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(Please print clearly)

Name: Date of Birth:


Suburb: Postcode:

Mobile No: Gender: Male Female


Occupation: Tennis ID No (if known):

Student ID number:

Membership includes:
• Access to Hard courts at UWA Crawley
• Access to Grass and Clay courts at UWA Sports Park, McGillivray Oval, Mount Claremont
• Access to club events, Pennants and future social programs


Wednesday Thursday Friday Sunday

3.00pm -7.00pm 3.00pm -7.00pm 3.00pm -7.00pm
2.00pm – 5.00pm

• All other times, please register booking with Aalia by text to mob: 0439 152 268 or email

I/We hereby make application for my/our membership, subject to the terms and conditions as outlined on this form.


(FULL YEAR) /special

Adult $250/$100

UWA Student Crawley Campus Only $25

UWA Full-time Student Sports Park $120/$50

Senior (65 years and over)/ UWA Staff and/or Alumni $150/$75

Student (other than UWA Full-time Student) $150/$75

Junior $120/$50

Family (with children under 18 years) (10% reduction of individual cost)

Please note: by becoming a member, you are bound by policies that protect the game of tennis and its stakeholders, and you
agree to all conditions as noted on the club website:

Payments methods include direct deposit and credit card

Direct deposit details

Account name: UWA Tennis Club / BSB: 036-054 / Account No: 133997
Description: please include your surname and use the abbreviation “MSHIP” so your payment is traceable.
Please also send an email to - and advise of your payment.

Credit card details

Card type (circle):

Name on card:

Card number:


Please print this membership form, fill out the information, scan and return with payment via email to the following

By signing and submitting this membership application form I accept and agree to the conditions set out above.


Signature: Date:

PARENT/GUARDIAN APPLICATION (If applicant is under 18 years of age)

As a parent/guardian of the applicant (who is under 18), I agree to the conditions set out above on his/her behalf.

Parent/Guardian Name:

Parent/Guardian Signature: Date:

Terms and Conditions
I understand and agree that:
1. I am bound by the Club’s Constitution, By-Laws and Policies, and all relevant Tennis Australia (TA) national policies (as developed
and amended from time to time) including but not limited to, the Member Protection Policy, the Code of behaviour, the Anti-
Doping Policy, made available to me at I
understand that if this is a Family membership application, each person named in the ‘Family’ section of this application form will
also be bound by these rules and policies.
2. I must ensure that any other person named in the ‘Family’ section of this application form complies with the rules and policies
referred to in condition 1 above as if they were a party to these terms and conditions.
3. The Club may reject my application for membership, accept my application but impose certain conditions or vary, suspend or
cancel my membership during the membership term in its sole discretion.
4. I understand that membership fees are non-refundable (even if a membership is varied, suspended or cancelled) and my
membership is not transferable.
5. I consent to the Club, State Tennis organisations, TA and government and commercial partners taking, retaining and reproducing
the image and likeness of me and any other person named in the ‘Family’ section of this application form, in any way pertaining
to my membership or my or their involvement in tennis. I agree that any such images or likeness may be used by any of these
parties in reporting or marketing materials including online publications without any further notice or payment to me or them.
6. If my Club membership is accepted, I understand that I, and any other person named in the ‘Family’ section of this application
form, will become a registered player in the national online tennis platform, My Tennis, and will be set up with a My Tennis online
profile. As a registered tennis player, I understand I will receive administrative communications from the Club, the relevant State
Tennis organisation and TA. I may also receive direct marketing communications. If I wish to unsubscribe from direct marketing
communications, I can do so by changing the settings in my My Tennis online profile.

To assist us in the provision of products and services, we need to collect personal information about you and any other person named
in the ‘Family’ section of this application form. When you provide personal information you agree that this will be used by the Club, TA
and other Australian Tennis Organisations under the terms of this statement, and the tennis privacy policy located at, which contains information about how you or any other person named in the ‘Family’ section of this
application form, may access and seek correction of your personal information or complain about a breach of your privacy, and how we
will deal with that complaint. If you do not agree, you must not provide your personal information, and you may be unable to access
all of the Club, TA and other Australian Tennis Organisations products and services. The Club, TA and other Australian Tennis
Organisations may disclose your personal information to other parties, including our related companies, other Australian Tennis
Organisations, and third parties who provide us services. From time to time, these third parties may be located (and therefore your
personal information may be disclosed) overseas, including to the USA and the Netherlands and as otherwise specified in the tennis
privacy policy. The Club, TA and other Australian Tennis Organisations may use and disclose your personal information for direct
marketing purposes regarding the products and services you are signing up to receive, unless you opt-out (which you can do at any
time in accordance with the tennis privacy policy).