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Water injection system and Sea water processing

A.Water Injection:

1-Water injection is performed to maintain the reservoir pressure, and prevent flooding.

2-To stop the reservoir from being damaged, the injected water is kept at a strict high quality.

3-Furthermore, the condition of the pipelines which carry the injection water to the wells and well
platforms is maintained with dozing chemicals, to prevent any corrosion or generation of H2s by SRB

4-Water injection systems are made up of the following core components:

sea water lift pumps

coarse filters

fine filters

deoxygenating towers

booster’s pumps

main injection pumps

chemical dosing system

chemical dozing system flocculent

scale inhibitor

corrosion inhibitor


B.Sea Water Lifting and Filtering:

1-Seawater is taken in via seawater lift pumps, and then fed into both coarse filters and fine filters
for processing.

2-In coarse filters, the particles are filtered to a level of 20 microns, whereas in fine filters, that
filtration takes place at a level of up to 2 microns.

3-Polyelectrolyte and coagulants are then added to the sea water lift pump discharge, to aid with
the coagulation of suspended particles.

Deoxygenation and Pumping:

1-Once the water has been properly filtered, it then flows into deoxygenating towers to remove any
excess oxygen.

2-This is done to prevent the formation or aerobic bacterial colonies, which affect Sulphur levels,
within the WI flow lines.

3-The oxygen removal is performed through the use of vacuum pimps and oxygen scavenger

4-Then, booster pumps take the suction from the deoxygenation towers, and feed it into the main
injector pumps.

5- Scale inhibitors, bactericide, and corrosion-inhibiting chemicals are dozed into the discharge of
the booster pumps.

6- MIPs then discharge the treated water via water injection subsea pipelines to wells and well

Processing complexes will also contain the following components:

Power Generation

Water Maker/Utilities/Sewage Treatment

Emergency diesel generators

Communication systems

Air compressors

Fire water pumps

Fire detection & Suppression system

Nitrogen Air receiver

Life boats

Pedestal Cranes

In addition, it is possible that central processing platforms will also contain accommodation for
workers, as well as drilling modules or well services.

However, these components are completely optional, and dependent on the client’s decision.

Installations of central processing platforms

1-The majority of central processing platforms take the form of six-leg or eight-leg jacket

2-There will usually be four decks: the sub-cellar deck, the cellar deck, the mezzanine deck, and the
top deck.

3-The names of these decks may vary, depending on the equipment which is installed in them.

4-Each deck is fabricated according to the individual client’s needs, before being stacked together

5-Finally, the central processing platform will be installed in a float-over process at sea by large

6-The float-over concept is intended to cut down on the amount of work that needs to be done

7-However, whether or not this approach is possible will depend on the needs and budget of the
particular client.