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NIM : P27240016037


Vertigo Management on Patients in Klinik Akupunktur Joesoef Anang


Supervised by: JOESOEF ANANG,M.Pd

Vertigo is the sensation of spinning or dizziness is a symptom, the patient felt the

surrounding moving objects motion rotating or moving up and down due to the

failure of the system of balance. Clinical manifestations in patients with vertigo the

spinning Feeling that is sometimes accompanied by symptoms of nausea, vomiting,

heavy head, appetite down, tired, dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, tinitus, bitter

mouth, red eyes, easy offended, restless. In Chinese medicine vertigo called

Xuanyuan and differentiated into some syndromes namely vertigo because the liver

is blazing, vertigo due to deficiency of Qi and Xue, and Vertigo due to deficiency

of kidney Jing.Based on these reasons,I write this case study about inpatient

patients with vertigo in Klinik Akupunktur Joesoef Anang,.The purpose

of this case study is to know the proper management of vertigo based on the causal

diagnosis. The patient is a woman who suffers from vertigo since 4 months ago.

To note is anamnesis and treatment in accordance with proper syndrome diagnosis.

Keywords: Vertigo, Xuanyuan, Qi, Xue, Jing