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Hello DI..

am vaishali and Rajesh uncle has forwarded ur nmb to me

regarding job. My dad and ur chachu work together in the same
He has recommended that I call you.
He said you have been working in adobe. U can help me get a job there.
Is this the ryt time to talk to u di ?

Well di.. I am looking for a job in HR. I hav completed my mba from ip

I've been sending resumes ever since May, and have had no luck with
In an effort to help me, if u could help me di. My major is HR and minor
is marketing.

I checked the company's website and didn't find any openings for entry
level, and am kind of clueless as to how I should get into job.

I figure I'll introduce myself, explain how I got his number, and say that I
recently graduated. Would it be tactless to ask him directly if there are
any job openings for the sort of position that I want, or should I go about
it in a more indirect manner?