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Today most people prefer watching movies and news rather than reading and writing. In
addition, they mostly prefer watching both in theaters and on television than reading, because
it is considered easier to understand the purpose and theme of the film. In general, watching,
reading, or writing is more preferred by people who like literature. As a work of art, film is
often interpreted as the creation of works of art that have a complete element consisting of
several elements of art needed to meet the needs of a spiritual nature. The study entitled
"Intrinsic Elements and Social Values in the Animated Film Frozen by Chris Buck and
Jennifer Lee", has the formulation of the problem of whether the intrinsic elements and social
values contained in this animated film. The purpose of this study is to show the intrinsic
elements and social values contained in this animated film.

This study uses the library research method or library research. The data source used is the
film Frozen on DVD which was released by Walt Disney Studios and Motion Pictures. The
data obtained was analyzed by descriptive method.

Based on the data analysis conducted, it was concluded that by watching films, reading
articles, and reading film texts, the author could present intrinsic elements in the film as part
of the film literature. In addition, many social values can be learned such as love, caring,
attitude, friendship and environment where social values are not mentioned directly, but
rather on the nature of the characters in the film.

Keywords: film, animatin, intrinsic element, social value