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Michelle Kearsley

Date of Lesson: 10/17/18

Mrs. Hedden (Clinton Public School)

TCNJ - School of Education - Lesson Plan

1.Title: Cause and Effect Lesson Plan Part 2

2. Lesson Essential Question: How do you determine the cause and effects in a
3. Standard: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RL.2.3
A. Learning Objectives
B. Assessments

Learning Objectives Assessments

Students will be able to determine the cause The students will complete a worksheet
or effect of an event in the story. determining the cause or effects in the
story If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

5. Materials:
-Teacher: worksheet for students, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe
-Students: pencil
6. Pre-lesson assignments and/or prior knowledge: The students were introduced to
cause and effect the day prior.
7. Lesson Beginning: The teacher will begin the lesson by reviewing cause and effect
with the students.
8. Instructional Plan: Time needed approximately 45 minutes

What the teacher will What the students Materials the teacher Approx.
be doing: will be doing: needs to have ready: Time:

The teacher will begin The students will Cause and effect poster 2 min
the lesson by reviewing answer questions on computer
cause and effect with about cause and
the students. effect.

The teacher will read If The students will If You Give a Mouse a 6 min
You Give a Mouse a listen to the story. Cookie
Cookie using
interrrupted reading
The teacher will The students will worksheet 1 min
introduce the worksheet listen to the
to the students. teacher.

The teacher will send The students will worksheet 10 min

the students back to quietly move to
their tables and their tables and
complete the worksheet. complete the

The teacher will call the The students will Scanned worksheet 5 min
students back to the rug move to the rug
and review the and check their
worksheet as a class. worksheet.

The students will move The students will None 20 min

to their rounds for the go through their
day (listen to reading rounds for the day.
and read to self/
someone). The students
will switch rounds after
about 10 min.

a. Differentiation: The teacher will give certain students sentence starters, if they
need them.
b. Questions:
 “What does cause and effect mean?”
 “What do we use cause and effect to determine?”
c. Classroom Management: The teacher will remind the class that they are trying
to earn popcorns. The teacher will use various phrases to command the students’
attention, when needed.
d. Transitions: The teacher will ask the table caller to call students from the rug
back to their desks.
9. Closure: The teacher will call the students back to the rug and review the worksheet
as a class.