DB: 28/11/07 Final Minutes – Directing Board Meeting Meeting No.

Venue Board Members: IG/ACE (chair) DIG HQ Director CIB Director HR Head, HQ Secretariat HQ Sec. Rep. Apologies: DIG OR Ops HD HQ Sec. 15 (07 – 08) Board Room, 21 BS Held on: Time: 28/11/07 9:30 – 10:30

Distribution List: Attendees Objective of Meeting: 1.


To discuss matters material to the running of the service.

Actions arising from meeting: Agenda Item 1: Balanced Scorecard Action Points Action Officer/Section Due Date Decemb er 2007

4: Enforcement Outcomes

AP1: HQ or Regional Director HR Directors whose staff have Sick Absence averages of more than 10 days to provide a report to the next Directing Board AP4: The next Directing DIG HQ/DIG OR Board will address ways Ops. of tackling the Enforcement issues.

12 Decemb er 2007

Final Notes of Meeting 28 November 2007


Redundancy Payments claims: these are well below planning assumptions and need to be reviewed.1 Preamble: – The Service’s overall performance against planning assumptions to this period is amber. we would not have the resources to do so.DB: 28/11/07 AOB: AOB1: All Directing Board members to leave their diaries free on Directing Board Wednesdays (2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month) All Directing Board members With immedia te effect Notes & Decisions 1 Balanced Scorecard: Objectives: To update the Board on performance against published targets to 31 October 2007.5 days. IG: The board has to send a signal to Directors whose areas are showing more than 10 days – they will be asked to send an explanatory note to the Directing Board and it must be made known that this action is being taken. A paper on the staff survey is being produced for the next Directing Board meeting. Action: Final Notes of Meeting 28 November 2007 2 .9 days but this is still above target of 7. Directors have been told to review all cases and discuss appropriate cases with Director HR. Collection of IPO/IPA – DIG OR Ops: the reasons for non-payment are being investigated. • • • • Decisions: • The Board agreed that the planning assumption for redundancy payment claims for 2007-08 should be reduced from 90. Consideration should be given to amending the Scorecard target to reflect the high level of funds received through IPO/As rather than as a percentage of what could be collected. . • • • • Sick absences have fallen to 7. Discussion: 1.000. If we do want to discover these reasons.000 to 80.

The underspend should be ‘flagged-up’ to Fair Markets Group. Reduction. • The current forecast surplus of £400k will be used too offset the carried forward costs of £326k from 2006-07. Decision: The Board accepted the report. the following points were made: 2. • Case admin costs are showing a surplus of £8. Headlines: • Forecast fee income remains in line with end September forecast. 2.2.2m of capital for 2008-09 has been successful as capital for 2007-08 and 2008-09 is required to deliver ISCIS and EAS. 2 Finance Report: Director FREA Objectives: To update the Board on the financial regime to 31 October 2007. A request for capital funding (of £4m) for this year has already been put in. Discussion: In discussion. Investigation Directorate and CIB • A claim for adverse costs in a recently lost CIB case will be covered by the current adverse costs budget. Discussion: Final Notes of Meeting 28 November 2007 3 .DB: 28/11/07 HQ or Regional Directors whose staff have sick absence averages of 10 days or more will be required to provide an explanatory note for the next Directing Board. To allow the Board to identify any risks not currently identified in the register – in particular any risks associated with the protection of sensitive/personal data.3m based on current information on IT Programme costs. The Board is asked to consider a budget transfer of £500k from Enforcement to cover a predicted overspend of £220k and increased activity in the last quarter. • We are waiting to hear if the bid under the CSR for £8. To provide the Board with a first-time opportunity to formally review the risk register and to feed any comments in to the Corporate Governance Group (CGG) ahead of its 15 January 2008 meeting. 2. • There continue to be significant underspends in Enforcement Directorate. 3 Risk Register: DIG HQ Objectives 1.1.

by the time they are trained to the required level. the following points were raised: 4.DB: 28/11/07 In discussion.2 We need to take on board highlight the risk about the bidding process for CSR. And. Systems/data risks are to be added to the register. there was a breakdown setting internal targets. they would not make an impact on this year’s numbers. And also at the possibility of moving staff from front-end work to do more BRO work. 4. the following points were made: 3. Final Notes of Meeting 28 November 2007 4 . Decision: The register will only be a quarterly report to the Directing Board. 4 Enforcement Outcomes: DIG HQ/DIG OR Ops Objectives: To give the Directing Board an opportunity to review performance against targets.4 Director FREA: the Birmingham move could be a risk.1 IG had discussed with Phil Wallace the fact that the Directing Board would be reviewing the register and he agreed with that the Directing Board is the right place for discussing the register. 4.3 Bankruptcy Restrictions Orders (BRO) – We should look at the possibility of offering overtime to do more BRO work. as it will involve not only a building move but also the refresh. . Discussion: In discussion. The risks should be brought to the attention of ministers.2 Statements of Fact (SOF) – The Director. an increase of 7% on the previous year was forecast. This was not broken down into the component parts for the published targets but the increase was expected to produce a total of 3. 3.1 When the targets were set for 2007-08.4 There are funds to bring in STAs.3 Systems/Data risks should be added to the register. 3. however. Enforcement will be looking to see if there are cases where criminality is not being reported and how to address this. 4. The Birmingham move will be put on the register.673 cases. Any other risks will be escalated to the Board on an exception basis. 3.

• InSS should proceed with making the case for Trading Fund status. Pay Remit: Director HR updated the Board.DB: 28/11/07 4. 5. After Christmas. it is clear that both Enforcement and Investigations Directorates are struggling for B3 resources. work will be done on how best to address these issues. And. That there has been 3% efficiency gains in a challenging year with increased case numbers to be tackled. Staff morale is high and this is the most enthusiastic workforce I have come across. 4.5 IG: the service was missing a Chief Executive at a time when important decisions needed to be taken on how to tackle these matters. Decisions: The Board agreed that Ministers must be informed of the following: • • • • The Service will miss the published targets and give an explanation as to why. And. 5 Final Notes of Meeting 28 November 2007 . The Forecast outturn figures will have to be revised and we will inform Fair Markets Group what the new figures are. • SS will do a presentation on InSS at a future BERR DGs meeting. AOB 1. 2.6 IG: having visited various offices. for InSS to have a higher profile with BERR Director Generals. I have had a chance to see how investigation work is being organised across the service. IG: would like to thank all those involved in arranging my visits to offices around the country. Meetings with Brian Bender (BB): • There will be quarterly meetings between Brian Bender and the IG • The Service needs to ensure that post-CAMEO investments are good. • BB wants the Service to increase its profile as part of BERR’s wider network. people are being trained to tackle case numbers. And. Action: The next Directing Board (12 December 2007) will look at ways to address the matters raised. There Service will be in a position to hand some money back. I will do a note for a future Directing Board on my overall impressions: • 3.

On shared services – we need to decide if BERR is the right ‘fit’ for us. 5.DB: 28/11/07 • • • There will be regular meetings with Pat McFadden The BERR Press Office should be used more to highlight the Enforcement success stories. And he would encourage Directors to attend. Corporate Governance: • IG is planning to do some work around what the Service’s Corporate Governance structure should look like. Chief Executives Meeting: • IG Attended the Chief Executives meeting and it is now open to Chief Executive’s Direct Reports. BB stated that we should link with the right-shared services. 4. 6. This will be reported on in the 1st quarter. Date of next meeting 6 Wednesday 12 December 2007. Same Venue Final Notes of Meeting 28 November 2007 6 . Wednesdays: • A message will be communicated to all Directors that all those on the Directing Board will be in on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month (the Directing Board days).