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Leni Apriyani, 2018. Test of antifungal activity of pure coconut oil Against
Candida albicans in vitro done this research at STF Laboratory YPIB
Principal Advisor: Dra. Hj. Eti Haryati M.Pd
Advisor as well as: Fitri Zakiah M. Apt Apt

Coconut (Cocos nucifera L) contains lauric acid, and caprylic acid is a fatty
acid that has antifungal activity such as Candida albicans. Of the various types of
fungi, Candida type meneybabkan infection of candidiasis, infection of mouth
ulcers, candidiasis vagina symptoms of irritation, vaginal discharge, itching. The
purpose of this research is to know the antifungal activity of pure coconut oil against
Candida albicans and to know the most concentration of ovula pure coconut oil
which have activity to Candida albicans

The method used in this research is experimental method. This research was
done by using diffusion method to in vitro using well with Candida albicans test
fungus. The test fungus was treated with ovula virgin coconut oil (20%, 30%, 40%).
Test parameters seen from the formation of clear zone around the well. Analysis of
research data using One way ANOVA test and T test at α = 5%.

The results of this study are the ovules of virgin coconut oil proved to have
activity against the fungus Candida albicans. the largest clear zone obtained based
on t test by comparing with positive control that is on the ovula of virgin coconut
oil concentration 40% with result t count 4,303. The stability of the ovula of virgin
coconut oil is seen from organoleptic test of (forms, odor, color), weight uniformity
test, crushed time, melting point, and pH.

Keywords: test, activity, antifungal, ovula, Virgin coconut oil, Candida albicans