marriage is not
advisable. Apart from 36 Points, this report also considers Mangal Dosha (Manglik or Kuja Dosham)
compatibility and pronounces results by combining these two important factors. Here are the points
obtained for the given details:

SEX Male Female
DATE OF BIRTH 22 : 4 : 1979 26 : 2 : 1986
TIME OF BIRTH 7 : 15 : 0 7 : 25 : 1
DAY OF BIRTH Sunday Wednesday
ISHTKAAL 003-30-21 002-13-27
PLACE OF BIRTH Warangal Warangal
TIME ZONE 5.5 5.5
LATITUDE 18 : 0 : N 18 : 0 : N
LONGITUDE 79 : 34 : E 79 : 49 : E
LOCAL TIME CORRECTION 00.11.44 00.10.44
WAR TIME CORRECTION 00.00.00 00.00.00
LMT AT BIRTH 7:3:16 7:14:17
GMT AT BIRTH 1:45:0 1:55:1
TITHI Ekadasi Dvitiya
HINDU WEEK DAY Sunday Wednesday
PAKSHA Krishna Krishna
YOGA Sukla Dhriti
DASA BALANCE Rahu 15 Y 10 M 6 D Sun 3 Y 6 M 15 D
LAGNA Taurus Aquarius
RASHI Aquarius Virgo
NAKSHATRA-PADA Satabhisa - 1 Uttaraphal - 2

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Matching between Srinivas and Srujana Match Horoscope Free at

Srinivas Srujana
Lagna Chart Lagna Chart

Su Me
3 1 12 10
Ju 4 12 MeMa Ra 1 Su 9 Ne
Ve Ve Ju
Ra Ke Sa
2 11
Sa 5 11 Mo 2 8 Ma
8 5 Ur

Pl 6 Ne 10 3 7 Ke Pl
7 9 4 6
Ur Mo

Navamsa Chart Navamsa Chart

Ma Ne
Mo Me
11 9 4 2
Ne 12 8 5 Ra 1 Ve

10 3
Ke 1 7 Me 6 12 Ur
4 9

Ur 2 6 7 Ju 11Su Pl
3 5Pl 8 Ke 10
Su Ve Ju Sa Sa Ma Mo

Chandra Chart Chandra Chart

Me Pl
Ma Ke
12 10 7 5
Su 1 9 Ur Sa Ma 8 4
Mo Mo

11 6
2 8 Ne Ne 9 3
5 12

3 Sa 7 Ur 10 Me 2
4 Ra 6 11 1
Ju Pl Ju Su Ve Ra

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Matching between Srinivas and Srujana Match Horoscope Free at

Ashtakoota Points Table

VARNA Sudra Vaisya 1 0 Work
VASYA Manav Manav 2 2 Dominance
TARA Mitra Pratyari 3 1.5 Destiny
YONI Ashva Gau 4 1 Mentality
MAITRI Saturn Mercury 5 4 Friendliness
GANA Rakshas Manushya 6 0 Temperament
BHAKOOT Aquarius Virgo 7 0 Love
NADI Adi Adi 8 0 Health

Total Match Points Obtained: 8.5 Out of 36

Mangal Dosha / Kuja Dosham

Mr. Srinivas and Ms. Srujana has 'No Mangal Dosha '.


This marriage is NOT preferable due to low match points obtained.

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Matching between Srinivas and Srujana Match Horoscope Free at

Interpretation of Each Point

The boy belongs to Shudra varan while the girl comes under Vaishya varan. He is too hot-
headed and imperious for the domesticated and sentimental lady and he is too impatient and
involved with himself. They have different ethics, philosophies, and religious outlook. They
relationship will be build on greed and demands rather than love and faith. Generally such
relationships are insincere and lack the trust and confidence required. Their nature and
philosophy will challenge each other. The natives are more impractical in handling domestic
issues. However, with mutual understanding and if other gunas are matched well then this
would be a fruitful coalition.

The boy and the girl both belong to Manav vashya. The natives will stimulate each others self-
expression towards creativity. They will also have a fine attuning of each other’s subconscious
mind and will respond positively. The charts indicate that the couple will have a long and healthy
life together and will support each other. This is a suitable match. They encourage each other
and mutual responsibility makes them loyal and attractive for each other. Their match is perfect
to promote family status. This is a good alliance, so go for it.

Tara for boy is Mitra and for girl is Pratyari tara. As far as tara compatibility shows it is a very
compatible match. The boy’s behavior will be very much accommodating and he will turnout firm
in the midst of adversities. The boy can help the girl to be more courageous and energetic in
implementing plans, goals and in over coming fear and negativity. The boy will also help the girl
to fill in some of the practical details in his broad philosophical outlines. A compatible match, but
still overall compatibility has to be there.

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Matching between Srinivas and Srujana Match Horoscope Free at

The boy comes under Ashwa yoni where the girl comes under Gow yoni. This combination
indicates that both will have mutual liking of each other but thinking pattern of life will be quite
different. The girl can help the boy to organize and find practical expression for this creative,
artistic and social talent. She is compassionate enough to over look his selfishness if he can
liven up her moods and teach her the quickest route around her magnified problems. They will
be considerate, gentle and generous toward each other and share an intuitive and emotional
rapport. Overall, there is no harm to go for this alliance. Physically, they are very compatible.

The boy comes under the rasi lord Saturn and the girl belongs to Mercury’s lordship. This is a
very good combination as the Vedic astrologers suggests. He may get confused and run after
illusionary thoughts but the girl will help him to come out from his dilemma, as and when, she
realizes his difficulties. She will also act like good friends and advise him on certain issues.
Natives bring out each other's qualities of patience, hard work, prudence and fore sight. In
marital relationships, this combination enhances the durability of the union. Overall, a
compatible match.

The boy belongs to Rakshasha gan and the girl belongs to Manushya gan. This combination
has not been regarded good by the sages. This combination is characterized by agression, and
over-domination. They will try to control each other will not provide enough emotional space.
They will not be ready to listen and undersand each other and will opt for aggressive and
emotional methods to fulfil their demands. In this combination, girl should not be influenced by
others and should behave natural and as herself. The boy should try to understand girl’s
physical and emotional needs and act accordingly.

The boy's Zodiac sign is Kumbha and the girl comes under Kanya sign. There is lack of mutual
kindness, generosity and helpfulness in the relationship. There are chances of occasional
quarrels due to ego clashes. The boy tends to be impatient because of which he considers the
girl as weak, indecisive, lazy and materialistic. The girl resents and get hurt by the emotional
insensitivity of the boy. The natives may tend to make each other more sad and depressed.

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Matching between Srinivas and Srujana Match Horoscope Free at

The boy and the girl both belong to the same nadi, Aadi. Both Nakshatras came under the same
nadi; hence the combination cannot be said good for long longevity of the marriage. According
to some schools of astrology, there would not be much problem if the boy and the girl come
under different charan or pad. Nonetheless, this match is not preferable and should be avoided.

We wants to make it clear that we put our best efforts in providing this report but any prediction that you receive from us is not to
be considered as a substitute for advice, program, or treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional
such as a lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, or financial adviser. Although we try our best to give you accurate calculations, we do not
rule out the possibility of errors. The report are provided as-is and we provides no guarantees, implied warranties, or
assurances of any kind, and will not be responsible for any interpretation made or use by the recipient of the information and
data mentioned above. If you are not comfortable with this information, please do not use it. In case any disputes the court of
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