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ANDI No.E.IX (Supdt)/Dep. Orders/2018 ORDER:- PROCEEDINGS OF THE VICE-CHANCELL RA UNIVERSITY Visakhapatnam Date: 12-10-2018. . P.G and Profe ‘Sub:- AU Examination Branch « Conduct of U.G, P.G and Professional Examinations of scheduled for 2018. Deposition of Answer Serpts Bundles of the respective Deposit Cente - Orders Regarding. 7 The Honourable Vice- Chancellor is pleased to order that the Principals of the respective colleges affiliated to Andhra University be requested to hand over the Answer Scripts Bundles every day of all the U.G., P.G. and Professional Courses Regular/Supplementary Examinations scheduled for 2018-2019, at the following District -wise Deposit Centes. VISAKHAPATNAM DISTRICT, DEPOSIT CENTRE! Nove ber-2018 to October, 2019 S.No | College Deposit Centre Name of the Attached to the Code deposit centre iE 205 | Himasekhara Degree College, ‘Anakapalli, Narsipatnam, Anakapalli Chodavaram, Sabbavaram 2. 225 Govt, Degree College, Chintapalli_| Chintapalli a 253 | Govt, Degree College, Paderu Paderu 4. 304. MVR Degree College, Gajuawaka | Gajuwaka 5. 354 | Govt, Degree College, Yelamanchilli Yelamanchilli 6. 371 Govt, Degree College, Aruku Aruku, 7. 725 | Space Degree College, ‘Tuni, Payakaraopeta, Payakaraopeta VIZIANAGARAM DISTRICT, DEPOSIT CENTRES: November-2018 to October, 2019\ S.No] College Deposit Centre ‘Name of the Attached to the L Code deposit centre 1. = ‘AU. P.G, Cenire Vizianagaram _ | Vizianagaram 2 418 | RSRKRR Degree College, Bobbilli, Saluru Bobbilli. 3. 427 | Govt, Degree College, Chipurupalli Chipurupalli 4 463 | S.V. Degree College, Parvathipuram Parvathipuram 5. 471 | Chaitanya Degree SKota College,$.Kota 6 491 | AGL Degree College, Vizianagaram, Gajapathnagaram and Ayyannapeta. Vizianagaram i i ve Further, the Vice-chancellor has ordered that, i ere ener ee Principal, one clerk and one attender attending the work for niversity staff on time and the payment : attached examination centres and to handover the same (0 the remuneration be revised rates for their services as follows: Oe] Tai | Present rate(Rs) | Revised rate(Rs) Per day, Per day Clerk 20/- 30/- Attender 0 15/- tres in East Godavari, West Godavari answer script bundles in safe custody handover them to AU staff on Further, the Principals of examination cen! & Srikakulam districts be directed to retain the after completion of allotted examinations and to timely. (BY ORDER) wy (S.V.SUDHAKARA REDDY) CONTROLLER OF EXAMINATIONS Copy to: A-VI Section, CAO, AU. Copy to: Concern Centres.