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**** FILED: BROWARD COUNTY, FL Brenda D. Forman, CLERK 2/14/2019 2:52:32 PM.**** Broward County Sheriff's Office 19- 187 Booking Report ois# 801900172 BCCN# 908301 ‘Bookng Sheet Ganirel Date and Time opts eosasaeao Prnt Clearance Q2/13/10 194252 Panis Vee 2/13/19 21:48:21 ‘urest® ty 1900172 ‘Offense Repon® —90-1902.006679 Agency MAIN JAIL ‘ast Name on Fist DEMONS, JAMELL. sae ace Sex Hoght Weaht Eyes Har Comp Age Admitted 008 Place orsinn State FOLE 8 M 506120 BRO ALK LER 19 51111999 VERO BEACH FLORIDA 7931326 Permanent ‘Months of Residence ‘AdGIESS 604 STHAVE VERO BEACH FL.2982 ¥ ‘estate 02/13/19 1805.00 Place of Avest 555 SE 1ST AVENUE. ‘resin Oftcer 11725 GARCIA Inmate Logged Oate 02/13/19 18.48.48 Inmate Log Type FULL INTAKE Pace Admited aun Intake Comments SPIGO-17481 WO-t6400 20184-17481 ‘Alias Lastname, Furst, Middle, 008 Warrants Offcer if bs16400 Sears Marks, Tatoos Tattoos Neck JAMIE, J Tatoos Face (cher than LEFT EYE HEART, RIGHT EYE 17 species) ‘Tattoos Arm, night EATH, MONEY BAGS, EGYPTIAN, CLOCK EITH TROPHY, BART SIMPSON Tattoos amet IRM, 400% Release Dalene Release Reason Release Authorzed By Charge No. Chargelnitiaton Dato Statuto WarranvGapias —Lovel MCB. Type Bond Amount 1 oaiane2t3s§78208-1a1 190018720F 0A.“ SF_-Y.——-NOBOND. 000 (Charges MURDER PREMEDITATED Comments MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE Booking OFF 1D be14505 County BROWARD Judge ‘Charge No. Chargoiniiation Date Statute Warranvcapias Level MGB. Type Bond Amount 2 oarsn92135 782 08-tat 1go01e72cFi0h — 6F-Y~—NOBOND £0.00 (Charges MURDER PREMEDITATED. Comments MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE Booking OF. 1D _bs14505 County BROWARD susge * End of Report * “nrowaro cobnry ARREST # 801900172. TI COMPLAINT AFFIDAVIT SHADED FIELDS MUST NE ANSWERED IF DEFENDANT NOT IN CUSTODY PRaRREST FORM "pfottann couruso | seidboousre rsrons AME L oO ee os aoa el Vue | [sce| arow| nian |e [oenoes MOVIL; VERO REACH, FL 32062 TAT. C_NECK/JAMIR-JANA: TAT L_aRMZ Foshan HAT VERO ENC, sto a Sere) gay aril rai Meter, iegaaasain [RRR RIN Ress ase orT tine And aOR ro se sTayeNue muro 10s | ganera nesron 1725 ras VET NERY ea] Sa] tare tm ET WTB] ramen cmceron Traces mena im [ lean aE en rare = ns iniwanren Sopa lane | a oe ‘ra Tan | nae vena ve lr. Defendants |[ vem Tome Toe s Photo a aS van) Tapa SaaS Ta ASSET ‘Gaeraes Caged TiC Staton #rappecsbe) | Fa Copestarants RAE 88 Probable Cause Affidavit Dele me mete sonayappewed GARCIA, NESTOR (11735) ho bing rst uy sworn deposes an say5 that on Li dayot_Fotrauy yea) 2019 _S5S SE ISTAV. FORT LAUDERDALE FL 33301 (erme avon) Ihe abate named dolrdon cont he above ees chard and th ca showing probate caus 0 DEDOTE TS HTa BH a TETOWE on February 13, 2019 at 1805 hours, Subject DEMONS , JAMELL arrived at the Main Jail Facility to self-surrender himself. A warrant check was completed and confirmed by Records Technician Green # 17693. Subject was taken into custedy for processing. Tie as Sled hve re Wo a Coe oe st iy Mwtedpe Gnd Babet GARCIA, NESTOR (11729 Main Jail Facility ‘Ores NamaiCoN Rees Bon 1 ayo, February 2019 yea, (name a te, whe peisanaly known ora orhas reduced Hh 1025 Dds ish and CON en yar Sere eenrnat na (SEAL) Severtcorth seat Cxcut FIRST APPEARANCEIARREST FORM ‘roward County SSeee snug: sae (souL0 ADEIMONAL SPACE BE NEEDED USE THE PRORABLE CAUSE AFROAIT CONTHUATION 880 ae Tees COURT COPY S(?o- put ye e400 ay/serus| IN THE CIRCUIT/COUNTY COURT OF THE 17TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR BROWARD COUNTY, FLORIDA STATE OF FLORIDA, AGENCY. BROWARD COUNTY SO Plaintitt AGENCY CASE NO.: 90-1902-004479 Defendant NOTICE OF CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION WITHIN COURT FILING Pursuant to Flonda Rule of Judicial Administration 2.420(4)(2), I hereby certify That | am filing @ Probable Cause Affidavit that contains confidential information as described in Rule 2.420(4)(1)(B) and that the confidential information is contained within this document, Indicate the applicable confidentiality provision(s) below from Rule 2.420(d)(1)(B) and ‘specify the location within the document on the space provided: Social Security, bank account, charge, debit, and credit card numbers $ 119.0714(1)(}). Dlar(e), Fla. Stat (Unies redaction is requested pursuant to § 119.0714(2), this information is exempt only as of January 1, 2011) Victim's address in domestic violence action on petitioner's request.5 741.30(3)(b), Fla Stat Information identifying victims of sexual offenses, including child sexual abuse. 35 119 074(2\(h), 119.0714(1)(h), Fla, Stat Information which reveals the identity of the victim of the crime of child abuse. 55 179.074(2)(h), 119.0714(1)(h), Fla Stat | HEREBY CERTIFY that a true copy hereof has been furnished fo the Clerk of Court, through the Broward Shentf's Office this. 131 day of February, 2019.