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Objectives: The students will,

1. Perform music in the keys of concert E-flat, B-flat, and F.

2. Perform in a 2/4, 6/8 and 4/4 meter.
3. Create dynamic contrast.
4. Improve sixteenth note passages.
5. Balance to the group.
6. Provide positive and constructive feedback for themselves and others in the group.

Procedures: The students will,

1. Warm up.
a. F-stretch.
b. Sound Innovations
i. E-flat
2. Play m. 1-40 of ​American Riversongs.
a. Address timing of pick-up notes.
b. Over exaggerate ​fp​ in m. 2-3 and 5.
c. Add in dynamic contrast from m. 21-36.
3. Play m. 173-204.
a. Address dynamics.
i. Growing from ​mp-mf-f-ff.​
b. Rehearse counter melody at m.181.
i. Work on balance between melody and counter melody.
4. Play m. 236-end.
a. Match note length for last note.
b. Work on timing of last two measures.
5. Play m. 114- end of ​Mystic Portal.
a. Rehearse last two measures.
b. Rehearse m. 142.
i. With metronome to work up speed.
ii. Without metronome at tempo.
c. Rehearse m. 136-137
i. Address accents and timing.
6. Play m. 65-87.
a. Rehearse upper voice and lower voice parts in m. 69-72.
b. Work on sixteenth note runs starting at m. 73.
7. Play m. 34-65
a. Work on balance- trumpet 2/3.
b. Address accent attacks.
8. Run ​Mystic Portal​.
9. IF TIME: Run march.
a. Record and listen back.
b. Discuss what went well and what needs improvement.

Assessment: The students will,

1. Perform their ensemble parts as a full group or in smaller groups.
2. Be called on to answer questions or will volunteer to answer when prompted.
3. Perform a run-through of ​Mystic Portal.
4. Actively participate in the lesson.

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