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on missions
Secure communications solutions
for the air force
Nowadays threats are constantly changing Command and control is communications
Effective command and control requires reliable, secure
communications structures from the operations center
For more than seven decades, customers have trusted
Rohde & Schwarz to develop and produce innovative, so-
phisticated, high-quality solutions to challenging problems.
the tasks that armed forces are required all the way to the individual aircraft. Particularly in current
operations, information superiority is vital to the effective-
ness and survivability during missions.
These Rohde & Schwarz solutions include the following:
❙❙ Mobile and highly mobile airborne radiocommunications
reliable, flexible,
to accomplish. In particular, peacebuilding The reliability, security, flexibility and future-readiness of
the communications equipment are key to the success
❙❙ Secure information transmission
❙❙ Stationary and mobile ground communications
❙❙ Test and measurement equipment for
secure, future-ready
and peacekeeping missions at hotspots all of a mission. Optimized waveforms as well as voice and
encryption technologies ensure that radio transmission is
robust, jam-resistant and tap-proof in near realtime.

This unique mix of key competencies enables

over the globe are posing new challenges Interoperability on missions

Interoperability—intra or joint, combined or interagency
Rohde & Schwarz to offer customers single-source,
compatible and reliable systems that can be deployed
by military units and government agencies alike.

for air forces and their commanders. —is and will continue to be necessary for the efficient
exchange of information during missions. In the long term,
this is only possible if flexible software defined radio (SDR)
Through its close cooperation with armed forces,
procurement agencies, public safety organizations, system

Reliable communications equipment plays structures are deployed to ensure the continued viability
of investments over time. Units can communicate via
systems that are adapted to the platform used and to the
integrators and international security agencies as well as
through its active participation in standardization bodies,
Rohde & Schwarz is able to deliver coordinated system

a fundamental role in helping these command and control structures in place. solutions that can be tailored to meet customers' high

missions succeed.

Air force Army

Operational command and control


Joint support

Public safety

mental organiza-
tions (NGOs)

2  Rohde & Schwarz Information superiority on missions 3
¸M3AR ¸M3TR Rohde & Schwarz was quick to embrace software defined Communications equipment for all scenarios ❙❙ Rohde & Schwarz equips vehicular command and control
The ¸M3AR was designed specifically for use in The ¸M3TR is now used successfully by air force for- radio (SDR) technology and developed the ¸M3xR Rohde & Schwarz provides secure mobile voice and data stations with stationary, manpack, handheld and TETRA
air-borne platforms. It has already been successfully ward air controllers (FAC), in land vehicles, in dismounted product family. Rohde & Schwarz SDR products—from communications for all command and control levels and solutions to enable communications with mobile and
deployed by the air forces, armies and navies of numer- operation and on ships. It features exceptional frequency stationary to highly mobile—are deployed in all areas of branches of the armed forces. highly mobile units—typically via VHF and UHF links
ous countries around the world. Available in various form bandwidth and a wide variety of waveforms and comes operation, from the division level to the individual soldier. ❙❙ In the stationary segment, Rohde & Schwarz has HF solu- ❙❙ Rohde & Schwarz combines military and civil technologies
factors, it is ideal for use in fixed-wing and rotary-wing air- equipped with a state-of-the-art IP interface as standard. The ¸M3AR, ¸M3SR and ¸M3TR SDR family tions for strategic communications which can be used, to optimize interoperability and reduce costs
craft and as an air traffic control (ATC) radio in unmanned It also offers high data rates and an embedded crypto members can interoperate using a number of different for example, as an economical and independent fallback ❙❙ Rohde & Schwarz provides consistent security solutions
aerial vehicles. The ¸M3AR is the right solution for solution. waveforms. option for SatCom. HF/VHF/UHF solutions are used to using external encryption devices or embedded crypto
interconnecting the various branches of the armed forces communicate with deployable and stationary units ❙❙ Test and measurement equipment from Rohde & Schwarz
during mobile operations. It features outstanding voice ¸RADIO ACCESS POINT (RAP) ensures system availability during the entire life cycle of
quality and is easy to use. The mobile ¸RADIO ACCESS POINT (RAP) easily the products
interconnects the various radio networks of the military
¸M3SR and civil forces cooperating in a mission. The RAP serves
The ¸M3SR is an outstanding and proven performer as a gateway and router between different networks such
in stationary, shipborne and airborne applications world- as TETRA, Tetrapol, tactical VHF networks, SatCom, GSM
wide. The HF model supports frequency hopping, link and ISDN, allowing direct communications between end
establishment and data transmission in line with the NATO users throughout the network. This allows the interoper-
HF house standard as well as IP over HF. The VHF/UHF able use of various communications techniques within a
version is also capable of frequency hopping and can pro- field air base.
vide broadband capabilities for additional modems when
equipped with a 70 MHz interface. ACCESSNET®-T Stationary Semi-mobile Mobile Highly mobile
ACCESSNET®-T is the ideal mobile TETRA solution for
¸Series4200 ground and naval forces, airports and public safety orga-
The ¸Series4200 is the latest generation of digital soft- nizations in today's and tomorrow's operational scenarios.
ware defined radios for stationary use in civil and military TETRA is an established communications standard in ¸M3SR HF/VHF/UHF
air traffic control. The possible applications range from more than 100 countries worldwide and therefore ensures stationary
small emergency radio systems with only a few channels interoperability and cost-effectiveness. Joint forces
­headquarters ELCRODAT 4-2 / ¸MMC3000
all the way to nationwide radiocommunications systems
with several hundred channels. ELCRODAT 4-2 / ¸MMC3000 / 
embedded security solutions
¸MMRS (mobile multirole radio system) The ELCRODAT 4-2 encryption device has the highest ¸M3AR VHF/UHF
The ¸MMRS is a management system that allows national and NATO security clearances. It is interoperable airborne
fast startup of ground-to-air communications. Due to its with a number of internationally used encryption devices Division
modular design, it can be adapted to meet diverse mission and is well suited for use with radio equipment operating ¸M3TR HF/VHF/UHF ELCRODAT 4-2 / ¸MMC3000 / embedded crypto solution
requirements. in the military frequency bands. Like the ¸M3xR radios, vehicular
it has multirole capabilities and is therefore deployed in ¸M3TR HF/VHF/UHF
¸MX400 mobile ATC tower ELCRODAT 4-2 / ¸MMC3000 /  manpack
all mobile applications in ground, air and sea vehicles. For
embedded ¸RSCA
The ¸MX400 mobile tower consists of a control room non-NATO territories, Rohde & Schwarz has developed the Regiment
in a standardized container, a scissor-type lifting mecha- ¸MMC3000.
nism and a trailer. The control room includes the controller
working positions and all of the equipment required for Test and measurement equipment
operation. The antennas and the meteorological sensors System integrators and users require innovative test and
are set up on the roof of the cabin. measurement solutions for startup and maintenance in or- Battalion
der to maximize the availability of secure communications
¸VCS-4G IP-based VCS solutions and ensure the operational readiness of armed TETRA with
The ¸VCS-4G supports the full range of civil and forces. For these applications, Rohde & Schwarz offers a ACCESSNET®-T
military ATC capabilities and already complies with the large portfolio of market-leading RF and communications handheld   Embedded crypto solutions based on TEA 1/2/3/4
EUROCAE ED137 standard. Due to its rugged design and test and measurement equipment.
high tolerance to ambient conditions, the system can even Embedded crypto solution
be deployed in harsh environments. Additional control
commands support dynamic reconfiguration of opera-
tional parameters to match rapidly changing situational
requirements. The ¸VCS-4G and the ¸Series4200
and ¸M3SR Series4400 radios are monitored using a Squad
single, central remote control and monitoring system, the

6 4  Rohde & Schwarz Information superiority on missions 5

Key capabilities for Secure data exchange
An up-to-date level-specific operational picture is critical
to the success of today's missions. Rohde & Schwarz
Ready to meet tomorrow's interoperability
Rohde & Schwarz is a leading global provider of inter-
Stationary infrastructure for air forces
TETRA is a secure complement to mobile communications
systems, e.g. for patrols or for mobile communications

air forces offers advanced data transmission techniques such as the

¸SECOS system to enable fast responses to situational
changes. The system's time division multiple access
operable radiocommunications solutions, especially for
combined and joint missions. This is where airborne radios
from the ¸M3xR family are used. This family of radios
within an airfield or camp perimeter. ACCESSNET®-T IP
from Rohde & Schwarz is a highly scalable, digital TETRA
mobile radio system that has already proven itself in
(TDMA) structure allows air forces to establish intelligent meets a wide range of mission requirements and provides numerous deployments by armed forces from various
Voice communications during missions as well as realtime-enabled data links with multiple users future-readiness. countries. It can be used as a nationwide solution or as
A protected, secure voice communications link is essential for air-to-ground or air-to-air communications. Based on an ad hoc network—even under challenging climatic
for pilots during missions and training. The primary focus robust frequency hopping technology and integrated Multiband: The ¸M3AR is a radio with multiband conditions.
is on a high-availability and high-quality link in order to COMSEC, the system offers protection against jamming capability. Covering the frequency range from 30 MHz
prevent communications problems and loss of efficiency— and tapping by third parties. to 400 MHz, it supports tactical VHF from 30 MHz to
even at a speed of Mach 2. 88 MHz, ATC VHF from 118 MHz to 137 MHz, maritime
The ¸M3AR airborne radios with the SATURN and Maximum data rates VHF from 156 MHz to 174 MHz and the military UHF
¸SECOS waveforms deliver optimal audio quality. Radiocommunications solutions from Rohde & Schwarz aeronautical radio band from 225 MHz to 400 MHz.
Important prerequisites for ATC communications over long offer the same data rates for both encrypted and plain
distances include outstanding sensitivity, selectivity and communications. As a result, it is no longer necessary to Multimode: The ¸M3AR already offers a selection
immunity to interference as well as low distortion and high choose between speed and security. This applies when of diverse waveforms, including NATO HAVE QUICK I/II,
signal-to-noise ratio. switching from fixed-frequency operation to frequency SATURN and ¸SECOS or fixed frequency, e.g. ATC
hopping and when using NATO algorithms or special, VHF 8.33 kHz channel spacing according to EUROCAE /
national encryption techniques. ICAO.

Multirole: The ¸M3AR can be used in fighter aircraft,

helicopters, transport aircraft, trainers and unmanned
aerial systems (UAS).

Reliable, secure communications in TDMA data mode with ¸SECOS


Jet 1 AEW
Jet 2

Jet n Helicopter n
Helicopter 1 Helicopter 2

6  Rohde & Schwarz Information superiority on missions 7

Successful missions From complete systems to individual products Good networking Integration into existing airborne platforms
Military commanders must do whatever it takes to Military users require systems that match their current Nowadays, the capabilities and the quality of networked When retrofitting new radio components into existing
effectively accomplish missions while ensuring the safety needs and requirements. Of particular importance is the command and control processes play a central role in the airborne platforms, the capacity to flexibly respond to
of their troops. Access to the right information at the right optimal integration of the equipment in order to create armed forces' ability to operate effectively. Time-efficient specific platform requirements is crucial. This applies to
time and place is crucial for achieving sustained informa- lightweight, space-saving system solutions. planning and configuration are the key factors for setting both the mechanical dimensions of the equipment and the
tion superiority. up a reliable, robust, networked radiocommunications electrical interfaces available on board. The ¸M3AR a
system. solution is available in many internationally standardized
For many years, Rohde & Schwarz has provided numerous The modular ¸RNMS3000 management system housing formats with a variety of interfaces. Using the
air forces with radiocommunications solutions for a mobile supports both central and decentralized mission planning serial interface, the radio can be remotely operated from
environment: as well as secure overland key distribution. This user- the cockpit with the ¸GB6500, making integration
❙❙ Voice and data communications with application-oriented friendly, cross-band solution is a result of the company's much easier.
data rate many years of experience and close cooperation with
❙❙ Data network for tactical situational information with users.
TDMA structure
❙❙ Highly jam-resistant radio transmission
❙❙ Adaptable encryption

Flexible concept for integration into aircraft

remote control unit

RS-485 Primary remote

control unit

Antenna Antenna

e.g. e.g. Bus controller

¸MR6000R ¸MR6000R



Intercom system

28 V DC

8  Rohde & Schwarz Information superiority on missions 9

Tap-proof encryption Ease of use System availability Professional test and measurement solutions
Encryption devices for military use must feature the Soldiers on missions must be completely familiar with Integrating new radios into helicopters or aircraft is a To ensure optimal functioning of the radiocommunications
most powerful encryption algorithms and also support their equipment so that they can operate it correctly and challenging project for customers. They have to clarify equipment for the planned mission, calibration and testing
diverse applications. Based on these requirements, effectively even when under stress. When combined with the mechanical and electrical interfaces with the aircraft are performed as part of the platform integration process.
Rohde & Schwarz SIT GmbH developed the ELCRODAT 4-2 the ¸RNMS3000, the ¸M3AR makes it possible manufacturers and require authorizations and certifica- Thanks to its comprehensive expertise, Rohde & Schwarz
multifunction encryption device that replaces a number to completely plan and prepare the parameters for many tions for the installation and final approval of the radios. meets all test requirements, from conventional analog
of legacy devices and offers compatibility modes for the radio nets and to later transmit them via fill devices. In In recent years, Rohde & Schwarz customers have increas- communications systems to the very latest SDR equip-
most important devices currently in international use. flight, the crew can switch between different modes ingly taken advantage of the company's system integration ment. Rohde & Schwarz is also a leading supplier of test
The device with BSI and SECAN clearance performs en- quickly and precisely. Robust waveforms, built-in encryp- service. and measurement equipment for sophisticated modulation
cryption based on standardized NATO algorithms so that tion and a choice of frequency hopping modes provide the In prototype installations for many different makes of heli- modes such as PFDM as well as for MIMO technologies
voice and data communications are absolutely tap-proof. pilot and the weapon systems officer with the security, reli- copters and fighter aircraft as well as in series production, which are part of today's advanced digital radiocommuni-
It is interoperable with numerous existing voice and data ability and flexibility they need to accomplish their mission. Rohde & Schwarz has accumulated a wealth of experience cations standards. In a high-energy environment, elec-
encryption devices and can be used in both mobile and and documentation. Everything is covered, including tromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is critical. The German
stationary applications for encrypting and decrypting ana- site survey, system documentation and system diagrams Armed Forces, for example, operate the largest EMC test
log and digital messages of all relevant levels of classified for airborne segments, pilot instruction cards, certification laboratory in Europe where they use test and measure-
information. documents and installation instructions for series ment equipment from Rohde & Schwarz. Featuring ad-
This highly secure device is not only deployed by the production. ditional capabilities, Rohde & Schwarz measuring instru-
German Armed Forces: More than half of all NATO ments can be used for military applications. For example,
countries use the crypto platform in numerous national the mass memory for setup and measurement data can
and international projects. For example, the UH TIGER be easily removed from many models. Special programs
and NH90 helicopters, the K130 corvette and the U 212 are available to irretrievably delete memory contents.
submarine are equipped with this encryption device. In the Most of the instruments can also emulate legacy com-
future, the ED 4-2 will also be used by NATO to encrypt HF mand sets, making it easy to replace out-of-date equip-
communications in the A400M military transport aircraft. ment and ensure the long-term upgradeability of existing
Efficient integration
The ¸MR6000A VHF/UHF radio is an embedded
COMSEC solution that is used, for example, in the The comprehensive Rohde & Schwarz test and measure-
A400M military transport aircraft. The integrated solution Airborne platforms such as the Eurofighter, Tiger, NH90 and F-16 already ment portfolio includes the following:
comprises a radio and a crypto module in a single use the ¸M3AR software defined VHF/UHF airborne radios for ❙❙ Signal generators and analyzers to generate and analyze
package. Compared to two separate devices, it saves communications. The A400M transport aircraft was also equipped with many types of unmodulated and modulated signals:
valuable installation space and reduces weight, cabling these radios from the very start. from CW to analog or pulse modulation, from simple
and logistics effort. digital modulation such as BPSK and QPSK to highly
complex ODFM modulation modes. Wide modulation
(up to 528 MHz) and demodulation bandwidths (up to
120 MHz) allow reliable tests even on wideband multi-
carrier systems
❙❙ Flexible fading solutions for signal generators to allow
testing of military communications equipment under
real-world conditions such as moving transmitters and
receivers or multipath signal propagation

Mobile field test equipment:

❙❙ Wide range of portable spectrum and network analyzers
for field use
❙❙ Precise, easy-to-use power sensors that can also be
operated directly from a laptop via USB

The A400M military

transport aircraft
is equipped with The UCS 226x
software defined radio test system
radios from is already in use
Rohde & Schwarz. around the globe.

10  Rohde & Schwarz Information superiority on missions 11

Product portfolio
Secure radiocommunications

¸M3SR Series4400 ¸M3SR Series4100 ¸Series4200

VHF/UHF software defined radios HF software defined radios Software defined radios
¸M3AR ¸M3AR Series6000A ¸M3AR Series6000E The ¸M3SR Series4400 radios The ¸M3SR Series4100 radios ¸Series4200 for stationary use in
Series6000R and Series6000L Software defined radios for Eurofighter Typhoon are VHF/UHF SDRs for civil and are HF SDRs for stationary ATC/AD, civil and military air traffic control.
Software defined radios This powerful radio family comes with Software defined radios military air traffic control, air defense navy and army applications. Application areas: small emergency
The ¸MR6000L/R radios are an an embedded encryption module with The Eurofighter Typhoon is the result and navy applications. ❙❙ Frequency range from radio systems (few channels), nation-
established generation of VHF/UHF NATO crypto algorithms. of multinational European coopera- ❙❙ Frequency range from 1.5 MHz to 30 MHz wide radiocommunications systems
SDRs for all airborne platforms in the ❙❙ Frequency range from tion. Over the coming decades, it will 100 MHz to 512 MHz ❙❙ Designed for extreme simultaneous (several hundred channels).
area of tactical army communications 30 MHz to 400 MHz form the backbone of many air forces. ❙❙ Designed for extreme simultaneous operating requirements ❙❙ VHF frequency range from
and ATC voice and data radio. ❙❙ HQ I/II, SATURN, ¸SECOS 5/16 ❙❙ Developed especially to meet operation requirements ❙❙ NATO HF House as embedded 112 MHz to 156 MHz
❙❙ Frequency range from TDMA Frequency hopping capability Eurofighter requirements ❙❙ Frequency hopping capability in line software ❙❙ UHF frequency range from
30 MHz to 400 MHz ❙❙ Built-in pre-/postselector (transmit/ ❙❙ Frequency range from with HAVE QUICK I/II, SATURN, ❙❙ ALE 2G and ALE 3G 225 MHz to 400 MHz
❙❙ Frequency hopping capability receive filter) to minimize susceptibil- 100 MHz to 400 MHz ­¸SECOS ❙❙ Frequency hopping capability in line ❙❙ 50 W transmission power in VHF
in line with HQ I/II, SATURN, ity to interference ❙❙ Embedded NATO encryption ❙❙ Interfaces for NATO and non-NATO with ¸SECOM-H and UHF range
¸SECOS 5/16 TDMA ❙❙ Allows simultaneous use of ❙❙ Encrypted air-to-air and air-to-ground encryption devices ❙❙ Interfaces for NATO and non-NATO ❙❙ Automatic main/standby switchover
❙❙ Interfaces for NATO and non-NATO multiple radios on board voice communications as well ❙❙ IP-based remote control protocols encryption devices ❙❙ USB service interface
encryption devices ❙❙ Eliminates the need for as plain communications with ❙❙ Data rates up to 1.2 Mbit/s ❙❙ IP data transmission ❙❙ Remote control and remote
❙❙ Power classes of external filters air traffic control (with external modem) ❙❙ Data rates up to 19.2 kbit/s monitoring via Ethernet interface
10 W AM / 15 W FM ❙❙ RF output power: 20 W in AM ❙❙ HQ I/II and SATURN frequency ❙❙ MTBF > 20 000 hours ❙❙ MTBF > 9000 hours ❙❙ Suitable for data transmission in
❙❙ Data rates up to 16 kbit/s mode and 30 W in FM mode hopping modes VDL mode 2
❙❙ MTBF > 3000 hours; reliable opera- ❙❙ Minimizes cabling, space ❙❙ Housing in Eurofighter-specific ❙❙ Connection possible via E1 and VoIP
tion even in extreme environmental requirements and weight for L-form in cooperation with Indra
conditions aircraft integrator (Spain) and Selex (Italy)
❙❙ Data rates up to 16 kbit/s

Crypto solutions


Multimode, multirole high-security Voice and data encryption device for Leased-line encryption device up to
encryption device for mobile platforms. analog and digital networks. 2 Mbit/s.
❙❙ Deployed by the German Armed ❙❙ Deployed by the German Armed ❙❙ Approved by the German Federal
Forces as common mobile Forces as a device for commanders Office for Information Security (BSI),
encryption device ❙❙ Interoperable with existing encryp- application-independent
❙❙ Approved for security classifications tion devices (ELCROVOX 1-4D, ❙❙ Cascading with high-security devices
up to cosmic top secret /”streng geheim” STU-IIB, ELCRODAT 6-1) ❙❙ Transparent integration
❙❙ Ruggedized in line with MIL standards ❙❙ Manual or automatic loading of ❙❙ Minimal administration and
❙❙ Interoperable with ¸M3xR and keys via key distribution center operating costs
numerous other radios ❙❙ Approved for security classifications ❙❙ For wired, microwave and
❙❙ Interoperable with established national up to cosmic top secret /  satellite links
and international voice and data “streng geheim”
encryption devices ❙❙ SatCom-compatible
❙❙ ¸MMC3000 for non-NATO ❙❙ Upgradeable for use in IP networks

12  Rohde & Schwarz Information superiority on missions 13

Secure radiocommunications Radiomonitoring and radiolocation

Series MR3000U/H
R&S®MR3000U/H radios are HF/VHF/ ¸RCMS II ACCESSNET®-T Cube ¸DDF04E ¸ESMD ¸PR100
UHF software defined radios (SDR) Remote control and monitoring ACCESSNET®-T Cube is a TETRA Digital direction finder for Wideband monitoring receiver Portable monitoring receiver
that support all types of tactical com- system communications system for mobile traffic control The ¸ESMD is designed especially The ¸PR100 has been designed
munications in an army environment. The ¸RCMS II allows operators deployment. It allows the transport Radio direction finding for air and for signal searching, radiomonitoring specifically for radiomonitoring
❙❙ Frequency range from of civil and military air traffic control of network elements to the operation maritime traffic control is performed and spectrum monitoring in line with applications in the field.
1.5 MHz to 512 MHz and air defense systems to remotely area by air, vehicle, railway or simultaneously on multiple frequency ITU recommendations. It is equally ❙❙ Fast panorama scan across
❙❙ NATO HF House as embedded soft- operate and monitor Rohde & Schwarz sea, their fast on-site startup and channels using only one direction well suited for mobile and stationary entire frequency range from
ware including ALE 2G and ALE 3G radios from one or more locations networking as well as secure radio- finder. applications. 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz
❙❙ Frequency hopping capability in line in a country. communications. ❙❙ Parallel direction finding on up to ❙❙ Frequency range from 20 MHz to 3.6 ❙❙ 10 MHz IF spectrum and
with R&S®SECOM-H, -P, -V, HQ I/II, ❙❙ No additional devices required at ❙❙ Frequency ranges: TX 390 MHz to 32 frequency channels GHz, optionally from 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz demodulation with bandwidths
R&S®SECOS 5/16 TDMA individual radio sites for remote 470 MHz and 851 MHz to 921 MHz, ❙❙ Seamless coverage of a wide ❙❙ 20 MHz realtime bandwidth, from 150 Hz to 500 kHz
❙❙ Embedded encryption, interfaces control and monitoring RX 380 MHz to 460 MHz and frequency range from 100 MHz to optionally 80 MHz ❙❙ Display of spectrum and spectro-
for NATO and non-NATO encryption ❙❙ Remote control and monitoring 806 MHz to 876 MHz 450 MHz with only one DF antenna ❙❙ RF spectrum with scan rates of gram (waterfall) on 6.5" color screen
devices of civil and military radios using ❙❙ Single-cell and multicell autonomous ❙❙ Easy modification of receive fre- up to 100 GHz/s (300 GHz/s with ❙❙ Storage of measurement data to
❙❙ IP data transmission frequency hopping operation with line, ring or mixed quency and number of channels via 80 MHz option) SD card in receiver
❙❙ 10 W, 50 W, 150 W and ❙❙ Redundant system for continuous topology control software and due to integrat- ❙❙ IF spectrum from 1 kHz to 20 MHz ❙❙ LAN interface for remote control
500 W power classes remote control and monitoring ❙❙ Connection to existing ed 8.33 kHz channel spacing (optionally 80 MHz) and data output
❙❙ Data rates up to 72 kbit/s including ❙❙ Transmission of status reports ACCESSNET®-T networks (including ❙❙ Flexible networking of direction ❙❙ Polychrome IF spectrum for reliable ❙❙ Low weight of only 3.5 kg
GPS reporting, message service to a primary monitoring system handover) as well as to other radio finder, data server and display units detection of pulsed signals ❙❙ Location of emissions using the
❙❙ MTBF > 8000 hours via SNMP and data networks via Ethernet ❙❙ DDCs for analysis and recording of ¸HE300 active directional
individual communications channels antenna
¸GB4000T (up to 1 MHz bandwidth)
Control unit for
The ¸GB4000T control unit was Test and measurement
developed with extreme operating
convenience in mind. It is used for
remote control of ¸Series4200
❙❙ Control of up to nine user-config-
urable ¸Series4200 radios
Series MR3000P ❙❙ Display of the radio status High-end spectrum analyzer Analog premium signal generator High-performance network
The R&S®MR3000P radios (Go/NoGo, carrier, squelch) ❙❙ Frequency range from ❙❙ Frequency range from analyzer
are ideal handhelds for use in ❙❙ Selection of six user-configurable 20 Hz to 67 GHz 960 MHz to 1215 MHz ❙❙ Frequency range from
R&S®MR3000U/H radio networks. channels per radio ❙❙ Outstanding RF performance ❙❙ Level range from 300 kHz to 80 GHz
❙❙ Frequency range from ❙❙ Input and configuration via color ❙❙ Low phase noise –120 dBm to +18 dBm ❙❙ Pulsed measurements, including
25 MHz to 146 MHz display and touch panel of –128 dBc ❙❙ DME channels X, Y pulse profile measurements with
❙❙ Frequency hopping capability in ❙❙ Three user levels: operator, ❙❙ Resolution bandwidths from ❙❙ User-selectable pulse parameters wide bandwidth and high time
line with R&S®SECOM-P supervisor, administrator 1 Hz to 50 MHz ❙❙ Squitter pulses in line with resolution
❙❙ Embedded encryption ❙❙ Many application-specific EUROCAE ED-54 ❙❙ Measurements on
❙❙ 5 W power class firmware packages ❙❙ 0 % to 100 % efficiency frequency-converting DUTs
❙❙ GPS reporting/SMS ❙❙ Extremely large dynamic range ❙❙ User-definable identification pulses ❙❙ Removable mass memory for
❙❙ MTBF > 10 000 hours ❙❙ Highly linear display < 0.1 dB use in secure areas
❙❙ Complete selection of detectors ❙❙ Simple high-precision power

14  Rohde & Schwarz Information superiority on missions 15

Tried and tested In many countries, airborne equipment must be able to
withstand harsh operating conditions such as temperature
fluctuations, dust, saltwater, humidity and vibrations. The

in the field ¸M3AR was designed from the start with the rugged-
ness and reliability needed to overcome these challenges.
Flying units of the air force, army and navy of more than
40 countries around the world have come to depend on
radio solutions from Rohde & Schwarz to support their

¸M3AR radios from Rohde & Schwarz are

deployed on the following platforms (examples):
❙❙ A109 LHU
❙❙ A400M
❙❙ EMB-145 AEM&C
❙❙ Eurofighter Typhoon
❙❙ F-16
❙❙ F-4 Phantom
❙❙ MI-8, MI-17, MI-24
❙❙ SU-30 MKM
❙❙ TIGER and NH 90 helicopters

Rohde & Schwarz—leading radio Selected reference helicopter

solutions for air force helicopters
The ¸M3AR interoperable
radiocommunications solutions from
Rohde & Schwarz have proven their
Super Puma
worth in numerous helicopter Radio with external crypto solution
platforms. They are available with em-
bedded as well as external encryption,
and support both NATO and national

Radio with embedded

crypto solution

16  Rohde & Schwarz Information superiority on missions 17

Future mobile com- ❙❙ NIAG SG 101/140 for standardization of the C2
data link for STANAG 4660 Service, logistics Rohde & Schwarz has considerable experience in these
areas of logistics and can adapt its services flexibly to
meet customer requirements and deliver the kind of

munications capa- Participation in the Wireless Innovation Forum

(WInnF; previously SDR Forum)
❙❙ Chair of the SCA Test and Evaluation Working Group
and support optimized support needed to safeguard maximum system
availability at minimum cost.

bilities for air forces ❙❙ Member of the Board of Directors and Vice-Chair of the
WInnF For military and civil radio users, the operational readiness
and availability of their radiocommunications systems
Rohde & Schwarz minimizes life cycle costs
Featuring multiband, multimode and multirole capabilities,
the ¸M3xR radios can be used flexibly in a variety
Professional mobile radio are of central importance. Rohde & Schwarz has a global of frequency bands, with different waveforms and in
Rohde & Schwarz is working intensively on the next gener- ❙❙ Member of the TETRA Association service, logistics and support network with offices in more numerous scenarios. Instead of having several types of
ation of radios. The company is currently collaborating ❙❙ Member of the Board of Directors of the German Asso- than 70 countries to provide local, on-site customer care. radios for different tasks, users can rely on one radio,
closely with the German Armed Forces on the develop- ciation of Professional Mobile Radio (PMeV) which considerably simplifies logistics. At the same time,
ment of their future joint radio system known as SVFuA. Rohde & Schwarz offers customers flexible, individually identically structured HMIs and CBT applications reduce
This system will be the basis for the future generations of Other national and international telecommunications tailored service packages spanning a product’s entire life the training effort for soldiers.
software defined radios of the German Armed Forces. standardization bodies cycle and operating life to ensure high system availability
"SVFuA is the key technology for future command and ❙❙ Information Technology and Selected IT Applications at minimum cost. Services include: The Rohde & Schwarz advantage
control of modern armed forces", says Wolfgang Stolp, Standards Committee (NIA) of the German Institute for ❙❙ Definition and optimization of maintenance ❙❙ High-reliability, high-availability radiocommunications
President of the Federal Office of the German Armed Standardization (DIN) strategies aligned to customer-specific requirements solutions that support the operational effectiveness and
Forces for Information Management and Information ❙❙ European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), ❙❙ Spare parts service including inventory quantity proposal security of the armed forces
Technology. "This system will contribute decisively to the a European standardization body for information and and optimization of inventory locations ❙❙ Long-term trusted partnerships
German Armed Forces participation in an interoperable communications technologies ❙❙ Detailed system and equipment documentation ❙❙ Transparent, low life cycle costs and logistics costs
information and communications network of joint and ❙❙ International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the United ❙❙ Spare parts data and catalogs
combined armed forces." Nations body responsible for coordinating international ❙❙ User and maintenance training including computer-based Rohde & Schwarz is your partner for communications solu-
SVFuA and other development initiatives will help telecommunications training (CBT) programs tions for land-based, airborne and sea-based operations.
ensure that forthcoming radio families and solutions from ❙❙ Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), a ❙❙ On-site repair, calibration and customer support services
Rohde & Schwarz will meet the growing communications worldwide organization for advancing and standardizing ❙❙ Test equipment for customers who perform first line
needs and expectations of military commanders. electronics and information technology service
❙❙ Security Techniques Subcommittee of the International ❙❙ Configuration and obsolescence management
Rohde & Schwarz has been and remains an active partici- Organization for Standardization and International Elec-
pant in numerous international projects and standardiza- trotechnical Commission's Joint Technical Committee 1
tion bodies. on Information Technology (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27)
❙❙ Object Management Group (OMG), a computer industry
This includes the following: consortium responsible for the Model­Driven Architec-
European studies ture® (MDA) standard
❙❙ WINTSEC (basis for an SDR architecture from a civil and
military perspective) Finland Service level
❙❙ SCORED (assessment of initial cognitive radio capabilities

Backup service
from a military perspective) United

Area support center
❙❙ EULER (demonstrator-based extension of WINTSEC)
Belgium Czech Republic Ukraine
France Hungary

❙❙ ESSAC (European SDR standardization and certification Switzerland

Local service centers
feasibility study)
Greece Turkey
Calibration and mainte-
❙❙ EDA Joint Investment Program / Force Protection, Canada Germany
nance with standardized,

Call 2 (protection of forces in an urban environment) Portland

automatic calibration
❙❙ UWGT (universal waveform generation tool) study
Korea systems
Los Angeles China
Dallas Japan

Pakistan New Delhi

Shanghai Calibration and
European Union working groups India Shenzhen Taiwan
Mexico United Viet Nam
Arab Hong Kong
Emirates Hyderabad

❙❙ SDR Certification Working Group (certification structures


in Europe for SCA-based military radios)

Malaysia Singapore

Brazil Indonesia

NATO working groups

❙❙ VHF/UHF Ad hoc Working Group Australia

❙❙ BLOS Working Group

Chile South Africa


❙❙ SDR User Group New Zealand

❙❙ IICWG Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol

(SCIP) Working Group

18  Rohde & Schwarz Information superiority on missions 19

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