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Objectives: The students will,

1. Perform music in the keys of concert D-flat and G-flat.

2. Sight read and rehearse ​The Vanished Army b​ y Kenneth Alford, edited by Frederick
3. Perform in a 2/4 meter.
4. Be able to define musical terms such as sostenuto and cantabile.
5. Create dynamic contrast.
6. Provide positive and constructive feedback for themselves and others in the group.

Procedures: The students will,

1. Warm up.
a. F-stretch (HIAR.11, HIAR.12).
b. Sound Innovations
i. D-flat
ii. G-flat
2. Sight read ​The Vanished Army ​(HIAR.19)​.
a. Address what went well and what needs improvement (HIAR.21).
b. Discuss characteristics of a British march (HIAR.20).
3. Play from the beginning-C.
a. Address dynamics (going from ​ff​ to ​pp)​ (HIAR.13).
b. Agree on note length in measures 10 and 18.
4. Play E-G.
a. Work on dynamic contrast (HIAR.15).
b. Emphasize accents (HIAR.15).
5. Play K-P.
a. Define cantabile (HIAR.8).
b. Work on having a more lyrical style.
6. Play P-end.
a. Address ending.
b. Work on full dynamics (HAIR.13).

Assessment: The students will,

1. Be competent in performing in the concert D-flat and G-flat scales.
2. Sight read a march.
3. Perform their ensemble parts as a full group or in smaller groups.
4. Be called on to answer questions or will volunteer to answer when prompted.
5. Actively participate in the lesson.