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March 10th, 2019

Time: 5:00PM – 7:00PM


The Nashville Armory
4290 Kenilwood Dr. “F UNR
Nashville, Tennessee 37204

General Guidelines

The range event will include 16 lanes of unique firearms to include fully automatic machine guns, silencers,
Henry rifles, shotguns, long guns and handguns! Each team will cycle through these lanes and get their chance
to fire each one-of-a-kind firearm. Range officers will be there to familiarize the shooters with the firearms
and make sure that the shooters know how to safely and effectively fire each weapon. One lane will be
reserved for a “competition shoot” where each shooter will fire 10 rounds out of a customized Sig P320 pistol
on our live fire simulator. Each target will be scored to determine the team & individual winner of the
competition shoot.
Silent Auction
Private Sale at Nashville Armory
Handgun Give-Away
Hors d’oeuvres will be served

“Every child deserves a first class camp experience

Ammunition Sponsor: $2,500
a b las t !
nd h ave
“On Target” Sponsor: $2,500 u p a
Sponsor package of both: $4,000

Benefits: 1 team of 4 participants, Brand recognition on print media, website and

social media.
Registration Information:

Primary Contact _________________________________________


_______ Single Participant $250 _______Four Participants $900

Ammo Target
I want to be a Sponsor:____________________________________ Sponsorship for $ 2500__________

I want to contribute an auction item: ______________________

Participant #1: Participant #3:

Name ________________________________ Name______________________________
Company _____________________________ Company___________________________
Address_______________________________ Address____________________________
Phone________________________________ Phone______________________________
Email________________________________ Email______________________________

Participant #2: Participant #4:

Name______________________________ Name______________________________
Company___________________________ Company___________________________
Address____________________________ Address____________________________
Phone______________________________ Phone______________________________
Email______________________________ Email______________________________

Event Date: March 10th, 2019

Contact information

Gary Semanchik Kennan Sanders
Executive Director at Camp Sycamore Creek General Manager at Nashville Armory /615-948-1947 615-730-8054

Payment Accepted: Check or Credit Card Payment Amount:_____________
Credit Card Type:______________ Card Number:_________________ Expiration Date_________
Make check payable to Camp Sycamore Creek

*Complete registration form and send it to:
Camp Sycamore Creek- 1003 Stonewall Dr. Nashville, TN, 37220
Email registration to