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Around Hicksville

Hi everyone, I have a huge favor to ask every one of you. I need photos of Hicksville.
They can be from anytime and anyplace in Hicksville. They can be of you, your families,
your house, your neighborhood or just of buildings and happenings in Hicksville. Please
look through your pictures that are under the bed, in the back of a closet or up in the attic.
The Hicksville Historical Society is growing and is very committed to preserving the
history of our town. We need your help because we all lived in Hicksville and had photos
taken of us while growing up. I will send you my address if you have any photos you’d
like to send or you can scan them also and email to me. If you live in Hicksville or any
surrounding town I’ll come to you and pick them up. I will provide you my email address
if necessary. Thank you all for contributing to the history of Hicksville.
Cheryl Gries Brown 1972

Hi Bob,
The photos are absolutely fantastic. As I look at all the photos of the buildings that
were boarded up, it makes me so sad.
We were a true Mayberry back in the early 1960’s. I see a 1965 Chevy Impala in some of
the shots so I’m assuming that may have been the most recent year.
My mother was born at 50 West Barclay Street and my grandfather owned Mike Caruso
Wrecking and also Caruso Racing. I was wondering if you have any photos of any homes
on West Barclay Street? The Gilisons Sweater Outlet was on West John Street and
Wycoff Street which was the side street on Barclay. I’m collecting photos from all years
and neighborhoods in Hicksville. We need to save our history before everything is torn
down. It’s great hearing from you and sharing photos and memories. Thank you so much
and keep them coming.
Cheryl Gries Brown 1972

All I know is that I learned how to be strong from this lady, Flo Gries, my mother.
She is always positive and looks at the good in people, the upside of life and teaches by
her kindness. Approaching the age of 92, she keeps dancing with her 89 year old brother
Mike Caruso, Jr. Thanks for being the best mother and Nana. We love you. Happy
Valentine’s Day.

Patti McCormack Corley 1973

God Bless

Cheryl Donghia Cook 1964

She is truly a very special woman -she has truly blessed my life.

Linda Schwing Caruso 1975

So Much Happiness… Beautifully said, Cheryl

Janice Corley Ryley 1972 Maria Balsamo

Love to you and your Mom. I have always admired you both.

Gail Spettmann Castoro 1972

She’s awesome!

Carol Ivey Hamann 1977

Awww, kudos to your Mom!!!!!

Love this post & tribute to your wonderful mother and love the pix. Something to look
forward to - dancing at their ages. She looks much younger though. I am sure her positive
attitude helped that!! You are very blessed and I’m glad you know it!!

Renee Greenberg Ohms 1971

She is amazing.

Sandra Carson Faith 1981

Love this; enjoy every moment you can with your mom.

Doris Huber Scott 1966

She’s an adorable woman. The most important thing is that she is always positive and
happy person and makes the other people happy!
Eleftheria Sioula

Get down Mama!

Denise Flynn Stubberfield

Great pic, Cheryl.

Vin Fallacara 1977 (Shown above with Lydia Hamm)

She is incredible!!

Rosemary Sarluco Lehmann

Wonderful pic! Your mom and your uncle look like youngsters! What a blessing!

Marcia Diamond Sandler 1971

Terrific picture of your mom and uncle. God Bless them both.

Linda Parrella Ruggiero 1973

Your mom is an amazing woman, as are you. You come from a family of incredibly
strong women.

Debbie Gould Coonerty 1972

How great is that!!!!!

Edward E. Delaney, Jr. 1961

Your mom looks and sounds amazing. How lucky you are to still have her in your life.
What a blessing.

Pat Shalley Newton

Baby doll is a lovely sweet adorable caring, beautiful lady, friend, Mother, aunt. An
exceptional person.

Marlene Schoenberg O’neill 1963

She is the best. Love you Flo!!

Patricia Campion * Dennis Mulligan *Gerry Valle

I love that!!!!

Kerry Steiner Croasdale

Your mom rocks living life to her fullest.., Cheryl you will be the same way.

Joy LoDato 1973

Did you know the saying "God willing and the Creek don't rise" was in
reference to the Creek Indians and not a body of water? It was written by
Benjamin Hawkins in the late 18th century. He was a politician and Indian
diplomat. While in the south, Hawkins was requested by the President of
the U.S. to return to Washington. In his response, he was said to write,
"God willing and the Creek don't rise." Because he capitalized the word
"Creek" it is deduced that he was referring to the Creek Indian tribe and
not a body of water.
February 16, 2019…Congratulations to the proud grandparents, Linda Schwing Caruso,
class of 1975 and David Caruso. Class of 1974, on the birth of their grandson Colton
Hayes Caruso
A major renovation is scheduled for the summer of 2019 at Hicksville High School.
Check it out…
...proudly displaying my Alma Mater in Honolulu

Carol Mack Berry 1963

My Mom, Pop, and 3 sisters moved to Hawaii in 1965. They lived in Foster Village that
is not far from Nimitz Gate, the entrance to Pearl Harbor. Had a chance to visit several
times and the photos below were taken circa 1967. Hopefully, you get to visit the Arizona
Memorial. It's a very sobering experience. Enjoy your stay. Are you staying at Waikiki
Robert Casale
… Hicksville in St. Kitts

Shari Hinden
Hicksville visits Chicago.

Elizabeth Gari

Representing Hicksville in Sicily Christine Bacchi Hoitt 1987

Do you remember those days hanging out at the Village Green? Engineer boots, leather
jackets and tight blue jeans. The below photos were taken February 5, 2019. The baseball
photo was taken back in the late fifties.
Cheryl Gries Brown
Smith’s Pharmacy on Broadway and John Street has been around for a long, long time.
The photo above was taken, looking North on Broadway, February 4th 2019.
Anybody remember the Jolly Swagman?

They had an all you could eat buffet on Tuesdays, I think and with live German music.
So warm and inviting. Had my dad's 75th birthday party there. The owners were
fabulous. Now it’s just an ugly office building.
Alice Debbie Sciascia

Swagman was the last restaurant where I shared a meal with my brother, George Howard,
who died shortly after on 9-11. George was a member of the Port Authority Police
Department and was one of more than 3000 who died that fateful day at the

World Trade Center.

Geri-Anne Howard Satterfield
Who remembers this beautiful mosaic of Long Island on the bank exterior? The below
photos, too, were taken on 5 February.

February 6, 2019…Just got a call from Kathy at the Sweet Shop

Phil is making Sauerbraten tomorrow Thursday Feb 7. What a great town we live in!
People still connected by a real phone call.
Cheryl Gries Brown
This is a picture of my childhood home at

13 Meade Avenue. My parents purchased the house in 1956. This was the best
neighborhood to grow up in.

Carolyn Dunne Grace 1971

I came across these two old photos of The Boos Brothers Farm on Stewart Ave.

One I believe to be from 1920, the other after the Levittown houses (Acre Lane) were
built 1051-52. My great uncle worked in the nurseries and I loved to visit with him and
roam through the green houses.

Marilyn Bowles Nejman 1966

Early politicians required feedback from the public to determine what the people
considered important. Since there were no telephones, TV's or radios, the politicians
sent their assistants to local taverns, pubs and bars. They were told to 'go sip some
Ale and listen to people's conversations and political concerns. Many assistants were
dispatched at different times. 'You go sip here' and 'You go sip there.' The two
words 'go sip' were eventually combined when referring to the local opinion and,
thus we have the term 'gossip.'
Eight Hicksville Middle School students were recently honored for their high scores on
the American Mathematics Competition exam.

Congratulations to Michael Cleary, Daniel George, Alexa Gomez, Parujit Gujral, Patrick
LaBarca, Pariket Raval, Jason Singh and Eric Zhang, who were among the highest
scorers of the 296 students who took the exam. Patrick was the school's top scorer and
earned gold status.

Michele Johnson, Councilwoman

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Thank you for the birthday card…

Paul Divan 1945

Pat Lenzner Caruso 1953

Sandy Sandler Wolfe 1960

Martha Gross Parent 1960

Ed Giannelli 1961

Paul Backman 1962 (shown above with Avinell)

Josephine Cipullo Walston 1962

Suzon Cohen Fisher 1965

Sandy Notov Katz 1965

Anne Kappel Byrne 1967

Mike Soblick 1974

Thank you for the anniversary card…

Tom Haller 1956 & Joy Watson Haller 1958

Beth Reilly Bianco 1959 & Ray Bianco 1959

Barbara Jones Benjamin 1966

Amazing artistry. The sculpturist is a magician

Some Thoughts About Birthdays & Anniversaries…

Thanks for the birthday card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated because I’m
here to celebrate it. Dirt is older than I am.
Rudy Frey 1954
Hi Bob…Thank you for all the work you do.

Dana Hayden Jackson 1962

The years keep whizzing by. Thanks for the birthday card. It was much appreciated.

Donna Schrimpe 1966

Thank you for the birthday card. Life is good and everyone is healthy and that is the best
birthday gift.

Sue Ambrico Smith 1968

Larry Dagna 1968

Thank you for the anniversary card and for thinking of Joe and me. It was much
appreciated. My Uniondale husband and I met at Ryan’s bar in 1967 one of the ‘ole
Hofstra College pubs. Those were the days of cheap beer, lady’s night, garage bands and
a lot of dancing. You know what they say? A wedding band is the smallest handcuff
made. I’m glad I chose my soul mate wisely. Thanks again.

Joe Nejman & Marilyn Bowles Nejman 1966

Hi Bob. It was a nice surprise getting the good birthday wishes. Hope you and your
family are doing well. Sincere regards.

Ira Woods 1967

Thanks for the birthday card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated. Thanks to
you and the team for all the hard work and effort you put into keeping Hicksville alive.

Maryann Walkowski Westervelt 1976

E-Mail Address Changes

January 25, 1990 – the Bayville Fire Company was among the many agencies called to
assist the Oyster Bay Fire Department and the Atlantic Steamer Fire Company #1 at the
crash scene of Avianca Flight 52. The aircraft was enroute to New York (JFK) from
Bogota, Colombia. The jet would run out of fuel and crash on a hillside of a remote street
in Cove Neck, Long Island. Miraculously, only 73 of the 158 people on board would not
survive the crash and Bayville Ambulance 506 would be one of the first to transport
survivors from the scene.
Bad weather and low visibility contributed to the cause of the crash. Already low on fuel
following 1 hour and 17 minutes of circling, the flight was nearly driven into the ground
by wind shear on its first approach to Runway 22L at JFK and was forced to execute a
missed approach. The crew advised air traffic controllers that they were not able to climb
and go around for another regular approach because of their fuel situation, but failed to
declare a fuel emergency, which would have gotten the flight a priority slot for landing.
The engines would flame out shortly thereafter, and the plane glided into the heavily
wooded residential area which was only about 16 miles from the airport.
In the January newsletter, I read about Barbara DiBella’s
South America trip and sailing around Cape Horn. Then with your comments about your
experience of going around the Cape of Good Hope, I got inspired to write you about a
trip my wife and I took 2 years ago. We also took a cruise that would allow us to
experience South America and Cape Horn. It was a 2 ½ month trip on the Holland
America ship the Prisendam. It was a round trip from Ft. Lauderdale and we visited 28
countries in all. We began by sailing down to the Northern part of South America, went
through the Panama Canal, stopped at all the countries on the Pacific side, sailed down to
Antarctica, then sailed up the Atlantic side, spent time at Carnival in Rio De Janeiro,
went 800 miles up and then back down the Amazon River, then visited the remainder of
the countries on the Eastern Shores, over and Northward through the Caribbean, and back
to Lauderdale. A fabulous trip with many stories, but sailing around Cape Horn is the
reason I am writing. I was looking forward to some really rough seas after all the stories I
have read about the treacherous waters around the Horn and how three oceans converge
at that site. When we sailed by the light house at the tip of Cape Horn, the water was so
calm with the seas so flat, that the captain stopped the ship, put a small inflatable over the
side with three crew members, who then took all our passports to the light house in order
to get them stamped for us. Something, he said, he was never able to do before. We hung
around for over an hour, not even bobbing in the water, and then headed off for 5 days
down into Antarctica where we hit some rough seas. A bit of a disappointment for me at
Cape Horn, having anticipated some really unique rough weather, but then again, a nice
surprise for a unique and rare stamp in my passport. Please say Hi to Barb for me.

Steve Baum
Above is me, my dad and my four children, Barbara, Jennifer, Paul and Julie. A, long,
long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

Maureen Uss Bensen 1964

Anybody purchase back to school clothes at

Robert Hall?

Any other popular back to school stores in the old daze? And I can't recall paying more
than $9.99 for shoes at Flagg Brothers in the Plaza.

January 24th in Hicksville…thanks Cheryl Gries Brown for this beautiful photo.
Here are some photos of my aunt Rose McGeever 1943 from her wedding at St. Ignatius
in Hicksville.
Some of you wanted to see the inside of the church before it was terribly renovated in the
1970’s by Father Harrer. Thankfully, the inside was tastefully updated but not back to the
exquisite original decor.
Cheryl Gries Brown 1972
Wow. Look at that train. Wahoo.

Kathy Richards 1972

The pictures are splendid. Your aunt was a beautiful bride. The photos really capture the
time period. It was such a magnificent church and the ambience was lost when the
renovation took place.

Janice Corley Ryley 1972

Beautiful! Your aunt looked beautiful. St Ignatius “was” a stunning gothic interior. So

M. Alice Hayden 1972

OMG…So beautiful. I remember the angels so well. Loved them. Thanks for finding the
photos and sharing them. The lace altar piece and your aunt’s train are gorgeous. I
remember, too, that I used to love sitting up in the choir loft by the organ.

Peter Cunningham 1973

That's the way I remember it when I got married there. I thought it was amazing.

Linda Knipper DeLaura 1967

I forgot how beautiful our church was.

Theresa Terry Mezzacappa Alfo 1973

Great photos of the church I remember.

Michael Mike Romanelli 1974

Thanks so much for posting your wonderful photos! Do you remember the large angels
with large shells holding holy water at each entrance? Also, Remember Father, Goggin
and Father Wistler?
Bill Van Nostrand

Oh, “yes” I do! Msgr. Bitterman as well.

Cathleen Ofenloch Gensinger 1966

This is how I remember St. Ignatius. So beautiful!

MaryJo Crabtree Morrow 1971

I remember how beautiful the interior was, before "the protestant reformation". A work of
art destroyed!!!

Jude Newton 1972

I remember how everyone’s parents were upset with the Father Harrer renovation.
Beautiful! These photos are priceless! Thanks for sharing!

Maryann Johnston Dolan 1967

It was a beautiful church. That looks like Father Ballweg in one of the photos.

Vincent Recine 1965

Yes, it is Father Ballweg.


Wow! Father Ballweg…my husband used to caddy for him. Apparently Father Ballweg
was a pretty good golfer.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics. They bring back such fond memories of what
St. Ignatius was like before Father Harrer’s red door renovations. I ran into Father
Ballweg about 15 years ago at a Saturday mass out east. We talked about St. Ignatius and
his days of teaching confraternity.

Linda Kaprinski 1965

I was married at St. Ignatius on January 29, 1972. We were told ours was the last
wedding before the renovations; I'm going to compare my photos to these. It really was
such a beautiful church!

Patricia Pattie Hughes 1969

This is how I remember the church. Thank you!

Linda Gavin Morand 1971

Thank you for posting these pictures.

Maureen Stephenson Lytsell 1972

It was beautiful, like a Cathedral.

Nick Attolino 1976

This is the way it looked when I got married there. Gorgeous!

Linda Ackley Sanginario 1968

Wow. The church was gorgeous! Moved to Hicksville in ‘72 - the church was already

Geneem Shekleton Cohen 1975

How beautiful!

Ronny Petrina Ciarniello 1975

I remember it still!
Marianne Arena Rose, Holy Trinity 1979

I got married there on October 5, 1969 if you remember the exterior was a pretty dusty
rose color. That renovation took out the most beautiful Stain glass windows that were
actually donated by people whose name appeared on the windows. That’s the renovation
I remember. It was a gorgeous church but I have not been back there in years.

Rochelle Riservato 1967

I remember my father saying he had an argument with Father Harrer over all the changes
in the church and putting the pipe organ in pieces into a closet in the basement of the old

Carol Ofenloch Tranchina 1973

My Dad had a few discussions with Father Harrer, also, about many things and they
didn’t end well. No love lost between the two.

Debbie Fischer Dowdell 1973

It broke my heart when I walk into St. Ignatius a few years ago. I was stunned! I couldn’t
believe what was done to what was my church from when I was baptized in 1945 until I
got married in 1963, and then moved away. In this case, the renovations failed to destroyed the beauty of the church.

Adelaide Menninger Cannata

Beautiful photos. What a shame we lost the magnificent mural behind the altar. Don and I
were married there in April 1964 and all our children were married there as well. Father
Harrar’s response to the critics was “would you tell an interior decorated how to do your
home”? My response was YES!!! The next smaller renovation restored some of the old
items and it is better now but I still miss that beautiful mural.

Eileen Wieditz Moore 1963

Of course you would voice your opinion. Those beautiful murals are long painted over.
How sad!
It is still a beautiful church. I love going to Mass there.

Flo Caruso Gries 1944

Love that Church! Thanks so much for sharing....Had many ceremonies there. I was also
a Cadet in the St Ignatius All Girl Drum & Bugle Corps. Our last ceremony was my
Dad's Funeral and a procession following the mass. Dad was a New York City policeman
and the Manhattan Ceremonial Unit was dispatched to participate in the service and it
was breathtaking. It was a wonderful, well deserved send off for a great man. These
photos are beautiful.

Carol Ann Howe 1968

It’s a shame; so many churches were destroyed after Vatican II, too many pastors
misunderstood. In an effort to modernize they tore out gorgeous altar rails and flattened
the kneelers that were worn down by years of faithful parishioners. My own church, St.
Ignatius Loyola in Manhattan came very close to being wrecked! The pastor went head to
head with the Cardinal, who stopped the renovation. The pastor lost the battle, and I’m
forever grateful! It’s still a stunningly beautiful church!

You were lucky. Father Harrer was a loon.


My parish in Manhattan is a historic parish. The pastor wanted to remove the altar rail,
rearrange pews, and bring the altar toward the pews. It’s a stunning church! It would have
been awful if not for the Cardinal halting the process.

Your parish was spared. You are very lucky and had a very smart Cardinal.

The Pastor was so angry at the Cardinal; he got people to write articles that were
published in the New York Times! It was an enormous battle, and very public! The
Cardinal had the last word on the subject. He’s the one who saved our church.

Beautiful pictures!!Thank You!! I couldn’t get married there in 1972 because of the
renovations!! Thanks for the pictures!!

Pam Jones
Fantastic pictures, thank you for sharing! I remember the church before it was renovated,
it was beautiful. It is still a beautiful church but the old version was magnificent!

Felicia Rybak Adorno 1972

So amazing how the 1943 photography captured the beauty of the wedding in such an
amazing church!

Maryann Johnston Dolan 1967

Hicksville Historical Society
Our Hicksville Historical Society is a terrific bunch of extremely interesting people.
Would you like to join us?

Cheryl Gries Brown 1972

Denward Collins Jr. Receiving Citation from Rose Marie Walker

The Text of the Citation
James Janis presenting Hicksville Then & Now and Dave Morrison discussing new
plaque for Kennedy Park near the Empire Diner

Gazebo at Kennedy Park John Deere Engine Replica circa 2004

The Fountain at Kennedy Park and one of the bricks surrounding the fountain
Some of those attending the Winter social and Bob Kaminek, Derek Stadler, Dave
Morrison, Denward Collins, Jr, and Bob Koenig

The original Empire Diner in the ‘50’s and in the 21st Century

Household Tips
An old cart is turned into a miniature garden homestead!

Nancy Lauro Fariello 1972

p.s. I thought of you, Cheryl Gries Brown, when I saw this!!!

I love that. You may see it on my front lawn one day. Thanks for thinking of me.

In The News
Thanks to Walter “Buddy” Weber for this story…
Look closely at the 1st photo…
(Don't go to photo# 2 until you look at #1 closely...) This is an interesting, even
breathtaking couple of photos. Be sure to read the 1st caption below picture before
going to the 2nd photo. Look closely at the first photo take your time, then scroll down
very slowly
Look at the picture above and you can see where this driver broke through the guardrail,
on the right side of the culvert, where the people are standing on the road, pointing. The
pick-up was traveling about 75 mph from right to left when it crashed through the
guardrail. It flipped end-over-end bounced off and across the culvert outlet, and landed
right side up on the left side of the culvert, facing the opposite direction from which the
driver was traveling. The 22-year-old driver and his 18-year-old passenger were unhurt
except for minor cuts and bruises. This happened
Just outside Flagstaff, Arizona, on U.S. Hwy 100.
Now look at the 2nd picture below.
Below is a photo of two from the class of 1959 watching

Tommy Sullivan, a founding member of

Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge performing at the lovely Sachem Public
Library. It was a great Show. Tommy is also a HHS grad .Not sure of the year.
Editor note…1963 was his year to venture out into the real world.

Eileen Walter Toscano

The great picture above is of Eileen and???

Barbara Scollon Konczynin

Terrific picture of two former Hicksville classmates!

Marilyn Walter Alter 1970

Who is the mystery man with Eileen???

Buffalo Bob Casale

Mystery man is a classmate and we double dated all through High School. We both
married our high school sweethearts from 1959 and we both lost our loves a month apart
in 2016.

He is Richard Kunz and he was married to Ingrid Stockel Kunz.


Thanks. I now recognize the name though the face threw me for a loop. Hope you are
well. Yes, Tommy Sullivan is very talented.
Da Buff

Looking good, Eileen!

Elizabeth Brunner on the left & Lorraine Sullivan


Susan Cooney Hills

It’s so nice to have friends who remember you.

Dominick Aiello

February 15, 2019…Holbrook NY: Firefighters from the Holbrook & Holtsville Fire
Department’s lined up on the exit 61 overpass to pay respect for NYPD Detective Brian
Simonsen as he was escorted home to Long Island this evening after being killed in the
line of duty. (Long Island) // Photos Via: Bryan Lopez
Letters to the Editors
Editors@hixnews... Hello ~ my name is Carol Krochak from Burke, Vermont. I am
trying to get in touch with Ron Wencer who sent me genealogical information about my
Ukrainian family twelve years ago. Ron's wife is my third cousin. Could you please help
me make contact with Ron if possible? Your help would be much appreciated. Thank
On The Internet

My beautiful cousin

Deborah lost her battle with MS and from a stroke she suffered many years ago. May her
memory be a blessing.

Lynne Lombardi 1971

Don't know if you are aware that

Rudolph “Rudy” Giaccaglia, class of 1966, passed away Christmas day, 2018.
Eileen Quigley passed away in January of 2019 and she was class of 1967

James (Jamie) McGeever, class of 1966, passed January 2, 2019.

R.I.P. classmates…
Cathleen O’Fenloch Gensinger 1966

Miss my cousin Jamie, more like a brother than a cousin. We were always together when
we were kids, enlisted in the Air Force together. The entire family will miss him. Love
you Jamie.
George Thomas
It's been 21 months since you went home, John. I miss you so very much. You'll always
be remembered and loved, and your memory will always live on. I love you more...

Marianne Bosman 1974

Sad news my Hicksville friends…

Joseph Fischbach has passed away. Many would remember him as the guy who would
hang out at the “West Village Green". Joe was a good diver. Joe was class of 1975 and
always purchased a tee shirt or hoodie and always made generous donations to the
TFFFF. RIP Joe and my condolences to your family and friends.
Walter Relling 1977

Please add to your list

Anthony (Tony) Masi, Class of 1963, to your In Memoriam section. He passed away in
September of 2018.
Thank you

Janet Stietz Masi 1963

Janet…So sorry for your loss. Will get his name added to In Memoriam for the class of
1963. Hope you are well and adjusting to the New Year. We are having a heat wave in
Augusta, Georgia with the temps in the high sixties. We had a low of 24 the other
morning. Love the warmer weather.
Buffalo Bob
p.s. How is Kurt??? I was originally in the class of 1960 but spent an extra year in school
and it was the best!!!

Hi Bob…thanks for your quick response. Weather here today is 50 degrees, quite a
difference from just a few days ago when it was -25!! I like to think this will stay for
a while, but here in beautiful upstate NY, I know I'm dreaming!! Kurt is doing fine &
lives right next door to me, so even after all these years, he is still looking out for
his "little" sister.
Take care & say well....
Class of 1964

Hi Bob…I would deeply appreciate it if you can promote the Class of 1964 upcoming
55th Reunion plans in the next issue of HixNews. So far, we have received payment from
46 classmates planning to attend our 55th Reunion on Saturday evening, September 28,
2019 at the Plainview Holiday Inn. This dinner dance will run from 7 p.m. to midnight
and feature live music entertainment by Tommy Sullivan. The night before this event on
Friday, September 27, 2019, we will hold an informal "Meet and Greet" get-together
from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the atrium adjacent to bar area also at the Plainview Holiday
Inn. Cheese, crackers, fruit and drinks will be provided those attending.
We have arranged for discounted rooms to be made available for classmates coming to
the reunion from out-of-town. Anyone wishing to reserve a room at the Plainview
Holiday Inn for either Thursday evening, September 26th through Saturday night,
September 27th, 2019 can either call the 866-249-3515 reservations number or book
these discounted rooms at Cost is $ 159.99/day plus tax. Use
the code "HHR" to get the discounted rate.
We want to make this reunion special and meaningful to all attending. We hope to create
a handout booklet of remembrances and memories containing contributions from fellow
classmates. If any classmates have pictures or written recollections about growing up in
Hicksville in the late 1950s and 1960s, we welcome those contributions. If classmates
have passed on and friends and family members want to describe their remembrances of
those individuals, we would like to add those statements to this handout of memories.
We also want to open up our reunion celebration to all Hicksville High School alumni
who graduated in years before or after 1964. We can designate tables at our dinner dance
for specific years.
The cost to join us on September 27th and 28th, 2019 is $100.00 per person. Make
checks payable John Maniec and mail them to his home at 260-12 74th Avenue, 2nd
floor, Glen Oaks, N. Y. 11004. Also mail any pictures or written remembrances to the
same address or if it's easier, email them to For further
information, call John Maniec at (917) 750-7842.

Update from John

We now have 48 paid attendees including two members/graduates from the Class of 1966
-- Lorraine (Pidcoe) Pizzo and Lana (Buckholtz) Jacobs. We welcome any HHS alumni
to join us at our September 28, 2019 dinner dance at the Plainview Holiday Inn. Cost to
attend: $100 per person.
We have also arranged for discounted rooms there for alumni coming from out-of-town.
Cost per night: $ 159.99 plus tax. Rooms available for Thursday, September 26th, Friday,
September 27th and/or Saturday evening, September 28, 2019. Use the code: HHR and
either call the Holiday Inn at 866-249-3515 or go to its website
Finally, we hope to put together a booklet of memories and remembrances of growing up
in Hicksville in the 1950s and 1960s. We welcome any memorabilia that alumni may still
have in their possession and would like to share with participants of our 55th Reunion. If
friends and family members have passed on, your written tributes and stories are also
welcomed to be included in this compilation. Send those treasured memories to John
Maniec at 260-12 74th Ave., Glen Oaks, N.Y. 11004 so we can organize and print this
handout in time for the September 28, 2019 dinner dance. John's cell phone number is
(917) 750-7842.
Upcoming Events

Videos On The Internet

Antarctica Northern Lights

Five Minute Crafts

Unseen footage taken on the morning of December 7, 1941

Rescue Dogs

Johnny Carson Tonight Show Impromptu Piano Act

Hex Nut to Diamond Ring
Finding the USS Hornet sunk by the Japanese in 1942 near the Solomon Islands

“I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing”, an Aerosmith song sung by Sara Niemietz

Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano

The Last to Let You down

If a dog could talk

Angel Flight

Our beautiful world

Climate Change

Picky Eaters

Converting Plastic

Dog Loves Popcorn

The Danish National Symphony Orchestra

Aircraft carrier conducting evasive action.
The beauty of Bulgaria

Bottlenose Dolphins are amazing!!!

Southwest Airline pre flight briefing

Identical Twins