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January 7, 2019 - January 13, 2019 ‘Monday, January 7 | Tuesday, January 8 Wednesday, January 9 ‘Thursday, January 10 Friday, January 11 Saturday, January 12 ‘Sunday, January 13, Sone 7 Tao Ta January 14, 2019 - January 20, 2019 Sublo Tae Th FS SaMo Tue Th Fr Adsubab olsiuky REBERER LRBREEE Teas Hi ‘Monday, January 14 ‘Tuesday, January 15 | Wednesday, January 16 [ion 200m Interv with eff lan (Vers in overs fie aqua Pro pm 0pm tate ofthe State hse Bling Asay ‘Cuber nga Pest ‘Thursday, January 17 | 20pm - 00pm Cony: aight to Remember Word set Cnet Psos)ngune Mert. Friday, January 18 ‘s.00um -10000m Mastng with SuntorCoter Mast inte Party ‘fe 2520 Paseo det Paco Be Sut B, at Va WY SH). (siad0wm 33230em MEETING Gov Soko Jones Bxchurst [BSE ashton StS rt Sper 2756047129) -ln ones Best (0pm 9:00 ns eps napus 8s}. Iagine Pe ‘Saturday, January 19 [0pm 0pm Mesting wih Chinas Delegation Covers Ls ‘age Ofer: Goars Coren oom) Jaq Paro ‘Sunday, January 20 Shehing 5 TaaTTAT January 21, 2019 - January 27, 2019 Feta 2019 sumo Tae Th Fes kese bees Bute BEES Bee. Monday, January 21 | Wednesday, January 23 ‘pou -1030am Governor to Reno -SW Fight ts vogne porto Re Tahoe ir) [ -2:pm National Ged Intense Governors fe) (00pm 09m Meeting to ses thempct B Nead of ‘itl Cormmenities om the Federal Goverment Suton (Gominor fea azn Oy) eth Dighton Friday, January 25 204m -10304m Canales Mostng wth Me. Valor en dara Gorter OMe) soqtine Peet tng itp neta Order signing (overs ce) ‘Tuesday, January 22 | madam 12:09m Mesing with Mega Jone Hop Puc ‘Sotons Patra 71 ney es Ur Herdesen, NY 301) ‘siz40p 12:39pm TOC Adress ‘Soop 1:30p our of Baines spac Meting (le ‘eo Charorsse Cares Gat Saye #5103 Prone Contes) Sehedlng |Nuaopn- 20pm tng far ny Tae de oY) ‘soopm- 009 ny Talk Son Raton he Sith Cart for heperoming as 36 Syphon Pan Arr a Ves 5108) - neve Perot | Thursday, January 24 "htoaoem103R0m Cal with Yc Lrin-gne Pact | Hlt0.201m 12:20 Mesting with Bu Hatin (GorerrsOfce) (sux:cdam 1:30am Meatng with ole Mortensen Sova ‘tie Tagine Pero \s30pm 2:00pm Horthrn NY Seager il nd Se Resa) Saturday, January 26 | sunday, January 27 siaaane aa