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PP 7767/09/2011(028730)

RHB Research
Institute Sdn Bhd
A member of the
每周交易构思 RHB Banking Group

Company No: 233327 -M

林木生集团 LBS Bina Group 2010 年 10 月 25 日

趁 低吸购

Technical Research Team Tel : (603) 9280 2584 E-mail:

图 1 : 林木生集团 LBS 日线图


股票代号 5789
收盘价 RM0.64
52 周最高点 RM0.85
52 周最低点 RM0.405
(令吉) RM0.045
(%) 7.56%
每宗交易 100 股

缴足资本 386.6 百万
市值 RM247.4 百万
流动量 200.0 百万


展的计划管理和承包服务,承包 林木生集团一度
一度创高于 0.67 令吉高峰,
然后才在周五收 0.64 令吉。林木生集团在突破
草坪和园林绿化工程,保险服 0.52 令吉关口后,其股价便在 2009 年 12 月进一步转强,并于 2010 年 2 月写下 0.85 令
务,以及销售汽车和建材。 吉高峰。可惜,该股却在 2010 年 5 月回吐所有升势,并在过去数个月来横摆于 0.52 令吉
水平。10 月中,该股成功破除 0.52 令吉关口,并一度创高于 0.67 令吉高峰,然后才在周
*资料来源∶彭博社 五收在 0.64 令吉阻力水平。它记录了一根白烛,以反转前日的利淡黑烛。这显示其图表已
(Bloomberg) 出现一个乐观的讯号。

平均线在近日所近日所 呈的上升趋势令人
鼓舞。虽然短期动力指标维持起落参半,但 10
日和 20 日移动平均线在近日所呈的上升趋势仍令人感到鼓舞。若它能完全破除 0.64 令吉
关卡和近日的 0.67 令吉高峰,这将会触发更多涨势至 0.75 令吉障碍线。届时,这将有望
重新恢复之前的多头趋势,以上挑 0.86 令吉阻力线。较低的扶持点为 10 日移动平均线
(即 0.57 令吉)和 0.52 令吉关键水平。


♦ 策略: 趁低吸购,以放眼在近日突破 0.64 令吉关口。

♦ 目标: IR = RM0.64 R1 = RM0.75 R2 = RM0.86

♦ 支持水平: IS = RM0.52 S1 = RM0.40

♦ 停损水平: 若它丢失 10 日移动平均线(即 0.57 令吉)以下,宜止损沽出。

请仔细阅读位于本报告尾页的重要披露( IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES)

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This report has been prepared by RHB Research Institute Sdn Bhd (RHBRI) and is for private circulation only to clients of RHBRI and RHB Investment Bank Berhad
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opinions and information contained herein are based on generally available data believed to be reliable and are subject to change without notice, and may differ or
be contrary to opinions expressed by other business units within the RHB Group as a result of using different assumptions and criteria. This report is not to be
construed as an offer, invitation or solicitation to buy or sell the securities covered herein. RHBRI does not warrant the accuracy of anything stated herein in any
manner whatsoever and no reliance upon such statement by anyone shall give rise to any claim whatsoever against RHBRI. RHBRI and/or its associated persons
may from time to time have an interest in the securities mentioned by this report.

This report does not provide individually tailored investment advice. It has been prepared without regard to the individual financial circumstances and objectives
of persons who receive it. The securities discussed in this report may not be suitable for all investors. RHBRI recommends that investors independently evaluate
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Group may at any time hold positions, and may trade or otherwise effect transactions, for its own account or the accounts of customers, in debt or equity
securities or loans of any company that may be involved in this transaction.

“Connected Persons” means any holding company of RHBRI, the subsidiaries and subsidiary undertaking of such a holding company and the respective directors,
officers, employees and agents of each of them. Investors should assume that the “Connected Persons” are seeking or will seek investment banking or other
services from the companies in which the securities have been discussed/covered by RHBRI in this report or in RHBRI’s previous reports.

This report has been prepared by the research personnel of RHBRI. Facts and views presented in this report have not been reviewed by, and may not reflect
information known to, professionals in other business areas of the “Connected Persons,” including investment banking personnel.

The research analysts, economists or research associates principally responsible for the preparation of this research report have received compensation based
upon various factors, including quality of research, investor client feedback, stock picking, competitive factors and firm revenues.

Technical recommendation framework for stocks and sectors are as follows: -

Technical Recommendation:
Trading Buy = Short-term positive opportunity spotted. It is an aggressive trading recommendation with a book to sellers’ price for short-term technical upside.
Bargain Buy = Short-term positive but technical signals have yet to trigger a rally. Traders can park and queue for their desired entry level within a small range.
Buy on Weakness = Short- to Medium-term positiveness anticipated, but technical readings are still negative. Traders can pick-up the stock for future rally.
Sell on Strength = Short-term momentum still positive, Traders are advice to lock in profit base on current strength.
Take Profit = Short-term target achieved. Traders are advice to exit before the technical readings turn bearish.
Avoid = Risky situation in the short-term and high volatility expected on the share price. Traders’ best strategy is staying away until it stabilises.

Technical Time Frame:

Immediate-term = short time frame within a contra period.
Short-term = moderate time frame within two to three contra periods. For tracking purposes, we refer to 10 trading days.
Medium-term = medium time frame usually refers to two to three weeks period. For tracking purposes, we refer to 20 trading days.

Technical recommendations are generally short-term in nature and may differ from RHBRI’s equity fundamental view and recommendation on the same company.

RHBRI is a participant of the CMDF-Bursa Research Scheme and will receive compensation for the participation. Additional information on recommended
securities, subject to the duties of confidentiality, will be made available upon request.

This report may not be reproduced or redistributed, in whole or in part, without the written permission of RHBRI and RHBRI accepts no liability whatsoever for the
actions of third parties in this respect.

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