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Radford University’s Student-run Newspaper The Tartan | February 27, 2019




‘Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey

Goodbye Winthrop’

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Dylan Lepore
Managing Editor
Ida Domingo
News Editor
Ida Domingo
The Tea Editor
Jennifer Bennett
Davis Byrd
Staff Writers: Jeremy Moser, Zach
Potter, Evan Mason, Tyler Martin, -- SMASH BROS TOURNAMENT - A
Nay-Quan Bryan, Brian Angus, Lucas
Carr, Devin Stubbs, Chad Boxley, SMASHING SUCCESS
Ola Elshaar, and Dustin Staples
(weather) John Yamine, the owner of Super Game Station, hosted a Super
Smash Bros. tournament Feb. 16. for a grand cash prize. 40
Photography and Advertising: plus people from Dublin, Pulaski, and Blacksburg all gathered ...
Photography Manager
Staff Photographers: Chad Boxley, Midterms are a stressful time for students because professors
Jordan Bennett, and Brian Angus are testing students on everything they have learned so far.
SMADs Manager Simply hearing the word “midterm” can send the average
Yves White student into a panic. A common worry during this time of the semester is how students can do so much studying in ...
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The Tartan publishes 1,500 copies PHOTO BY BRIAN ANGUS
per week and is distributed at more
than 26 locations on the RU campus.
The Tartan is always looking into 05 YES, WE HAVE SNOW PHOTOS!!
expanding  their distribution. The
publication is printed at Shenandoah
Publishing House in Winchester, Va. 11 WOMEN’S BASKETBALL WINS 11
The Tartan is part of Highlander
On Feb 23. The Radford University women’s basketball team
Student Media and is completely presented to fans exactly what they were made of as they

student-run. As a newspaper, The overcame Campbell in a close victory in the electrifying Dedmon
Tartan reserves the right to address,
explore and delve into issues that
affect the university student body
04 center. The hard-fought victory tied a program-record with the
ladies winning their 11th straight game! The Highlanders now
sit at a 19-6 overall record and a distinguished 13-1 record ... 
and the surrounding area. EDITORIAL POLICIES:
Student Media At Radford University, BREAK “Our Opinion” pieces are written collectively by members of
Advertising students frequently face The Tartan Editorial Board. The Editorial Board is comprised
Spring Break is almost
P.O. Box 6895 of the editing staff, the Tea writers, and other Radford
fines for parking here! After being stuck in University students.
Radford VA, 24142
violations. The university the rain and cold this last
upholds several parking month, you’re probably These undergraduate and graduate students represent
multiple class levels and different political, cultural, ethnic,
rules and enforces them dreaming of warm, sunny and religious backgrounds. Members may or may not belong
with fines and, in extreme weather. to a variety of student organizations. The Editorial Board is
cases, tire boots ... open to all RU students who apply.

Here is your
“We train future #TartanWeather
journalists, editors, Forecast for
the week of
radio producers, Wed., February
news anchors and 27-March 5, 2019.
even entrepreneurs
through our ever-
evolving student-
run media outlets.” *This forecast is
always subject to change!!
By Dustin Staples
4 | The Tartan News

Photo by Dylan Lepore | The Tartan

The Current State of Parking
Additionally, Karim believes they do. If caught with too from enrolling in future classes
B y J e r e m y M o s e r ‘19 these regulations lead to there many unpaid fines, a car faces or graduating. being not enough spots on immobilization – the dreaded On top of the cost of the
campus for students. boot. tickets, Radford imposes a $15

t Radford University, Some campus lots are The parking regulations late fee when a ticket is 10 days

students frequently restricted for faculty during specify that an account with late and then adds another $15
face fines for parking certain hours and then open for $125 or more in unpaid parking charge after 30 days.
violations. The university students after hours. violations is an offense worthy These aren’t the only

upholds several parking rules A car caught in a restricted of immobilization. Booted cars financial gripes students
and enforces them with fines lot faces a $30 fine. Other that linger in lots for five days have with the parking system.
and, in extreme cases, tire boots fines included but aren’t will be towed at the owner’s Blackiston is unhappy with the

has a car,
and towing. limited to: “Overtime parking expense. parking passes needed to park in
According to Radford’s meter” - $30, “Failure to Students aren’t all against unmetered spaces.
Parking Regulations, the Properly Display Permit” - $30, using boots. Luke Blackiston, “It’s so expensive,” he says.
university imposes these rules to
“promote the orderly conduct of
“Improper Parking” - $30, and
“Unauthorized Use of Permit” -
Criminal Justice major, thinks
“booting makes sense.”
“I didn’t even bother getting
a parking pass. I just park at a but she
can’t even
university business; effectively $100. “It gives [students] time to friend’s place.”
utilize parking space within the Radford enforces these rules pay a lesser fee instead of just Currently, through the
limits available and to reduce 24/7. The university has every straight towing them,” he says. online student portal, Radford

use it. She

congestion ....” However, some right to enforce these rules, but According to Donna Alley, sells parking passes for $74. The
students feel the rules are unfair. Karim believes they come with Radford’s Parking Services permits last for one year.
Sarah Karim, a Psychology some harsh financial drawbacks Manager, 12 cars were booted so The university uses all the

has to
major, feels the rules are far for students. far this year which have been due money it collects from parking
too restrictive and end up “Their college students, to unpaid parking violations. citations and permits for parking
suppressing student use of getting tickets makes it Students unable to pay funds. The uses for this money

worry about
vehicles. extremely stressful financially,” parking citations could be caught include funding the construction
“My roommate has a car, but Karim says. in a bad trap. After 72 hours, an of more parking areas, covering
she can’t even use it,” Karim Sure, a single $30 citation unpaid ticket will show up as some of the administration and
says. “She has to worry about
may not be so bad. However,
those tickets can pile up, and
a hold on a student’s account
which can prevent students
enforcement costs, and paying
for university bus routes as well. parking.

Yes, More Snow!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 | 5

Photos by Evan Mason, Brian Angus, & Dustin Staples | The Tartan
6 | The Tartan Culture

Arts and Entertainment in Radford

7 Inexpensive Ways To Spend Spring Break

mile from the top, there is a rock Virginia has plenty of weird
B y B r i a n A n g u s ‘22 scramble. Boulders the size of and unusual attractions buildings will surround you as scattered around the state. One
you have to use all four limbs to attraction is Foamhenge, a full-

pring Break is almost here! get up the mountain. scale replica of Stonehenge in
After being stuck in Once at the top, you can relax England, but made out of foam.
the rain and cold this and take in the breathtaking There is also Dinosaur Land
last month, you’re probably views that the Shenandoah which is a park that consists of
dreaming of warm, sunny Mountains have to offer - I more than 50 life-size dinosaurs
weather. guarantee your mind will be made from fiberglass.
However, traveling to places blown by this hike.
with such a climate can put a Another one of my favorites Work
dent in your bank account. So, is Great Falls National Park. It’s
while the weather may not feel only a twenty-minute drive from If all of these options sound
very spring-like, there are still a my home in Northern Virginia. out of your budget, then you
ton of fun things to do right here So, during breaks, I spend a ton may want to make some money. Shenandoah National Park.
in Virginia that can make your of time there hiking, climbing If you already have a job,
break feel a little brighter. rocks, and just sitting out in the you could just go back and
sun if it’s a beautiful day. work there. Alternatively, you
Go on a Road Trip could get creative and make
Explore Cities money by selling items on
From cities to the eBay or Craigslist, babysitting,
countryside, to the coastline, Cities can be a great place dog walking, or work for food
Virginia has a lot to offer. One to experience a lot in a short delivery apps like Ubereats,
of the best and cheapest ways to amount of time. Some of GrubHub, and Doordash.
see it all is by taking a road trip. Virginia’s most popular cities to
You could drive from city explore are Richmond, Roanoke, Stay at Home
to city, or start in one of the and Virginia Beach. Each offers
corners and complete a triangle different unique culture and Sometimes you need time
around the state. If friends come attractions. Of course, there is to do nothing. If you don’t feel
along, they could pitch in for gas also Washington D.C. bordering like going out stay at home and
to reduce the cost. Virginia. relax. There are plenty of things
D.C. can be a great place you can do around your house: Shenandoah National Park (2).
Play in the Parks to explore inexpensively. read, write, meditate, watch TV,
Admission to all the Smithsonian pick up a new hobby, work out,
Virginia is filled with parks. Museums and the National Zoo cook, or spend time with your
There are 40 State Parks, and 22 is free. Also, Metro passes are family.
National Parks throughout the reasonably inexpensive and can You could also take walks
state which all of them different be used to go anywhere in the around your hometown. Things
from the next. city. may look a little different after
Claytor Lake and Grayson being away for a while; you may
Highlands State Parks are two of Visit Other College even notice things you never
my personal favorites, and both Campuses noticed before.
are relatively close to Radford. Whatever you chose to
The National Parks are even Something I enjoy doing is do this spring break, enjoy it,
more amazing. visiting other college campuses reflect on your hard work, and
There’s Shenandoah to see what they look like, and prepare yourself to come back
National Park, which has over how they are organized. even stronger for the rest of the
500 miles of hiking trails. If it’s a public college, and semester.
Although, if hiking isn’t your they aren’t on a break as well, Great Falls National Park.
thing, the park can be enjoyed you could pretend to be a student
from the seat of your car, for a day by eating at the dining
105 miles of slow scenic road halls and studying at the library.
through the beautiful Blue Ridge It can give you a new perspective
Mountains. on what college is like for other
Photos by Brian Angus | The Tartan

Shenandoah’s most popular students.

hike is Old Rag Mountain.
I’ve hiked Old Rag at least See Wacky Attractions
five times now, and never get
tired of it. Most of the hike is a If you’re looking for
gradual incline, but about a half something out of the norm, Coastline of Virginia. Wednesday, February 27, 2019 | 7

2019 Etiquette Dinner: Getting to Know Proper Etiquette

• The main course is an If you wish to attend the Resume building, networking Talent Development
B y T yl e r M a r t i n ‘20 Apricot-glazed chicken event you must register through opportunities, interview on the Radford website that is roasted with Handshake on your MyRU portal. preparation, and headshots are includes the guidelines
sweet potatoes served There will be limited seating, just some of the options offered for men’s and women’s

ust before spring break, the with fresh cut green and students are required to at The Center for Career & dress in the professional
university will be hosting beans. dress professionally. Talent Development in the past. world.
an etiquette dinner giving • Dessert is a smooth Register quickly, dress Some tips on how to get 4. Get to know how to use
students the opportunity to find double chocolate cake sharply and get your networking your name out there and to websites like Handshake
out what the business world has with a caramel glaze and skills in gear before some of make yourself look better to a and Linkedin for any
in store for them. whipped cream. your peers. potential employer would be: professional online
The etiquette dinner will be The Radford University 1. Build up your resume networking you may try
held in Kyle Hall 340, Tuesday, Between the times 5:30 career closet in Russell Hall and highlight the key to seek out. If you’re in
Mar. 5 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Those and 6 p.m., this will serve as a 331 is accepting donations for points that relate to the need of any part-time
in attendance will be treated to networking period for students lightly used professional attire job you are applying for. work while in school get
a free four-course meal. Dining to improve their skills and make until Mar. 30. All options are Any experience whether to know Indeed.
options are listed below and connections in the professional free of charge to students, and it be, hands-on, social, 5. Dedication and effort go
any requests regard dietary world. The remainder of the in most cases, they can keep the teamwork, technical a long way, but so does
restrictions will be taken. event will be the allotted clothes. Professional attire can or academic is a good a person’s character. Be
etiquette dinner time. get pricey so take the advantage experience. Always keep yourself and show off
Menu: In the event, they will while you can. your resume handy. what you have.
have a professional etiquette Radford offers plenty of 2. Make good connections A lot of what we know
• A Salad with Romaine consultant in attendance for ways to seek professional with any professor, as professional etiquette is
Zesty Caesar dressing any tips or tricks you may want guidance every year, and this boss or advisor you can something we are told by
flaked with parmesan to know. event has taken place before. to strengthen your list parents or someone we know
cheese and herb The guest speaker for the Other events in the past such as of references. Keep in personally. We do not quite get
croutons. event is Kathleen Harshberger, career fairs or COMS Week have contact with them! You this taught in a formal setting,
• Soup with Butternut a graduate from The Protocol offered resources to students of never know who will so seize the opportunity to ask
Squash with toasted School of Washington, who any major on how to get a better know who. any questions you may have,
sunflower seeds served specializes in training for head start for their professional 3. Dress to impress. The and ease your way right into the
with a roll. professional business etiquette. lives. Career for Center & business world.

Smash Bros Tournament - a Smashing Success

regularly play in tournaments, games such as Mortal Kombat,
B y E va n M a s o n ‘19 with esports professionals, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate,
with friends daily. Soul Calibur VI, Tekken 7,
Competitive as everyone was, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Under

ohn Yamine, the owner it was all in good sportsmanship, Night in Birth, Mortal Kombat 9,
of Super Game Station, which is important. As people and Injustice 2.
hosted a Super Smash Bros. played, they gave each other The tournament fee is $5
tournament Feb. 16. for a grand tips on how to use characters in per tournament and venue fee
cash prize. better ways. is $10.
40 plus people from Dublin, As the remaining players All tournaments will be
Pulaski, and Blacksburg all dwindled, everyone gathered double elimination brackets,
gathered for pizza and casual around to watch to see who best 2 out of 3 wins. All games
matches in the earlier part of would come out on top. In the except Super Smash Bros. will be
the day till 5 p.m. end, after a long neck and neck played on PS4. They request to
Then from 10:30 p.m. battle, Angelo Cline came out bring your own controller.
Angelo Cline, winner of the Smash Brothers Tournament.
the tournaments went on for on top as he excitedly took the You will be able to buy

Competitive as everyone was, it was all in

Super Smash Bros. Melee, win and the money for the grand food and refreshments in the
and the newly released Super prize. meantime, so come out and
Smash Bros. Ultimate, with This type of event is what support your local Radford good sportsmanship, which is important.
the tournament fee being split brings the community together business!
between the top three winners no matter where you’re from
as the grand prize. or how old you are. It gives
The rules for the tournament gamers of all kinds something in
were Genesis 6 rules, meaning common to share and talk about.
that each player starts with Speaking with Yamine,
three lives per match, best 2 out he talked about earning his
of 3 games wins. degree at Virginia Tech, and
Losers of the first round previously owning a game store
of the match were sent to in Roanoke, plus working at
the loser bracket. While the the Tech Exchange, which is
winners would be competing in another game store in Roanoke
the winner bracket, the winner as well before finally starting
Photos by Evan Mason | The Tartan

of the winner bracket and the his business in Radford. He said

winner of the loser bracket this tournament was even bigger
would then compete for the than the last one.
number one spot. The next competitive
The competition was fierce, event at Super Game Station is
with players of all ages who Saturday, Mar. 30 at 11 a.m. with
The tea
8 | The Tartan The Tea

Editorials and Opinions Quote of the week

“The problem with the rat race is that
even if you win, you’re still a rat.”
- Lily Tomlin
The Tartan is looking for dedicat-
ed, fast-learning, and self-suff-
ient student who can set their
own standars or goals for what
they would like to contritbute to
the Tartan.

• Culture Editor
• Assistant Culture Editor
• News Editor
• Assistant News Editor
• Staff Writer
• Staff Photographer

For more information head to
Tyler Hall Room 025
Monday - Friday

Photo by Hailey Scherer | The Tartan

10 a.m to 5 p.m.

Need a Correction?
The Tartan is committed to
correcting errors that appear in
the newspaper. Those interested
The Midterm Survival Guide questions such as how many study groups that proved to be Set a Normal Sleep
in contacting the paper for that B y E m i ly S a r g e n t ‘19 points the exam is worth, or very helpful. They helped me Schedule
purpose can send an e-mail to
what format it will be. Talking understand the material better College Magazine also states or call the
to my professors have helped me and worked with me when I was that getting at least seven hours

main number, 540 831-5474,
to make a correction to any idterms are a stressful on many occasions, and eased struggling. of sleep a night and setting the
section. time for students some of my anxiety. alarm at the same time every
because professors are Unplug From Social Media morning will help you memorize
Looking for testing students on everything Study Every Day Leading Social media can be addicting information better. It’s difficult
they have learned so far. Simply up to the Exam and a massive distraction from to memorize things when you’re
Tartan Archives? hearing the word “midterm” The Princeton Review also studying. sleep deprived and relying on
can send the average student states that you can spend less We’re all familiar with the coffee to keep you awake.
Rediscover the history of the Tartan into a panic. A common worry time studying if you make a phenomenon of watching so
through exploring all the way back during this time of the semester plan. Include a few hours a day many videos on YouTube that you Don’t Cram the Night
to 1910, when it was initially called is how students can do so much devoted to studying in your lose track of time. Alternatively, Before
the Grapurchat to when it was
studying in so little time. schedule. These hours do not scrolling through Instagram to Trying to memorize
rebranded as the Tartan in 1979.
If this sounds like you, you have to be consecutive. You can see what your friends have been everything on a study guide in
Go to and select the are not alone. As someone who study for one hour, take a break up to, and realize you’ve spent one night won’t be beneficial
“More” tab to find those archives. struggles with test anxiety, the and do something else, then more time on the platform than come exam day. Study one or
stress leading up to midterms is study for another hour. you originally planned to. two chapters a day and review
Do old newspapers bore you? something I’m all too familiar As someone who is addicted everything before you take the
with. Fortunately, I have some Study With a Group to their phone, this situation exam. Your brain can only take
Check out our new photo gallery advice on how to survive this This is a great way to meet happens to me all the time. in so much information at one
on Flicker by selecting the “photo” overwhelming time. new people and make productive Log off of all your social time.
tab to wander our photos taken
use of your time. media accounts if you think they Studying for midterms
by our exceptionally phenomenal
Talk to Your Professors According to College will keep you from studying. You doesn’t have to be overwhelming.
About the Exam Magazine, a study group helps can always log back in if you feel As long as you manage your time
According to The Princeton you gain a new perspective on you need a break from studying. and feel confident, you will have
Review, your professor should be your topic, learn new study Just make sure to watch the clock a good chance of passing your
your go-to person for questions techniques and boost your and log off before you waste too exams.
and any other information motivation. much time.
regarding the exam. Ask I’ve been in a couple of math


Contact Highland Student Media Advertising at Wednesday, February 27, 2019 | 9

On vs. Off-Campus? Living With Roommates

hallway. However, living on-campus still
By O l a E l s h a a r ‘22 can be the best choice for some people.
B y N ay -Q ua n B rya n
Stephanie Russel, a junior at Radford
University who lives on campus, said,

“Well, being away from home and leaving ollege is a big transition, and part

s a student who lives off-campus, your family for that long time, is already of that transition is learning how
I’m not going to lie and claim rough, I think living on-campus makes it to live with a person that you’re
that I’m living my best life and kind of easier, making friends and going not related to. Having roommates can be
pretend that I’m better off this way. to your 8 a.m. class in sweat pants has one of the best or worst things depending
In fact, sometimes I feel quite often never been so easy,” on how the two, three, or four of you
isolated from living the fun-campus-life. I understand why most students receive each other.
I come to school, attend all my prefer living on-campus. You’re sharing your personal space
classes, and then drive back home either For one, students who are not from with a person you don’t know, and
to work or home to study. I’m telling you, this area didn’t make it to Radford, VA to anything could happen.
if it weren’t for all those emails from the segregate themselves from their peers. Living with someone is kind of like a
Student Government Association (SGA) At the end of the day, they don’t want relationship but without the emotional
and other organizations on campus to miss the chance of making friends, drama. The key to having a great year with
about events and activities, I wouldn’t enjoying college life, and being involved. your roommates is communication.
survive in Radford. It’s also one of the many ways to ease up Now say it with me everybody,
David Smith, a sophomore at Radford homesickness. com·mu·ni·ca·tion.
University who lives off campus, said, On the contrary, living off-campus If you talk it out with your roommate,
“Living off-campus can be very hard, can be somewhat annoying, getting up a set rules and guidelines for your dorm or
like when I come in the morning and couple of hours early for your 8 a.m. class apartment, and make sure they are clear,

Photo by Hailey Scherer | The Tartan

accidentally listen to everybody talking could be real torture, I’ve done it before, your roommate and you will be just fine.
about what happened last time on mainly staying up late to catch up on Clarify what you both want because
campus.” Smith continued, “Especially if assignments or to study for an exam. Not you’re going have to manage your whole
it was a party, and everyone is like, oh it to mention the struggle to find a parking year around each other. Learn how to
was lit and all the funny stuff they did, I spot in the only three commuter parking manage your schedule around his or hers,
feel so left [out].” lots. because you have someone else to consider

I can relate to that feeling to some Ashley Weisman, a junior at Radford with the things that you do, For example,
extent. University who lives off-campus, said,” you have to take into consideration how
If you did not strive to be involved I’m a private person, and sometimes I quite you should be if you’re coming in

Read It,
on campus and exerted no effort to fit in, just need my space. I don’t think I would late and your roommate is asleep.
your college years might not be the best be very comfortable to live in a dormitory You have to consider their sleeping
four years of your life. with a roommate who is a stranger to habits, their study habits, their TV habits,

Now Join
Living off-campus can be an me; I just didn’t want to overthink it.” if they have them, and of course, how to
advantage in terms of having an Eventually, it’s your choice. share the bathroom.
apartment, you don’t have to deal with all You are the one who decides which I promise that communication is the

It and
the drama of doing the dishes, cleaning way you would like to live your college key, especially if you are arguing and
up, or fighting over the bathroom. It’s life, the fun life or the quiet, peaceful going through a disagreement. If you can’t
also good for a quiet place to study in one. Remember, there is never the best reconcile your differences in a particular
peace without being distracted by your
roommates or other students in the
choice. Whatever you go with, there are
always advantages and disadvantages.
situation, get your resident assistant to
help peer mediate the issue so that you
can come to a compromise.
I know with my roommate, if we have
any issues, we talk it out and go from Your
there. I work some nights until two in
the morning, and I consider that when I
enter our room, he could be asleep. If he

is asleep, I try to be quiet, and I use my
smartphone’s flashlight to see instead of
turning on the room light.
Also, if I want to use something of his,
I ask him. If I know my friends are coming More Than Just A Paper.
over, I let him know, and in return, he
does the same. We like to keep each other
Now if you and your roommate cannot
get along at all, and it’s just argument
after argument, then you should look
into contacting your resident assistant or
resident director and see about rooming
with someone else.
Situations like these can be extremely
stressful, along with classes and life
in general. Take the weight off your
shoulders and tell the resident assistant
Photo by Jordan Bennett | The Tartan

or resident director about it. It’s better to

change rooms than to stay where the air
is toxic, and you keep having issues where
things could escalate.
10 | The Tartan Sports


RU an established, or
Women’s Basketball Wins 11 Consecutive Times
fledgling journalist? Or get focused as they fought back Campbell would miss on a field as she went 6 for 7 at the free
maybe you just love to B y C h a d B ox l e y ‘19 ahead 28-27 with 4:25 left in the 3-point attempt with forty-two throw line. She also continued
write, and this might be
first half. seconds to go in the contest. to dominate down low adding 9
your first time showcasing The third quarter was tightly Walker would then get that key rebounds on the evening as she

your hidden talent? n Feb 23. The Radford contested as Campbell scored rebound for the Highlanders, once again proved why she is
University women’s 16 points and the Highlanders while Johnson was fouled an the Big south’s current leading
Want to bring your opin- basketball team added 13 points which concluded sent to the line, ultimately rebounder.
ions and unique views to presented to fans exactly what the hard-fought period with the hitting both of her free throw Senior guard/forward
the masses? Love the idea they were made of as they score tied at 45. shots with 14 seconds left in the Destinee Walker who came off
of reporting on and off overcame Campbell in a close At the 4:11 mark in the game to make it 60-57. of a dominant 26 point game
campus news, voicing your victory in the electrifying 4th quarter the Camels would The guests would get one at Winthrop on Feb. 19 would
opinion on topics ranging Dedmon center. take their biggest lead of the last chance to tie the game exhibit an incredible amount
from movies, laws, and on The hard-fought victory tied second-half 54-48. Yet, the but Campbells three-point of passion, also during the
the many fun, and some- a program-record with the ladies Highlanders just never gave up attempt with only six seconds contest as she accounted for 10
winning their 11th straight as they showed their remarkable left was missed, and Savannah key points, playing the entire
time’s unusual, attractions
game! The Highlanders now sit durability while the clock Felgemacher captured the key 40-minute game.
going on around campus?
at a 19-6 overall record and a kept ticking. They went on to rebound. She was then instantly Johnson would go on to
Then give Radford Univer-
distinguished 13-1 record when outscore the Camels 13 to 3 to fouled, and she made one-of- finish up the game with 15 total
sity’s Student-run Newspa-
facing teams in the Big South finish the contest. two from the free throw line to points, six rebounds, and two
per a shout and email the conference. As they stalked Campbell put the game away at 61 to 57. crucial game-changing steals.w
Editor-In-Chief! The Highlanders came out 57-56, Khiana Johnson stole Lydia Rivers accounted for Join the Highlanders as they on fire as they usually do to the basketball from Campbells 18 points, putting on a fantastic will travel to UNC Asheville
begin the game. They vaulted Hayley Barber and dashed down performance that leads the team on Feb. 26. In hopes for their
out to a 14-3 lead instantly, but the floor to give the Highlanders to score on this evening. 12th straight victory and a new
Letters to the The Campbell Camels (16-10, a 58 to 56 lead with 1:02 left to The Kinston, N.C native shot program record!
8-7 Big South) eventually would play. a remarkable 6 for 9 from the
We prefer letters that are fewer
than 200 words and take as
their starting point an article
or other item appearing in The
Tartan. They may not have

Courtesy of RU Athletics
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Fisher and Bond Earn Big South Distinctions

information and to send a
letter head over to
them, so she’s no stranger to the she was chosen to pinch-hit the Highlanders to remarkable
B y C h a d B ox l e y ‘19
Since Fisher made the
with two runners on base during
the seventh inning.
victories over UNC Wilmington,
Rhode Island, and Howard more
My friend says to me: “What transfer to Radford University Bond would surely accept than once. They even would take

rhymes with orange” I said: “No it ollowing an outstanding during this offseason, she the challenge and showed much over on the scoreboard as they
doesn’t” stretch of games, the has caused nothing but a confidence as she went on to outscored their opponents 46-
--- Radford University positive impact on her team’s produce an impressive three-run 14 over a five-game stretch.
My dog used to chase people on a Softball team concluded the performances. home run. The Softball team will
bike a lot. It got so bad, finally I Fairfield Inn & Suites Seahawk The Appling, Ga. native hit The next day, Bond would begin to focus their attention
had to take his bike away. Softball Bash with an impressive .476 with 10 hits in 21 at-bats. continue her dominance as she to the Holy City Showdown, a
--- 4-1 record! She also had one triple and even produces a two-run hit after she tournament that’s being hosted
What’s orange and sounds like a A pair of members on the went on to gather seven runs was placed in another pinch-hit by the College of Charleston,
parrot? A carrot. team showed much promise as scored, which is a team high to situation before staying in the and that is scheduled to take
--- they each would take home big add along with her six RBIs (Run game. She also accounted for place between Thursday, Feb. 21
The other day, my wife asked south weekly honors. batted in). the second pair of RBIs with a - Saturday, Feb. 23.
me to pass her lipstick but I Sophomore Sydney Fisher Fisher is known for often double. To gain more information
accidentally passed her a glue was named Big South Player bringing her above-average Although Bond only had just and stay updated on the Radford
stick. She still isn’t talking to me. of the week following her speed to the table as she was four at-bats, the Hampton, Va. University softball team, follow
--- incredible performance as she able to account for nine base native currently leads Radford @RadfordSoftball on Twitter
When you look really closely, all leads the Radford University steals. with seven runs batted in. and Instagram or Radford
mirrors look like eyeballs. softball team to much success. Freshman Brooke Bond was The Freshman has a lot left Softball on Facebook for the
--- Fisher began her collegiate named Big South Freshman in the tank as she continues to latest updates.
What do you call a guy with a career at Georgia Southern player of the week as she show promise.
rubber toe? Roberto. University as she played in 29 made her collegiate debut in Both performances from
games, also starting in 27 of Wilmington, against Howard, Bond and Fisher helped lead Wednesday, February 27, 2019 | 11

‘Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye Winthrop’

Polite Jr. had no intention of South Championship begins on
B y L u c a s C a r r ‘20 slowing down or taking things Tuesday, Mar. 5. The Highlanders down a notch as he came out will look to stay atop the Big
of the locker room throwing South rankings heading into the

he Dedmon Center was down a rim-shaking two-handed tournament.
packed to the rafters dunk right out of the break. The
Thursday night as majority of the second half,
the Highlanders held off the Winthrop maintained a slight
Winthrop Eagles 87-81 to lead until six minutes left in the
maintain their spot atop the Big game.
South Conference rankings at Impressive play in the
11-2. paint off the bench from
This meeting between Devonnte Holland (14 points,
Radford and Winthrop mirrored five rebounds) and back to back
their first matchup earlier in the threes from Donald Hicks and
season. In both games, Radford Polite Jr. put the Highlanders
trailed by two going into up 71-65. The momentum
the halftime break and came continued as they began to pull #24, Ed Polite, Jr. looks to take a shot.
back shooting lights out and more and more away from the
dominating the second half. Eagles.
At the start of the game, The Dedmon Center
Winthrop gave the crowd a exploded as Hick was able to
scare as they went up 10-0 in beat the shot clock buzzer for
the first few minutes. However, his fourth three of the evening
Carlik Jones ended their fun as putting the Highlander up by
he lobbed a beautiful pass to Ed five. The band began to sing
Polite Jr. for a monster alley-oop “Hey Hey Goodbye,” and the
slam that sparked a 15-0 run for final buzzer cued the singing of
the Highlanders. Radford’s alma mater with fans
Following this incredible with a final score of 87-81.
comeback, both teams traded Four Radford players scored
buckets back and forth making in double digits specifically
the end of the first half an Polite, with 22 and Jones with
intense, heavily contest match. 16. Jones also finished with
Radford had some help off the eight assists, four rebounds, and
bench by Devin Hutchinson as four steals. Hicks and Holland
he knocked down two back to combined for 26 points.
back shots from beyond the arc The Highlanders shot 61.3
upon checking in. percent from the field in the
Winthrop began to pull away second half and were six for
yet again, as they were able to eleven from beyond the arc
tally seven threes in the first aiding in their jump ahead of
half. Still, their run was fleeting Winthrop for their second win
as Jones tossed another alley- against them this season.
oop to Polite Jr. Radford played their final

Photos by Brian Angus | The Tartan

Jones then tied the game home game against Hampton
at 37 forcing a steal and going this past Saturday. They will
coast to coast for a tough lay- finish up the regular season on
in. The Eagles pulled ahead just the road against High Point on
before the buzzer with an easy Feb. 27 and Campbell on Mar. 2.
two-pointer. The first round of the Big Travis Fields attempts a shot against a Winthrop defender.

Men’s Basketball Falls

cold for multiple possessions as into the half, Senior forward defensive strategy. seven clutch free throws with 44
B y C h a d B ox l e y ‘19 Hampton took the lead. Ed Polite Jr. managed another Polite Jr. scored a season- seconds left in the game to ice Hampton controlled the impressive Highlander run! high 23 points on his special this intense contest.
game for most of the first half. During that scenario, Polite day as he went 9-of-13 shooting After this game, Radford

s Carlik Jones drained a The Pirates went 10-for-14 on Jr. would include three massive and snatched 11 rebounds. His now holds a 19-9 overall record
deep 3 point shot while field goal attempts inside the dunks that got the crowd performance made it his 39th and an 11-3 record in Big South
the clock struck 0:00, three-point line, and they were involved even more than they career double-double. Jones action.
that shot attempt just wasn’t 8-for-9 from the charity strike already were. That 11-2 charge fired his way to 17 points, and he To follow and stay updated
enough as the Radford men’s as they took a 37-32 lead into carried Radford within a single dished six assists while grabbing about the Radford men’s
basketball team was defeated in halftime. point as the score read 46-45 two rebounds also. basketball team, visit @
a 77-74 hard fought contest to As halftime concluded the with 12:29 to play in the half. The Highlanders entirely RadfordMBB on Twitter, @
the Hampton Pirates inside of Hampton Pirates would come The game was tied up at 55 controlled points in the paint radfordmbb on Instagram or
the Dedmon Center on Saturday, out of the locker room and with eight minutes left in the throughout this contest though Radford Men’s Basketball on
Feb 23. instantly they would rebuild a contest when things would turn as they ended up outscoring the Facebook.
The Highlanders began by 10-point lead. around. Hampton would go on Hampton Pirates, 38 to 22 down
scoring the games first four Although after the Pirates to secure its lead with amazing low.
points, but they ended up going nifty run, roughly three minutes free throw shooting and intense Hampton went on to hit
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