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Kansas City International Academy

Fernando Navarro
Teacher: _______________ 3rd Grade
Grade Level: _______________
Date: _________________ Music
Class: ____________________

Do Now Activity:
(Related to Learning What do you understand by Volume?

STEPS Activity Materials

Learning Objectives: Standards:
*SWBAT identify dynamic signs
Identify Standard: Product Performance
Forte and Piano Piano
(Explicitly Presented to Crescendo-decrescendo. (review) Percussion
Essential Questions: Instrument
Why do we need volume?

*I will introduce students dynamic signs Board

Learn/ Obtain
*I will introduce these dynamic signs in italian and their Piano
(Explain and Model) meaning in english. Percussion
(I Do) Instrument

*Students will listen different melodies and they will decide Board
Develop what dynamic sign they hear. Piano
(Guided Practice) *Students will also perform different rhythmic patterns with Percussion
(We Do)
different dynamic signs. Instrument

*Students will pair up and they will perform rhythmic patterns Board
Apply in s bucket; they will perform either piano or forte. Piano
(Formative Assessment)
*The other students will try to identofy that dynamic sign. Percussion
(You Do)

*Students will write the dynamic sign they hear. Board

Evaluate Piano
Assessment) Instrument