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Declaration of Conformity

according to

the EMC Directive 14/30/EU

the Low voltage Directive14/35/EU
the RoHS Directive 11/65/EU
amended by the CE-marking Directive 93/68/EEC

Type of equipment: Dehumidifier

Brandname or trade mark: MORRIS

Type designation/Model No.: MDE-2046i

Country of origin: People’s Republic of China

Importer: Amiridis-Savvidis S.A.

87A, 17th November Str., Pylea
P.C. 55535 Thessaloniki, Greece

Conformity with the Directives stated above relate to the following standards
and reference documents:

EN 55014-1:17
EN 55014-2:15
EN 61000-3-2:14
EN 61000-3-3:13
EN 60335-1:12+A11:14+A13:17
EN 60335-2-40:03+A11:04+A12:05+A1:06+A2:09+A13:12
EN 62233:08
RoHS – Manufacturer Self Declaration

As importer we declare under our sole responsibility that the equipment

follows the provisions of the Directives started above.

Date and place of issue:

Thessaloniki, Greece 2019-01-07
Amiridis-Savvidis S.A.