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150 Minutes of Pitches. 20 Startups. 10
Winners. 1 Stage.
Batangas State University, Pablo Borbon Main I | December 11-12, 2018
What is Start Up Programs &
Enterprise AcceleratoR?

The BatStateU Center for Technopreneurship and Innovation together with the South Luzon
Hub for Technopreneurship and Innovation aims to propagate the technopreneurial and
innovative mindset among students and boost the local start-up industry that contributes to its
respective community.

The SPEAR Program will help start-ups in their journey towards the full commercialization
of their venture idea. The program is composed of the following components:

Pitch! Competition > TAGAI > HUNTahan >

Kape’t Bisig

TAGAI (Ideation)

“Tagai” came from the Filipino term tagay which means

“it’s your turn to take the shot”. Just like in any ideation
process, one must have the time to take the shot to voice
out their ideas, opinions, comments and suggestions.

TAGAI shall focus on certain activities such as Brainstorming, Empathy and

Idea Mapping from which flow of ideas will be poured out of the bottle and
be transferred and filtered to different glasses and anyone can take the
shot to conceptualize and pitch in their start-up ideas.

TAGAI will have a series of open group discussions that will be conducted
twice a month. It will use different channels like live audience, Facebook
live, twitter and can also be post view in YouTube.

HUNTahan (Validation)
Huntahan is the Filipino word for conversation with the HUNT prefix
which means to look for something. HUNTahan is like a talk show
which shall discuss several topics or answer questions related to
innovation, technopreneurship, start-ups, etc. It is also the avenue for
idea, market and product validation as well as gathering of information
needed for validation process.

Kape’t Bisig (Socialization)

Kape’t Bisig came from Kapit-Bisig, a Filipino term
which means unity and camaraderie. It aims to build
a community of innovators and technopreneurs over
a cup of kapeng barako. Partnerships and
collaborations can be established through round
table and focus group discussions as well as networking and socials.

SPEAR Pitch! Competition

The SPEAR Pitch Competition will be the platform to showcase all the start-
up ideas to the investors, mentors and communities. Grants shall be given to
the best Start-ups to accommodate them in the commercialization of their
This is also the avenue to hear comments and validate from various people that can further
enhance their start-up products and increase their network.

December 11, 2018
Venue: Gov. Feliciano "Sanoy" Leviste Memorial Multi - Purpose Gymnasium
8:00 9:00 Registration
9:00 10:00 Opening Program
Prayer and National Anthem
Welcoming Remarks
Engr. Albertson D. Amante
Inspirational Talk
Dr. Tirso A. Ronquillo
University President
10:00 12:00 Opening of Exhibit/Ribbon Cutting
Introduction of Judges
Exhibit Viewing
Judging for Special Awards
Start of on the spot Contests
12:00 1:00 Lunch Break
1:00 1:45 Speaker 1(QBO) – Business Development
1:45 2:30 Speaker 2 (DTI) – How to turn Start-up to Incorporation
2:30 3:15 Speaker 3 (DOST TAPI- Ms. Theda) –Intellectual Property
3:15 5:00 Announcement of Winners
Closing Program

December 12, 2018

Venue: Lecture Room, 2nd floor, International Affairs Office, CABEIHM Bldg.
8:00 9:00 Registration
9:00 9:30 Opening Program
Pitch Mechanics
9:30 12:00 Pitch! Competition
10 Teams (15 minutes each)
12:00 1:00 Lunch Break
1:00 3:30 Pitch! Competition
10 Teams (15 minutes each)
3:30 4:30 Deliberation
4:30 5:00 Awarding of Tokens to Judges

Mr. Michael Adamas

Master of Ceremonies
The BatStateU Center for Technopreneurship and Innovation (CTI) aims to
assist potential entrepreneurs to take the first step in establishing their
own business. The center provides an ecosystem where incubatees can
harness their ideas and skills before they can put everything in the real
world of business.
The CTI provides opportunities for R & D results to be commercialized
by encouraging more entrepreneurial activities and facilitating more
commercial development of BatStateU's Intellectual Property Right (IPR).
Providing successful incubation for high-growth start-ups requires more
than just providing space and funding but also an ecosystem to support
the growth of the incubated companies. As such, the CTI helps its
Technology Business Incubators (TBI) succeed by providing a supporting
ecosystem that includes financing, mentoring, leadership development
and technology commercialization. The vast linkages and partners of the
university will also assist in providing core competencies to operate and
manage their TBIs.
The goal is to build a culture of competition that promotes innovation
through ideation and technopreneurship and ultimately encourage
students, faculty members and profiessionals to take part in the
BatStateU Technopreneurship Summit where the demo day and award
ceremony for Pitch Competion will be held.
Below are the intended outcomes of the program:
To bring R&D results of the university to real world, by encouraging more
entrepreneurial activities at the University and facilitating more
commercial development of BatStateU's intellectual property rights (IPR).
To build a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem among faculty members,
staff, and students and promote this entrepreneurial experience among
eligible alumni, community and other stakeholders.
To encourage more technology start-ups that will add fresh impetus to the
innovation ecosystem by delivering a support system to local
entrepreneurs who bear great ideas that exhibit potential as a solid
investment and foundation for nation - building.
“Transforming Lives through Technopreneurship and Innovation”
SPEAR Pitch is a competition open to BatStateU students, faculty
members, alumni and other professionals with the aim of challenging
participants to ideate, prototype, validate and pitch commercially – viable
ideas to solve problems in the community.
To join, a team maybe composed of any of the following:
1. A faculty member or employee of BatStateU
2. A bonafide student of BatStateU;
3. An alumnus of BatStateU;
4. Innovators from outside BatStateU
5. Furthermore:
a. The team must be composed of a minimum of two (2) and a
maximum of five (5) members. At least one (1) member of the
team must have technical expertise relevant to its proposed
venture / product.
b. There shall be no age limit for the individual team members;
provided however that minor applicants (those below 18 years
old), must be accompanied by a completed Parent/Legal
Guardian Consent Form.
c. Ideally, team composition should represent various disciplines
of Engineering, Information Technology and Business. This is
because aside from the actual Minimum Viable Product (MVP),
the entry should have a business plan to support it;
d. With one (1) team leader recognized by the team members
e. With one (1) presenter, who will represent the team in the
panel defense / judging.
Step 1: Online Registration
Each team formed is required to register online as an entrant to qualify;
one ENTRY equals one registration; To register, go to and follow the instructions. Online
registration opens on January 25, 2019 and closes at 11:59 PM of March
22, 2019
Step 2: Project Concept Video Presentation
Each Team are required to appear in CTI Office located at 3rd floor Student
Service Center for the 90 second elevator video pitch shoot. A maximum
of 10 minutes per team will be given to do the shooting. A CTI personnel
will be there to take the video.
Video entries must follow these guidelines:
a. What is the problem you are trying to solve? - How will you
solve it?
b. Is there an existing similar solution? If yes, how will you solve
it differently?
c. Who and how big is your target market (user)? Mention
validated statistics
d. How will you make money with your application? / What is
your business plan?
For BatStateU
Each team are required to attend and participate in the demo day on
December 11, 2018. Elimination round will commence in the morning and
TOP 10 will be announced in the afternoon session of the day.
For Non-BatStateU Entries
If there will be less than or equal to 10 entries submitted. Each team are
automatically qualified on the Pitch Competition. If there are more than 10
entries, an internal elimination round based on the video pitch will be
conducted on March 25, 2018. Announcement of TOP 10 will be posted in
the official CTI Facebook page and will be notified via email and phone
Each qualifying team should be present in the Pitch Competition on April
11, 2019 not later than 8am, otherwise, they will be disqualified.

Judging Criteria
Need 10
The market need, the pain point
Market Viability 10
The business model, TAM – SAM – SOM
Team 10
The team’s Knowhow that enables them to
execute the idea
Technical Viability 10
How feasible and scalable is the technology, the
Minimum Viable Product
Social Impact and Relevance 10
How the innovation can transform lives and
create a social impact
Total 50

The Prizes
TOP 10 teams will be chosen as winners and will receive a research grant
amounting to Php 15,000 while the remaining 10 teams who ranked 11th
to 20th shall also receive a consolation research grant amounting to Php
5,000 subject to government procurement process and requirements.

Warly Guerra – PCCI Batangas
Jhaze Asuncion – UPScale
Albert Gamatero - Brainsparks
Engr. Albertson D. Amante
VP Research, Development and Extension Services
Project Leader/TBI Manager
The Scrum Master

Mr. John Richard M. Esguerra

Project Staff
In charge of Technopreneurship 101
The Hacker
Engr. Neres Ann S. Manguiat
Project Staff
In charge of Logistics
The Connector

Engr. Rojay A. Flores

Project Staff
In charge of Prototyping
The Maven

Engr. Emmanuel L. Bobis

Project Staff
In charge of Prototyping
The Maven