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Whitetopping or Concrete overlay

for Urban Roads

Design and Construction

Asphalt Roads ???
• Frequent Failures of roads resulting in Potholes and
high recurring maintenance cost
• Asphalt roads results in poor riding quality, slow
movement of traffic, heavy wear & tear of vehicles
and road accidents.
• Increased fuel consumption and pollution
• Need resurfacing very frequently
Potholes- India’s Death Trap

Source: TNN 2015
What is Whitetopping?

 Whitetopping is the covering of an existing asphalt pavement with a

layer of Portland cement concrete. It can be used on road surface
where traditional asphalt pavements have failed due to rutting or
general deterioration. This is as per IRC:SP-76-2015.

Types of Whitetopping
 WhiteTopping(Concrete Overlay) is divided into two types based on
thickness of the concrete layer and whether the layer is bonded to the
asphalt substrate or not.
 The thickness over 100mm and less than 200mm are called Thin
WhiteTopping (TWT) and
 Thickness between 50mm to less than 100mm are called Ultra Thin
Benefits of Whitetopping

 Good road surface and superior riding experience

 Designed Service life of 20-25 years
 Low maintenance cost
 Cost effective considering life cycle cost
 Saving in fuel consumption thus reduction in pollution
 Resistance to weather, oil spills etc.
 Better reflectivity specially during nights
 Reduces heat island effect (during summer)
 Use of indigenous materials like cement, aggregates as
against imported bitumen –Make in India
 Use of ecofriendly products like Fly-ash, GGBS, Silica fume
 Concrete after its service life is 100% recyclable
Benefits of Whitetopping
Lifecycle cost

Fuel saving (CRRI)

Skid resistance Heat Island effect
Construction Stages – Whitetopping Roads

 Milling of Asphalt surface

 Cleaning & Profile correction
 Conduit laying(if required)
 Concrete laying by Paving machines
 Surface finish by Bull float
 Texturing
 Curing compound spraying
 Groove cutting
 Lane Marking
Bangalore-Mysore Infra CorridorRoad-93 lane kms

Bangalore city roads - 93kms under construction
Recently completed Bangalore city roads

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