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Gasdynamics Assignment-02 Due On: February 15, 2019

1. Solve the 1D shock tube problem in rhoCentralFoam according to the shock Mach
number allotted to the respective student in Table 1.

• The steps are:

– run the application blockMesh to generate the mesh.
– change the values in system/setFieldsDict to the required shock tube pa-
– change the values in system/controlDict to the required time control pa-
– run the application setFields to set the initial conditions.
– run the application rhoCentralFoam to generate the results.
– The probe data is located in postProcess/probes/0/
– The sample data over a line along the length of the shock tube is generated
by using the sample postProcessing utility.
– run the postProcess -func sample utility to generate the sampling results in
the folder postProcess/sample/ for every saved time-step.
(a) Calculate the P4 /P1 required to generate the given shock Mach number using
analytical equation.
(b) What are the reflected shock properties and evaluate P5 and T5 using analytical
(c) Plot the pressure trace obtained from the probes located at 1.89 m and 1.99
m. Evaluate the shock Mach number from this trace using the formula : Ws =
Lprobe distance /(∆t time for shock arrival). The time at which shock arrives can
be evaluated by the time at which pressure increases from P1 to 1.01 ∗ P1 .
(d) For an intermediate time before the shock and expansion waves reflect plot the
profiles of P, T, ρ and U (u3 or the z component of velocity).
(e) For the same instant of time evaluate analytically the profile of variables within
the shock tube.
(f) Compare and discuss the profiles.
(g) How does the reflected shock properties compare analytically and numerically.
(h) Generate a report of your observations and submit.

Note: The OpenFoam Case set up is included as a zip folder.

Gasdynamics Assignment-01, Page 2 Due on: Feb 4, 2019

Sl. No. Name Shock Mach Number

1 Manjunath Reddy C 1.5
2 Harshit Verma 1.75
3 Kartika Ahuja 2.0
4 Keshanjali Gaur 2.25
5 Kunal Bahuguna 2.5
6 Magan Singh 2.75
7 Perachiselvi G 3.0
8 P K Vishwakarma 3.25
9 Sakshi Gupta 3.5
10 Sanjoy Paul 3.75
11 Satish Kumar 4.0
12 Snehil Srivastava 4.25
13 Subhankar Gosh 4.5
14 Vikash Kumar 4.75

Table 1: Please solve the problem for the specific shock Mach number indicated against
your name.

Note: Please submit your assignments online in PDF format through the
OneNote system. Graphs must be neatly plotted with properly labeled x and
y axis.