Girish Bharadwaj
Sub: Consultancy assignment to conduct Training Need Assessment for Government and Non

Government Staff under MPOWER.
Dear Mr Girish Bharadwaj

This has reference to our discussion over phone and e-mails exchanged with you on above matter. We are pleased to offer you a task of helping us in conducting the Training Need Assessment for the Government and Non Government staffs under the Mitigating Poverty in Western Rajasthan.
1. Terms of Reference: The detail terms of reference of the assignment is enclosed in annex 1 2. Professional Fees The total professional fees payable to you for the assignment will be Rs 75000/- (Rs Seventy Five Thousand Only), the assignment would take total about 25 days i.e. 15 days for field work and 10 days for plan compilation and report preparation. This is a consolidated amount for the whole assignment and includes all costs related to the assignment including direct professional fees, computer time, stationery, overhead costs, local telephone and facsimile costs, secretarial costs, photocopying costs, postage and courier charges, hiring of equipment etc. The Centre will not provide any infrastructure, office, communication, and secretarial or other support to you.

You will be reimbursed your actual travel expenses from your place of Residence to Jodhpur and back on production of tickets up to maximum limit of II AC train fare. For local travel, you may claim the actual expenses. The boarding and lodging expenses will be reimbursed on actual basis on production of original bills.
3. Payment Schedules The payment would be made in three installments. We would pay 30% at the time of signing the agreement .30% of your consultancy assignment would be paid at the time of submission of the first draft and the remaining 40% will be paid after the completion of the task. 4. Health and Accident Insurance


An additional copy is enclosed for your files. 7. 6. (Jai Pal Singh) For Center for micro Finance. we advise you to take up adequate protection in the form of health and accident insurance before you take on this assignment as the Center will not be liable or in any way be responsible for costs associated with unlikely eventualities like emergency medical problems. In case there are any comments suggestions from the center. which may occur during the course of the assignment. etc. accidents etc. 5. You should submit the draft report by 31st August 08 to the center. you will incorporate the same and finalise the report and submit in one hard copy and the soft copy. The Courts in Jaipur alone shall have jurisdiction in the matter. The final decision of accepting or rejecting your report will rest with the Centre. With best wishes for successful completion of your assignment. The Arbitration proceedings shall be held in Jaipur. If you are agreeable to the Terms and Conditions set forth in this contract. with regard to information and material gathered. Yours sincerely. sickness. Arbitration In the event of any dispute or difference between the consultant and the Centre. arising out or in connection with. The report submitted by you will remain the property of the Centre.In your interest. or relating to the review conducted by you shall be referred to Arbitration under the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act. 1996. which is expected of all Consultants on short duration assignments. Jaipur ACCEPTED AND AGREED by: Signature: Name: Complete Postal Address: Demand Draft/cheque to be drawn in favour of: Name and Address of your bankers: 2 . please sign in the space indicated below as a token of your agreement and return the copy to us. Termination of Contract We acknowledge that either party retains the option to terminate the contract on written notice. The language of the Arbitration shall be English. Time frame The assignment will have to be completed latest by 5th August. The Centre expects you to adhere to the normal code of confidentiality. during the course of this assignment.

Bank Account No: Income Tax PAN/GIR No: 3 .

Objectives of the exercise: To interact with the staffs & assess the skills.‘Mitigation of poverty in western Rajasthan’. with an estimated investment of USD 62. The project. identify the demand –supply gap in the existing and requisite level of capacities of the various staffs document it in format of a report so that later on proper training programmes can be designed for the staffs. arid zone. falls in the western. and focuses on organizing women for empowerment and sustainable livelihoods. attitudes and ability gaps of the various staffs. suggest suitable training programmes for them and document the findings in the form of a report. will be implemented over a six-year period with the first year of the project being devoted to mobilization and capacity building. Centre for microFinance (CmF) has volunteered to undertake the exercise of Training Need Assessment of the various staffs under Mpower. Background: Rajasthan Government has planned a special project. Capacity building of the Government and Non Government staffs is one of the key areas which needs special focus the capacity of the PMU and the BPMU staff to plan and monitor and the capacity of the NGO staff to execute and implement the activities of the project will be detrimental to achieving the objectives of the project. 2. 3 Scope of work: • • • Designing process and developing tools for conducting TNA Building rapport and development of basic understanding of the existing skill levels of the various staffs.54 million. The Project. targets all households under Below Poverty Line (BPL) category in six blocks.Terms of Reference (ToR) Sub: Consultancy assignment to prepare ‘Village Development Plan’ and the ‘Manual for developing the plan 1. The MPOWER project is designed to support the Government of Rajasthan’s efforts in reducing poverty through the development of the grassroots community institutions and support to various livelihoods activities and setting up of services delivery systems initially. Focused group discussions 4 . The objective of this exercise is to develop a methodology.

Suggested Training Programmes to be carried out. suggest and explain the tools of data collection and methods of data analysis and should cover the post TNA action that need to be carried out by the Project authorities to ensure that there is adequate capacity building measures from the project to ensure that Training Needs of the staffs is carried out.4. Capacity gaps which have been identified during the Training Need assessment process 3. The report should narrate the methodology of data collection. the perceived gaps in the capacity level for the various staffs and suggested Training Programmes to bridge the gaps in order to achieve the objectives of the project. 5 . Payment Schedules At the Time of signing the agreement After submission of Draft Report After the completion of Task 30% 30% 40% All payments are subject to deduction of tax as per the IT rules in force and will be made by cheque 5. Expected output: a) A Comprehensive report eliciting the existing capacities of the various staffs. The Comprehensive Report will have following (indicative list) chapters 1. Existing capacities of Various staffs 2.

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