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Attention Youth 3-18 yrs.

The Friends of the Ozark Dale County Library is sponsoring a

The winner receives a $50 Visa gift card & a FREE shirt!
The theme:
Why Ozark
Dale County
Library is
special to me.

Please create your design with crayons or

markers on an 8.5 x 11 page of paper and
include “Ozark Dale County Library” in the
The winning design will be printed and sold by the Friends to support the construction of the new Library.

Call Mrs. Cheryl @ 774-5480 if you have any questions.

COME JOIN US @ Ozark Dale County Library!!
Call 774-5480 for more information.

Ozark Dale County Library

416 James Street, Ozark, Alabama 36360

4-5 PM
In the Kid’s Section of
Rated PG the Library
1 hr., 47 min. 12:45 PM

Thursdays @ 10:30 and 4:30

All ages are welcome for a story, a craft, and a snack in the Children’s area!

Feb. 14 Feb. 21 Feb. 28

Tail Waggin’ Tutors Fairy Tales
& Pres.’s Day

Pokémon League Sat., Feb. 2 &

If you want to play, but aren't quite sure
how, come learn how! We meet on Saturdays Feb. 23 10:30—
& Sundays from 1-4. Bring a 60-card deck
Suggested age: 5+ Noon!
along if you have one. If not, there’s a spare to
share. For more information call 774-5480. Supplies provided.