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To : Ms.

Zenith Catimbang,
School Director

Good Day! We are Grade 12 ABM Loyalty students under the advisory of Ms.Marvy
Jhane Tulipas, asking your permission to allow us to do our survey to all Grade XI & XII ABM
students for our Practical Research III.

We are looking forward for your response about this letter. Thank you!

Respectfully yours,

Rosemarie Arciaga Gemboy Gracio Trina Negrido

Jenedyel Bocalan Andro Escoto Eric Tabujara
Maryjoy Daban Renzo Palma Jaed Tajanlangit

Noted by:

Marvy Jhane Tulipas Raquel Y. Matnog Liz Syra Dela Cuesta

Thesis Adviser Academic Coordinator/ Dean SHS Coordinator

Approved by:

Zenith Catimbang
School Director