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Solar Facts Breakdown

1. Mercury – was the Roman or Latin

name for the messenger of the
Gods. His Greek name was
Hermes. The word Hermes bears
a great deal of phonetics as well
as visual similarity to the word
sperm. A further similarity can
also be seen in the functions that
each performs. Just as Hermes
was the messenger of the Gods,
so the sperm is that life material
by which the messenger or
heredity transmission is from the
father to his reproduced self. This
is the true significance of Hermes
or Mercury. It relates to God’s
sperm. It is 36,000,000 miles
from the Sun, and in these
mathematics, a further revelation
is made. It is that Understanding
or child brought about by the
Equality of the sperm through the
process known as Birth. (3+6=9).
2. Venus – is the Latin name of their
Goddess of Love, from the
Supreme Alphabets, we know
that this mathematics of love is
knowledge Wisdom (12) and with
this knowledge, Venus’ true
nature can be deciphered.
Knowledge is only the self of
Almighty God Allah. Wisdom is
only the secondary aspect of his
self through which the self reality
is produced. This is his woman or
Venus; she is actually an
exemplified reproduction in the
highest and most efficient form. It
assumes in this present day and
time. Throughout reality, there
can be no such thing as a female
God or Goddess as they are
called. It can be easily
understood why a made man
would elevate her to his or this
status, and his woman can in no
way compare with ours in regards
to the bearing of the fruit, child of
love or any other feminine quality
for that matter. She is 67,000,000
miles from the Sun and in these
mathematics can be seen and
reminded of the facts that
became of our woman being (6)
six, she is not equal to God, and
must be at all times mastered
(6+7=13) and dominated to keep
her activities within the bounds of
her culture Islam. (1+3=4)
3. Earth – the planet that holds the
distinction of being the home of
the Nation of Islam, as known in
Roman mythology as “Geo or
Gaia”. This root meaning “Earth”
can be seen in words geography
and geophysics (science of
physical force affecting the
Earth). This is the planet through
which God birthed the
understanding of his self. Thus,
she is 93,000,000 miles away
from the Sun. These mathematics
also show that it is on this planet
that God born in a form that can
be seen mentally as well as
physically. It should be observed
that in order for an object to be
seen by the physical eye; it must
be at least three (3) dimensions,
lacking one of these dimensions
is an illusion, thus all things are
composed of 3 dimensions. Also,
the mathematics of 93 shows that
because of the Earth being
woman, it is our duty to draw her
up and born to her all
understanding that we want her
to have. Only the Sun is able to
draw reality out of the Earth’s
gravitational field.
4. Mars – this is the fourth planet.
The Roman God for War. From
observing present day of
circumstances, we easily arrive at
the conclusions that war is being
contrary to God’s very nature and
character as exemplified by his
greeting. War is a state of affairs
that the grafted man thrives off
of. He maintains his very
existence off of war. This is how
he covered his way to the top of
the political system and the
period of rule that was predicted
of him. The mathematics of this
planet’s distance from the Sun,
show that other than God is being
the causer of war. These
mathematics also show that the
knowledge (1) is the origin of all
cultures (4), even the said one of
the colored man (2) as confirmed
by the 31st degree in the Allah
Free Cipher.
5. Jupiter – is the Roman mythology,
this was the chief of the Gods.
The first three alphabets of his
name being Just-Your-Power,
reveals him to be none other than
Allah. He is known as love, to
which the name can also be
related to Peter of the Bible (also
given phonetic pronunciation) all
cultures (4) that have ever
produced building (8) seen (3) on
this planet is either grown or
made from Allah, it is his equality
that sustains all life.
6. Saturn – This was the name of the
Roman God of harvesting.
Harvesting is a process where
wheat is separated from the
chaff. The sweet from the bitter.
The good from the bad. A
separation is also performed the
mathematics of Equality. As when
things are drawn up to its level. In
reality, those not caught up in six;
will exceed it, while that which is
so limited will distill. This planet’s
distance from the Sun reveals
that building or destroying (8) (8)
will occur at the mathematical
Equality (6), thus borning Islam
7. Uranus – this was named of the
Roman personification of Heaven.
It is the devil’s way of bearing
witness to those who exiled him
from Paradise, for it is the God
planet from the Sun, and
pronounced you-ran-us. Heaven,
the resting place of God’s
civilization (17) is the only
building (8) that can be seen in
(3) the Blackman’s mental and
physical in its original and highest
forms. This is why our 17th lesson
in the 1-40 begins defining
civilization as one “Allah” having
certain characteristics and
8. Neptune – was the name of the
God of the sea, as this build (8th)
planet. It should be noted that in
the highest form of material
building, fetus development of
the young Allah. At one point in
this cycle, the facts (fetus) is
surrounded by a sea of amniotic
fluid, while in the womb of his old
Earth. He is God of that sea. This
planet is 2,793,000,000 miles
from the Sun because wisdom (2)
or woman is the vessel traveled
through by God (7) when he
birthed the (9) understanding (3)
of his self. I am God being birthed
through the Earth, he must
overcome each and every one of
the 21 ciphers which comprise
her weight, at which point, he is
birthed through his 22nd cipher
(vagina) proclaiming his victory
over this eternal trial inversely.
9. Pluto – it is the name of the
Roman God of the underworld or
the underworld itself. It was a
subterranean region.
Subterranean means; below the
Earth; sub-below, terra-being
another name for the Earth. We
know the Earth to be our woman.
Her subterranean region is her
womb (from which she acquired
her name). In which she conducts
the phenomenon of birth, which is
the ninth planet from the Sun.
The mathematics of this distance
is 3,680,000,000. As to
understanding (3) due to the
Earth as Equality (6) goes
through a cycle of building (8) or
growing in the cipher (0), known
as the womb. These mathematics
add up to 17 (3+6+8=17) = (the
universal God body).

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