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Cadillac Area

A Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Publication FIRST QUARTER 2019

Mission Statement

The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce is a visible
business leader that advocates and drives business
opportunities. Through business alliances, we are a

catalyst for our membership and provide a persuasive
regional voice benefiting our communities.

2018/2019 Board of Directors

Jeremy Winkle, Chair
VanDrie Home Furnishings
Tonya Smith, First Vice Chair
Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital
Trent Mulder, Treasurer Welcome to the “Wellness edition”
Baird, Cotter & Bishop, PC
of the Chamber’s Business Magazine.
Steve King, Immediate Past Chair In this edition we will be looking at
Law Offices of King & King PLLC
several examples of wellness pro-
Jennifer Brown grams that some of our members are
Cadillac Area Public Schools
utilizing. You might ask, is wellness
Doug DeYoung really a business issue? Should the
Consumers Energy
Chamber be looking at wellness, or
Jennifer Neff should they be talking about more
Avon Protection Systems business related things? The short
Rob Cherry answer is that wellness is very much
LC Materials a business issue!
Kevin Dunaway
9 & 10 News/Local 32
A quick internet search on the
topic “The benefits of a wellness pro-
Randy Hill
gram” make the case. One story that
Baker College of Cadillac
I read indicated there were four top David Miller,
Dean Rohn benefits which I will relate to you:
Piranha Hose Products Chamber President

Carrie Thompson
wexexpress • Lower Healthcare costs. Obviously that it an issue that most
Dan Minor businesses are concerned with these days. Employee wellness
Cadillac Castings, Inc programs increase healthy behavior and curb the risk of lifestyle-
Pete Stalker related disease. Many companies have seen savings in their
Mercantile Bank of Michigan medical costs when employees are actively involved in a wellness
David Miller, President • Reduced absenteeism and increased productivity. Healthy employees show up for work more often than their ill co-workers it
Nicole Schultz, Great Start Consultant seems and tend to be more productive. It also appears that there is a decrease in temporary labor costs when absenteeism is reduced.
Deb Gillies, Leadership Director
• Reduced stress. Healthy employees tend to have less stress,
whose symptoms tend to show in the form of health-related is-
Deidra Morel, Administrative Assistant
Paula Jasper, Director of Membership Services • Building a culture of health. The goal of developing a healthy culture is lower turnover rates and increased productivity.
Kent Wood, Director of Government Relations These sound like valid business issues. Let’s take a look at what some of our member companies are doing in this area.
Printer: Pleasant Graphics
Publisher: Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce David C. Miller
The Cadillac Area Business Magazine is a publication of
the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
reserves the right to edit or refuse articles and advertise-
ments submitted to the Cadillac Area Business Magazine
and reserves the right in its sole discretion to accept or
refuse inserts and other materials to be distributed through
the publication.

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

222 Lake Street

2 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine- 1st quarter 2019

Visionary Partners:

Your $25 Your $125


The Imagination Library is a universal service available to all families, at no cost, for children from
birth to five years in age who live in the area served by Wexford Missaukee Intermediate School
District. The program is supported by contributions from individuals, businesses and local philanthropy.
Donations are made to:Cadillac Area Community Foundation ⁄ Imagination Library
201 N. Mitchell Street, Cadillac, MI 49601
visit and click donate.

Education Elder Law Center Cadillac Hospital

1706 Wright St., Cadillac • 231-775-4272 •
Preschool and Young Fives
Kindergarten – 12th Grade
Training the next generation 1-800-395-4347
of Christian leaders to be
academically excellent and
spiritually mature so they 117 N. Mitchell St. Suite 3 1020 Hastings St. Suite 105
can positively impact their Cadillac, MI 49601 Traverse City, MI 49686
You have a CHOICE. world for Christ. 218 Maple St, Suite A 1684 S. Otsego Ave.
Choose EXCELLENCE. ~ FINANCIAL AID AVAILABLE ~ Big Rapids, MI 49307 Gaylord, MI 49735

Salon FInancial Services

LOCAL LENDER Leadership Partners:

Products and services tailored to your unique needs:
• Agricultural financing
• Recreational land loans
• Construction loans
BorgWarner Thermal Systems
“Your exceptional full service salon” • Home site Financing B&P Manufacturing
• Rural mortgages
Cadillac Area Public Schools
Call us in Cadillac today!
9052 E. 13th Street, Consumers Energy
231-775-4840 Cadillac, MI 49601 231-775-1361 • DTE Energy
Fekete Knaggs & Burr Insurance Agency
Technology Excavating FIAMM Technologies LLC
Fifth Third Bank
Full Spectrum IT Support - 24/7 ITC
• STONE - GRAVEL • GRADING & BULLDOZING Mercantile Bank of Michigan
(231) 775-1773 Walmart Supercenter Store
(231) 775-0703 Fax
9051 E. 48-1/2 ROAD • CADILLAC Wexford Community Credit Union
Contact Us (231) 577-2080 SHOP - JUNCTION OF M-115 & US-131
Bonded & Insured Wexford-Missaukee ISD

1st quarter 2019 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine - 3

Worksite Wellness
44North currently has an outcomes emotional, mental and physical health ing them along the way. In the warmer
based wellness program that has been tools to help employees with their over- months we do recess at work where
in place for several years.  Our wellness all wellbeing.  Each employee, spouse all employees have the opportunity to
program incentivizes employees for and covered dependent 18 and older join us for an outdoor game (the last
reaching healthy ranges for their blood have access to wellness workshops, being kickball).  The games generally
pressure, cholesterol, glucose, BMI and health trackers, personal health pro- last about an hour long and include
being tobacco free.   Our current incen- files, companywide wellness challenges, a little completion and a whole lot of
tive for reaching those healthy ranges newsletters, blogs, nutrition advice, and laughs (always good for mental, emo-
is free or reduced insurance premiums.  their own personal wellness coach to tional AND physical healthy!). 
We currently have about a 90% partici- help obtain whatever health goal they We do have a wellness and social
pation rate from our employees in the are looking at achieving. events committee that have both grown
program.   44North also sponsors multiple runs over the years and try to meet monthly
We offer all employees access to our each year for not only our employees but to brain storm ideas to improve our
wellness website powered by Health friends and family members too!  Our worksite wellness. 
Advocate.  The site is really geared CEO even joins in on the fun running Amber Nichols,
toward total wellbeing and not just phys- multiple marathon and half marathon Wellness Coordinator | 44North
ical health. The site provides financial, races alongside employees encourag-

Baker College has a committee of five Christmas gifts. On Wednesdays, we cel- are very busy at work and at home.
members that meets monthly to promote ebrate “Wellness Wednesdays” and we They want to be with their families in
a culture of wellbeing by encouraging have had a lot of positive feedback from the evenings and on weekends. We have
staff to live a healthier lifestyle and sup- our staff. Our committee delivers to our found that little activities and events
porting wellness and appreciation in the staff members either a healthy snack, that require just a few minutes of their
workplace. Some of the activities that an empowering statement or quote, a time works the best for our staff.
we have tried in the past are employee brainteaser, simple stretches to try or Kathy Pierce,
fitness challenges, lunches or potlucks, some type of healthy tips. Baker College of Cadillac
healthy snacks, lunchtime “walk and We have found from surveys and lack
talk”, healthy recipe board, Secret Santa of participation that our staff members

Physical Wellness
• Shared gym membership fees
• Race entry fees (up to 3 per year)
• Company-wide wellness challenges
• Health Check 360 (online portal to healthy blogs and
access to coaches)
• Beachbody on Demand accessible in wellness center
• On-site wellness centers at all locations
• Nature trail at corporate lends to walking, running,
• Corporate on-site PiYo class
• Health Risk Assessments (on-site)
• Flu shots for employees and immediate family
members (on-site)
• Weight Watcher reimbursements
• Employee Assistance Program
• Therapists & Psychiatrists included in health plan

Heather McClure, SHRM-SCP

Wolverine Power Cooperative

4 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine - 1st quarter 2019

Worksite Wellness
Cadillac Casting is the first com- Pine Grove is the 6th facility in
pany in the industry to offer their the state of Michigan to offer this
employees Cryo Therapy to relieve therapy, and the only one north of
stress from their daily work envi- Grand Rapids.
ronment. We are thrilled to be connected to
Cryotherapy has been used for a progressive and innovative com-
thousands of years in treatment pany like CCI who brings it first not
of many types of ailments, pain, only to the Cadillac area but within
inflammation and most known in the Northern area and leading in
recent modern times in all high the state!!
level athletic sports for short recov- Carolyn Richards
ery times. Pine Grove Athletic Club

We currently have an annual wellness Nutrition, and Financial Health. We voluntary.

initiative in place. We have a core team try to have programs to address these We do not have measures, but we are
made up of representatives from our aspects of employees’ wellness through- seeing a reduction in our health claims
U.S. BorgWarner locations. They have out the year. and health care costs. We also have been
quarterly meetings where they share Some of our programs have good par- able to maintain a $.00 premium health
ideas and programs that have worked at ticipation like flu shots, biometric test- care plan for those employees who are
their facilities. They also meet once per ing, employee relations, and financial willing to complete basic health care
year to brainstorm action for the follow- training. And some of our programs screenings and activities.
ing year. have smaller participation like our Shelley Hurrell,
Our wellness program centers around weight loss challenge and walking chal- HR Manager | BorgWarner Cadillac
Social/Job, Physical, Emotional, lenge. All of our wellness programs are

The Cadillac Area Health improve productivity and well-being.

Coalition (CAHC) began in 2003 as The rational for Workplace Wellness
the Community Collaborative Healthy has been well documented resulting
Lifestyle Committee. This team is now in positive ROI from health improve-
known as the Cadillac Area Health ments.
Coalition with a mission “to promote Other priorities include a focus on
and support health related initiatives poverty reduction, access to health-
through community collaboration”. care for all age groups, improving the
The CAHC is made up of commu- health of our community by ensuring
nity organizations, government agen- that success for mental health and sub-
cies, schools, healthcare organiza- stance use disorders is increased and
tions and area community residents improved especially for the disenfran-
and meets monthly. chised in the community. The future
A key focus of this group has health of our community is stressed
been the establishment and support through the work of Maternal-Child-
of Workplace Wellness. The CAHC Infant priorities. Participants pro-
through the support of PHC and the mote breastfeeding and oral health
local Chamber of Commerce has pro- with ongoing effort to reduce teen
vided startup funding for several area pregnancy and smoking in pregnancy.
companies to: 1) improve health out- Cadillac Area Health Coalition
comes 2) reduce medical costs and 3)

1st quarter 2019 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine - 5

Worksite Wellness
CSA Farm Share Program – We weekly group meetings. We have had typically busy all day while she is here.
have partnered with 3rd Day Farm 30 employees participate and hope to Free Gym Access – All of our
for the last 2 years to provide organic, have another 15 join in the Spring employees have the ability to use our
local food to our employees. Employees Classes. on-site gym during non-business hours
have the option to sign up and have Weight Watchers @ Work – We for free.
the cost payroll deducted from their started a Weight Watchers at Work
checks. Once a week during the sum- Gym Membership Discounts –
Group here at the hospital. Each week Munson has partnered with may local
mer months, 3rd Day Farm delivers for 12 weeks 18 employees will get
their Farm Share to the Hospital gyms to offer discounts to our staff.
together for a Weight Watchers class
Cafeteria for convenience. Employees and weigh in. We were able to offer Employee Sponsorship – Munson
love this program. The first year we this program at a discounted rate due has sponsored employees to partici-
had nearly 70 employees sign up. Last to Munson paying for a portion of the pate in local races and events.
year we capped it at 50. tuition. “Stoplight” program in the café.
Core 4 – We have a 1–year weight On-site Yoga – We offer yoga classes All the foods are color coded with red,
loss program that is provided to our on site for employees 2 times a week. yellow, or green indicating the “health-
employees at an extremely discounted iness” of the choice. This is an easy
rate of $100. (Munson is picking up the On-site Health Coaching – About way for patients, employees, and visi-
rest of the tab). This program is cut- once a month a Health Coach from tors to make health conscious choices.
ting edge and teaches people to relearn Priority Health will come on site and
how to eat while listening to their have one on one meetings with employ- Shaina Iehl,
bodies. Each participant has monthly ees who sign up who want to meet Senior HR Generalist
coaching sessions with a register dieti- fitness goals, quit smoking, or make Human Resources
tian and exercise coach along with other healthy changes. The Coach is Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital

What do you currently have in biometric screening as a part of their We currently have a Registered
place for wellness programs? yearly primary provider screening Nurse available 30 hours per week to
Wellness Milestones include but are or at our Employee Health Fair was assist employees with blood pressure
not limited to: given a 50.00 Meijer Gift Card. We screening, blood glucose monitoring,
feel that this greatly assisted in the assisting and directing employees to
• Morning Stretches for all increased participation in 2018. Those proper resources for their physical
employees who are also enrolled in our cancer and emotional needs. The nurse also
• Annual Hearing Screening insurance policy also receive $100 from assists in the application process for
the carrier for an annual physical. those employees needing a primary
• Annual respiratory wellness care physician for themselves and
questionnaire completion Do you measure your results
from the wellness initiatives? their family members.
• Glucose Monitoring Also, Workplace Chaplains assist
This is very difficult to measure
• On site Smoking Cessation Classes however the feedback from employees in supporting our employees through
completed by the staff of District has been very positive as their increased their on-site services.
Health Department #10 use of primary care physicians in the Our philosophy at Groupe Beneteau
• Weight loss contests and Weight area in on the rise. is that personal wellness makes
Watchers at Work programs Also, we have the ability for employees happy and if employees
employees to save on their biweekly are happy, the overall morale of the
• Annual Employee Health Fair with company is improved.
multiple vendors attending benefit deduction by having either 1 or
2 Wellness Credits for an employee and Barb Scholten
Do you have good spouse who are non-tobacco users.
participation from employees? Groupe Beneteau
Company Nurse
Each employee who completed their

6 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine - 1st quarter 2019

A New Health Insurance
Solution for Members

For many small businesses, the current health insurance landscape provides you and your employees with limited
choices and flexibility. TranscendAHP was created as a health insurance solution that pools members together with
the benefit of providing lower premiums and expanded benefits that currently only large businesses can obtain.

The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to endorse the TranscendAHP for our members with 50 or
fewer enrolled contracts.

TrandscendAHP allows small businesses to attract and retain top talent by offering a robust health insurance
package with affordable rates. To provide you with a more competitive set of solutions, Transcend has
collaborated with Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan (BCBSM) and Blue Care Network (BCN) to offer a multiple
employer welfare arrangement designed as a fully-insured benefit option for businesses with 50 or fewer enrolled
contracts, including sole proprietors.

Advantages of an Association Health Plan:

• Access to an exclusive menu of health insurance plan options from BCBSM and BCN, many of which are not
available to small business owners outside of the Association Health Plan. All plans have been selected to
appeal to the varying needs of Michigan small business owners.

• Access to the vast BCBSM and BCN network of physicians and hospitals.
– Special pricing that could lower your premiums.
– You continue to use the independent insurance agent of your choosing.
– Enhanced billing, enrollment and customer service.

How it works:
Notify your licensed health insurance agent that you would like a quote from the team at Transcend. If you're not
already working with an agent, we can connect you with someone in your area.

Members of the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce must also be a member of Transcend. However, we have
negotiated significant savings on dues to give you access to all that Transcend has to offer. Make certain
that you tell your agent that you are a Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce member.

For more information, please contact 877-888-6020 or email

1st quarter 2019 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine - 7

Rise Up! Cadillac
January 2019 

Hosted by:
Up North Arts

Sponsored by:
Sponsored by:
Shoe Sensation
Brick Award
Physical Therapy Connect Financial

We would like to thank Eric Hultgren, Director of Social Media and Content Marketing
at MLive Media Group for addressing the topic of how to market right now at the latest
Lecture Luncheon Series: Market Like it’s 2019. During the presentation, he showed us
that the “shiny” things in the digital landscape tend to be distractions from what we
really should be saying on the social web. That those distractions keep us from under-
standing and executing our brand’s story and the parts of that story that our customers
really want to hear. Join us at upcoming Lecture Luncheon Series’ where guest present-
2018 Holiday Luncheon ers address a wide array of topics impacting businesses such as Community, Educa-
tion, Government, Health Care, Legislative Updates and Workplace Wellness.   

8 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine - 1st quarter 2019

Chamber Ambassador Club
Mike Paulin Receives Honorary
Ribbon Cutting
Lifetime Chamber Membership Peterson, McGregor and Associates

The Cadillac Chamber

was pleased to present
Mike Paulin with an
honorary lifetime
membership. Mike is
an extremely significant
part of the chamber
ambassadors and the
Cadillac community
and has been known as
the “Voice of Cadillac”
for many years.

Thank you, Mike!

Dawna Marie
We sadly lost a Chamber Ambassador and a cherished friend
when Dawna Marie passed away on November 29th, 2018. She
had recently been awarded our Ambassador of the Year Award
and attended the Michigan Chamber of Commerce Conference in
Flint. By the end of the conference Dawna had spoken to almost
everyone there and was stopped many times in the hallways and
elevators as people congratulated her and wanted to chat. She
just beamed and said that she was enjoying all the love. In reality,
Dawna was feeling so much love back because she gave it out on a
daily basis. She will be deeply missed.

1st quarter 2019 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine - 9

Rise Up! Dental Health
Professionals Welcomes

Dr. Lauren E. Rule
Dental Health Professionals is pleased to formally
introduce Dr. Lauren Rule. Originally from metro-

February 2019 Detroit, Dr. Rule began her study of the health sciences
by earning a BS with honor in Human Biology from
Michigan State University in 2008. She was then
admitted into the DMD program at the University of Florida College of Dentistry
as one of only eight non-Florida residents selected from a pool of nearly 1,000.
After graduation, she completed a multi-disciplinary residency at the University
of Detroit Mercy which provided advanced training in implant dentistry, complex
treatment planning and the management of medically compromised patients.
Dr. Rule joined Dental Health Professionals in 2017 after working several years
in public health and serving as adjunct clinical faculty for fourth year dental
students at Cherry Health Services in Grand Rapids. She is a member of the
American Dental Association, the Michigan Dental Association, the Resort District
Dental Society, and is a board member of the Stehouwer Free Clinic in Cadillac.
Dr. Rule’s passion is to provide excellent care in a comfortable and friendly
atmosphere. She is honored to have the opportunity to do so in this wonderful


“Your Cosmetic & Implant Dental Team”
231-775-9797 - 1-800-780-0871
“New patients are always welcome”

Hosted by:
Where your brand
is our business!
Pens banners table covers
Brick Award note Pads signs tote bags
9&10 News & Local 32 custoM aPParel drinkWare
and Much Much More

CN Promotional Products can

offer any customized promotional
items! All available with your unique
branding. If you think it, we make it!


10 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine - 1st quarter 2019



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Ž€ ()


| | @ | find us on

1st quarter 2019 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine - 11

The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class of 2018/2019
2019 CLASS MEMBERS is excited to announce our community service project: Leadership in the
We are partnering with the Cadillac Footliters and Junior Footliters to help
Kevin Baker, Co-Chair them take their show on the road! To do this, they need portable stage and
Michael Bush sound equipment. This will enable the Footliters to increase their reach in the
community and perform at community events and small venues throughout
Betsy Campbell the area. The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class of
Tom Carrington 2018/2019 needs your support in this endeavor!
Joshua Fenner Our goal is to raise $30,000.00 for the purchase of portable, modular stage
platforms, sound and music equipment, backstage intercom equipment, and
Katie Frier a trailer to haul the equipment. This new equipment will give them mobility,
Ryan Harris along with increasing performance opportunities, enhancing their large
stage productions, and enriching the educational experience for the Junior
Eli Hoffert Footliters by providing them appropriate stage and audio equipment.
Chris Kennard The Footliters are an organization that has been serving the Cadillac
Jarret Nelson community since 1964. Participants ranging from eight years old to senior
citizen are able to share their creativity and incredible abilities with our
Allison Peters, Co-Chair community through this amazing program. Approximately 150 performers
Deb Rozeveld, Treasurer and crew produce six shows a year and hone their skills in various youth
summer camps.
Rebecca Salm It is because of their dedication to performing arts education that we
Andrea Thompson choose the Footliters. Please help us give the Footliters the ability to stage
performances in a variety of locations and increase their artistic offerings to
Kristopher Toy our community with your donation. Donations can be made online at www.
Tracy Logan-Walker, Secretary or by detaching and returning the form below.
Deb Gillies – Director Thank you for supporting our class project and the Cadillac Community.

The Leadership Class of 2018/2019

Leadership In The Spotlight! - Cadillac Leadership Community Service Project

Friday, April 26, 2019, We Are Hosting A Fundraiser For This Project, The Leadership And Friends Dinner.
Please Join Us For An Evening Of Friendship And Fun! More Details Will Be Available Soon.
Company Name: __________________________ Contact Name: _______________________________________________________
Email Address: __________________________________ Phone: _______________________________________________________
Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Donation: $ _ __________________________________________
Auction Item / In-Kind Donation (Description & Value): _ _________________________________________________________
Table Sponsorship $300 (Does Not Include Tickets): _ _____________________________________________________________

Please Make Checks Payable To Cadillac Leadership – Leadership In The Spotlight

& Mail To: Cadillac Area Chamber Of Commerce, Attn: Deb Rozeveld, 222 N Lake Street, Cadillac, Mi 49601.

12 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine - 1st quarter 2019

Do you know someone deserving?
Outstanding Citizen
Spirit of Community Awards
The Outstanding Citizen Award recognizes and Submit your Nominations for 2018/2019
honors individuals who strive toward the highest level
of professional accomplishments. Men and women,
who excel in their chosen profession, have devoted Outstanding Citizen
significant time and energy to improve the community’s
quality of life and have provided leadership to assist
& Spirit of Community
others in becoming involved in the community. Awards
The Spirit of Community Award recognizes and
honors individuals who have devoted significant time Forms can be found at
and energy to improve the community’s quality of life
Awards will be announced at the
and have provided leadership in development and/or
expansion of volunteer projects, which have benefited Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
members of the community. Annual Awards Dinner

Michigan Since 1969
Family Owned and Operated Stocking almoSt 300 Premium Select
VehicleS - all come With WarrantieS - DriVe
like neW - PaymentS aS loW aS $150.00 mo.

(231) 775-2413


J&H Family Stores

Cadillac Mobil and Tim Hortons
2560 E. Division St. Cadillac groWing together to SerVe you caDillac’S only locally oWneD DealerShiP

1st quarter 2019 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine - 13

Wolverine Power Cooperative New Members
Welcomes Lucas Johnson as Family Fare Market
Director of Portfolio Modeling 602 S. Mitchell Street
Cadillac, MI 49601
Wolverine Power Cooperative (Wolverine) is Lakeside Ace Hardware
pleased to welcome Lucas Johnson as director of
838 North Mitchell Street
portfolio modeling. In his role, Johnson will work
closely with Wolverine’s leadership team to utilize
Cadillac, MI 49601
advanced analytics and data science to support 231-878-3985
strategic business objectives and ensure critical
insight into power supply portfolio performance.
Johnson earned his PhD in chemical and biolog- McAuley Children’s
ical engineering from Colorado State University Center and Preschool
in Fort Collins, Colorado and his Bachelor of 711 Oak Street
Science degree in chemical and environmen- Cadillac, MI 49601
tal engineering from Hope College in Holland, 231-360-6338
Lucas, a Cadillac native, is excited to return Premier Realty Co. LLC
to Northern Michigan with his wife, Nicole, and
216 East Cass Street
daughter, Vivian.
Cadillac, MI 49601

The sooner you call,

the more we can help.


WIN AT THE INTERNET? 888-247-5701 |
231-779-4127 932 N. Mitchell St, Cadillac
A member of the Care Community
Kevin D. Mist - Digital Marketing Specialist

14 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine - 1st quarter 2019

Munson Healthcare Heuker Receives Award
Cadillac Hospital to
Lease Building for Jaime Heuker, Principal
at Franklin Elementary

New Child Care Center was named Outstanding
Practicing Principal of
the year for Region 13
at the annual Michigan
Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital is excited to Elementary and Middle
announce that it will lease a portion of its McAuley Center School Principal’s Association
building to a licensed, independent child care provider, Winter Conference. Jaime
offering hospital employees and the community another has been a teacher and an
option for child care. administrator at Cadillac
Anje Scott, owner and operator of Little Bear Child Care in Area Public Schools for
Buckley, says that the Cadillac location will have a different the majority of her 16-year
name, but the philosophy will be the same. “Our staff are career in education. Jaime
highly qualified, passionate child care professionals that is committed to the success
love taking great care of children,” says Scott. “We are very of students and supports the
excited for the opportunity to open a new center right on the efforts of her teachers and
Cadillac Hospital campus!” staff.
The portion of the McAuley Center that currently houses
the Patient Financial Services department, a conference
room and gymnasium will be converted into the child care
center, which is slated to open early this year. Cadillac YMCA
Receives Check
For Teen Center
The Cadillac area YMCA is offering an after-
school program that is keeping kids on track for
successful futures and keeping kids that aren’t
involved in school sanctioned activities out of
trouble. This program gives them the opportunity
to create friendships, do homework, receive a free
meal and stay active both mentally and physically.
ITC presented a check to the YMCA last week for
$15,000 to support the Teen Center Program. This
program receives funding from partners in the
community like transmission company ITC to be
able to provide young adults these services.

Experience, Integrity, Results
It’s what you expect.
It’s what we deliver.


Make the choice...

Experience the difference!

As a full service Title Company we offer:

•Title Insurance •Title Searches •Convenient Closing Times and Locations
•Fast Turn-Around •On-Site Attorneys •Assistance with Clearing Title
Jeff Mankiewicz, Lorri B. King •Convenient Delivery of Closing Documents
Steve King (not pictured Ben Hicok)
231-779-8000 • 140 Paluster Street • Cadillac, MI 49601
231-779-9000 • • 140 Paluster St.

1st quarter 2019 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine - 15

Cadillac Area US POSTAGE
Chamber of Commerce PAID
Cadillac, MI 49601-1874 MI

Our community is our future.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network
proudly support those working to strengthen our community.
Our shared commitment is a great reason to be confident in
the future of Michigan.



Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network are nonprofit corporations and independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

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