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FOR 501 Advanced Fire Ecology

Winter 2013

Instructors: Mike Flannigan 713A GSB

Marc Parisien 713B GSB

Lecture Tuesday 14:00-17:00 Room GSB 711

Office hours: By appointment

Course Description

The aim of this course is to examine and critically discuss key articles and topics in the field of fire
ecology. Although the focus will be on the boreal forest, fire ecology topics in other biomes will be

Course Format

RenR 501 is a seminar course where each student selects one landmark fire ecology paper or fire
ecology topic. Each student will lead a discussion based on that paper or topic. A number of papers are
listed below that students can select from but they are free to select other papers with instructor
approval. Where possible the term paper could address fire ecology aspects related to the graduate
student’s thesis topic.


Attendance 25%

Participation in class 25%

Paper discussion 25%

Term Paper 25%

No exams.

Tentative Course Schedule – Winter 2013

Jan 8th: Introduction and elements of fire ecology

Jan 15th – April 9th (except study week): Seminar presentations

Advance Fire Ecology – List of Potential Discussion Papers

Bergeron, Y., Gauthier, S., Flannigan, M. and Kafka, V. 2004. Fire regimes at the transition between
mixedwoods and coniferous boreal forest in northwestern Quebec. Ecology. 85:1916-1932.

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Quaternary Research 3: 329-382 DOI: 10.1016/0033-5894(73)90003

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