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Josef Janrel A.

Macasaet 11443146 TREDTWO


1. Throughout the term I have learned a lot of things for example about Morality

and especially about God. The topics discussed in the course for example the

presentations that my fellow students’ made and presented thought me a lot

not only about god but also about the humans and their weaknesses and

problems. Everyone has problems to deal with and some fail to deal with

them or some dealt them with a great way such as stopping their addiction to

a specific substance. A lot of topics have been discussed in TREDTWO and

every single of them are important they are pretty much linked together and

kind of represents how the humans are and how and what kind of morality

they have if its good or bad.

2. Before TREDTWO some things about god and myself were unclear, as for

example I only knew God as a creator of everything, the one who will be always in

our hearts and the one who protects us from evil. Taking up TREDTWO and all the

topics discussed helped me to mold my attitude and myself into a better person for

example the topic about morality helped me to have a better attitude and which also

helped me to value several things such as God and the religion. It helped me to

develop into a better and right attitude towards my fellow LaSallians and to the

people surround me.

a. Christian morality is very important in terms of development of virtues to be

one with god because it will help you to develop the value of having faith in god. To

evaluate my own moral state in terms of my strengths and weaknesses I have my

ups and downs sometimes the weaknesses overcome the strengths and sometimes

the other way around but my one strength that will always overcome and strengthen

my weaknesses is my faith.
b. Some virtues that are relevant to my life are kindness, faithfulness and

honesty I chose kindness because it represents the humanity between the people.

It’s very important because being kind to another person will deliver happiness. I also
Josef Janrel A. Macasaet 11443146 TREDTWO

chose faithfulness because everyone needs to believe in something. It is very

important to be faithful because it will guide you thru your day and life. And lastly I

chose honesty, even though sometimes the truth hurts it’s better to be honest to

yourself, to other people and especially to god. Those virtues guide and help me to

maintain a good attitude.

c. I am planning to develop the virtue of perseverance developing this will

help us through our life because giving up on something isn’t good and will not be

option. Perseverance helps us to accomplish our goals despite multiple failures or