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City of Fort Myers Solu W, chu Gh Councilman Ward 2 February 26, 2019 To: Saeed Kazemi, P.E., City Manager From: Johnny W. Streets, Jr., Councilman, Ward Two Re: FMPD Mr. City Manager, Just by way as a reminder, a few weeks ago you, the Chief and | met in regard to community engagement issues. | recall speaking about our internal Affairs Department. | spoke about the possibility of an unethical atmosphere. That individual investigators are investigating complaints when in fact they ‘may be in litigation themselves or thereof. leven suggested that we may want to look at other alternatives. That was the Chiefs decision to consider. Based on recent allegations involving FMPD’s two high ranking officials, | am more convinced that investigations pending now and in the immediate future, be suspended and forwarded under the auspices of another independent firm or another law enforcement agency for ensuring the ethical process. Pending that this action does not violate any state or federal laws. | strongly believe that with the continuation of the Freeh Group investigation and now FDLE, other officers could be implicated in the process to get to the truth of all allegations. | do plan to bring this up for discussion and possibly make a motion to have the City Manager and City Attorney look into its legality. ‘Mayor and Councilmembers, please do not respond to me regarding this memo. Si J streets, Ie ‘ouncilman, Ward 2 CC: Mayor and City Council Grant Alley, City Attorney Terry Cramer, Chief Administrative Attorney Ellen Clyatt, Human Resources “here is only one E50 mio’ pease wate find it out.” 2200 Second Street e P.O. Box 2217 @ Fort Myers, Florida 33902 @ (239) 321-7002