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BOG OF ALLEN TULLAMORE IRELAND: One year ago application was made to the Offaly County Enterprise Board (OCEB) for funding of “Weddings On The Internet dot com”. Using the latest software and Internet resources people at a wedding would sms pictures of weddings they were attending from their mobile phones for incorporation into a web site which would be live within an hour of receipt at a customized URL. Research at that time predicted the possible demise of cameras, as mobile phone technology was so advanced as to risk redundancy. Microsoft was backing the company providing ANY Microsoft software free of charge in perpetuity. The application fulfilled ALL the criteria for a business startup. • It was refused on the grounds that the internet was not within the board’s purview. In March 2010, research begun in 1986 by myself, culminated in a product that, supported by M.I.T. and others and detailed in a 1992 BBC Documentary Called “Hyperland”, the first working Micon (Moving Icon) was created. A 62 page research document was presented. See Micons.org. Application was made to OCEB for a grant of 3000 euros to develop this product.



OCEB provided a patent lawyer. He said the product needed developing. OCEB refused further assistance.

In September 2010 application was made for 200 euros to assist myself to attend the Dublin Web Summit conference on 28th October to report for my registered online newspaper “Internet News”. This was billed by the Irish Times as a very significant event. The founders of Skype, YouTube and Twitter were to be keynote speakers. • A week ago OCEB said they were too busy to consider it.

Outside the conference I will protest, vehemently and noisily at the ineptitude of government funded organisations in the Taoiseach’s constituency of Tullamore where 9000 people are unemployed. I am disabled (mental health) and my only income is disability allowance of 195 euros per week. I run 80 global domains and 20 blogs. I have my own web hosting company. http://bogofallen.com refers. I will also be protesting at the inadequacies of Dublin Web Summit for using old fashioned ”Technology” in presenting the summit. Last week I attended a state of the art conference on line with the capacity of 4000 and available free of charge to anyone with an internet connection. It was run by an EU funded UK company ( d|labs ) and hosted by Avatar Reality based in Hawaii. It cost the organisers nothing. It occurred live in real time. http://onlybluemars.com refers.

Philip Finlay-Bryan B.Sc. (Hons) MA Microsoft Certified Professional (Excel) Microsoft Partner ID: Organization: Irish Secure Internet Services ID: 2698846 Microsoft Bizspark ID: Irish Secure Internet Services



Contact Philip Finlay-Bryan Category Consulting Services MSDN Subscription ID: 1400038768 Windows Live ID philipjamesbryan@live.com I am a developer with Blue Mars a 3D social Networking environment based in Hawaii. I am EU representative for Ireland for SME’s 2010 Business week I am a member of the Irish Internet Association on LinkedIn and the Web 2.0 working group in California I am an Editor for Wikipedia SKYPE: Philip Finlay-Bryan pjfbncyl TWITTER: @PJFBNCYL TWEETS : YOUR TWEETS 4,439 YOUTUBE: HTTP://YOUTUBE.COM/PHILIPJAMESBRYAN I HAVE MADE 220 VIDEOS I RUN A FAN SITE BLOG FOR A BBC 6MUSIC DJ SHAUN KEAVENY HTTP://BLOG.SHAUNKEAVENY.COM Distribution: The Irish Times, Tullamore Tribune, Offaly Independent, Metro Herald (Dublin), Hawaii Tribune Herald, Gazette Live (Teesside UK), The Huffington Post, The Boston Globe The Washington Post, The Guardian, The BBC, LinkedIn Events, Microsoft Events, Facebook Events, Twitter, DIGG, Blue Mars


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