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Classification and Detection of Mouth Ulcers using Mobile Camera

Sakshi Anand, Prof. Vinod Kumar, Dr. Nishant Jain

Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat, Solan-173234
Oral cancer is one of the most predominant cancers in developing countries. Among all the cancers, it owes
11.28% to men 4.3% to women in India. According to a survey, 82% patients survive whose cancer is diagnosed
in early stage. While only 27% patients survive with cancer diagnoses in advanced stages. According to
government of Himachal Pradesh, new cases of oral cancer registered during financial year 2011-12 were 179.
In earlier times, whenever a lesion is detected in mouth of the patient, biopsy need to be done which is very
painful and time consuming process. With advancement of science and technology, various tools have been
developed which enables professionals to diagnose and evaluate oral cancer before performing any biopsy.
There are various modalities that can be used for diagnosing and evaluating of oral cancer. It includes Optical
Coherence Tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, thermal imaging, CT
fluoroscopy-guided biopsy, positron emission tomography, plain radiography, cone beam computed
tomography, computed tomography. A self assessment tool to diagnose ulcer in initial stages by taking pictures
with the help of mobile phone is proposed. Image captured is enhanced and abnormal patch from the image is
segmented using image segmentation method. Texture features extracted from the segmented patch is given
as input to the trained classifier for predicting the class of the patch as normal or abnormal. This tool can be
very helpful to make awareness about the severity of mouth ulcer and its early detection.

Keywords: oral cancer, Optical coherence tomography