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E10-3D Printer Installation Guide

E10 Installation Guide

1. Please check if the package is complete
before signing for it.
2. After you unbox the product, please check
if the parts are in accord with Bill of Material.
3. If there is any problem, please contact your
supplier as soon as possible.
4. The Installation Guide is displayed by
modeling Diagrams, please take the object as
the standard.
Precautions for sticking 3M sticker
1. 3M sticker may not be peeled off easily,
please use it carefully.
2. Before sticking, please make sure there is no
foreign matter or dust on the surface of hot
3. When sticking, please align sticker at the hot
4. After sticking, if there is bubble, please use
hard card or paper to squeeze it out.
5. If you need to remove it after use, please
heat the hotbed up to 50℃ to remove it, and
then use industrial alcohol or glass cleaner to
clean the remaining glue up.
E10 assembly parts list 1
E10 assembly parts list 2

You can print the printed parts on E10 by yourself,the stl files are save in file
Print Model STL

Please check if the parts are in accord with Bill of Material!

Part Name
Setp 1

Align the screws to de vertical

Please mount M6*20 screws on the left and right sides of the bottom and tighten them up.

Be aware of the vertical frame is not fixed to the base firmly at this moment,do not turn over frame.
Step 2
Please install filament holder。


Please mount the M4*10 hexagon socket screws on the power supplu contrli box。
Step 3
Install the air plug

Only the size of the same aviation plug to put.

Step 4

Fan cover hole

Heating blocks and thermistors.

Red line
black line

X-axis limit switch

Red line
black line

Left Z-axis motor

Right Z axis limit switch
Step 5
E-axis motor

Hot bed

X-axis motor

Red line
black line

Y-axis limit switch Right Z axis motor

Step 6 Finished Product 1
Step 6 Finished Product 2
• Congratulations that you own a 3d printer now;

• Please contact your supplier if you have any

problem during application.

• Thanks for choosing us, and we hope to

provide more services in the future.