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Prepared by: Aslýhan Arýkan, ASD Research and Scientific Issues Manager

Industrial Packaging
Consumer packaging – the packaging that
starts from a commercial sales point and
arrives at the consumer as a sales unit.

Industrial packaging – the packaging that is

used to deliver goods from producer to
consumer. Industrial packaging is, not always
but generally, used to transfer goods to the
next point of production.

In short, packaging can have different types

and applications depending on the identified
destination and the manner of use. In general,
several types of packaging come together
to make up a packaging system.

For breakfast cereals, primary packaging is

Basic functions of packaging may be Tertiary packaging or transport packaging – the bag that contacts the food; secondary
summarised as; it is used to facilitate the handling/ packaging is the printed carton box in which
transportation of a series of sales units or the bag is placed. The basic functions of the
• Contain, secondary packaging in order to prevent the bag inside are to protect and preserve the
• Protect/Preserve, physical damage that may occur during product. Printed carton box physically protects
• Transport, handling/transportation (e.g. corrugated the product, informs the consumer about
• Inform/Sell cardboard box). the product and affects the purchasing
decision of the consumer, that is, sells the
When considering the basic functions of Unit load – Unit load is the group of packaging product. In order to provide additional physical
packaging, it must be kept in mind that in which more than one delivery packaging protection and easy handling for the product
there may be different packaging are brought together for loading/unloading during delivery to the sales point, 15 pieces
classifications. work (e.g. unit which is repacked on the of carton boxes are placed in a tertiary
palette using stretch film). packaging that is made of corrugated
Primary packaging or sales packaging – this cardboard. Finally, the products are delivered
is the packaging that wraps the product Besides functionality, a packaging is also on palettes, wrapped in stretch film as a unit
when being sold to the end consumer. It generally defined by the identified point of load, in which corrugated cardboard boxes
contains the packaging that is in direct destination. are made into a single unit in order to
contact with the product and the other
packaging components (e.g. cap and label)
that are needed to complete the sales unit. Primart package
The first wrap or containment of the product
Secondary packaging or group packaging –
Secondary package
this is the packaging used for gathering the Holds one or several primary packages
sales units in order to allow for easy handling
practices in the sales environment. This Shipping container
Groups packages for manual handling &
process can be performed by grouping the protects during shipping
products in order to sell them to the consumer
(e.g. shrink film and corrugated cardboard Unit load
A number of shippers assembled into a
box). single unit for mass handling

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industrial packaging. Legal Issues

Consumer packaging constitutes majority in Particularly when products transferred from

number of the packaging that is produced one manufacturing plant to another are
every year all over the world. Industrial considered, safety procedures and measures
packaging, although fewer in number, is used become more important since very large
to pack almost the same amount of products amounts of products are being transported.
as consumer packaging with regard to volume.
Primary & Secondary Packaging
If the products to be transported are in the
The secondary and tertiary packaging that classification of dangerous substances, special
are used for packing the excessive number practices must be carried out for Packaging
of products that will be consumed for of Dangerous Substances (see Packaging
industrial purposes or for repacking large Bulletin, November-December 2010, file named
amounts of consumer packaging in order to “Packaging of Dangerous Substances”).
facilitate distribution may be defined as
industrial packaging.

Industrial packaging is needed when

Tertiary or Transport Packaging
transporting large amount of products from
facilitate transportation and distribution. one production point to another. Usually the
customer is another industrial or commercial
In some cases, one single packaging may be organization which is planning to use the
expected to fulfil all functions. The primary packed product as an input for its production
packaging that protects an electronic product process. From that perspective, industrial
may be strong enough to preserve the packaging includes barrels, palettes or big
product and to facilitate its transportation. bags and containers.
IBC - A product of Ýzvar.
This packaging can be sufficient to deliver
all information needed by the consumers
and for selling the product. On the other Industrial Packaging Types
hand, in general, the functions of
informing/selling are less significant for Product Packaging Type Some Examples
Gas/Liquefied Gas Pressure vessels High pressure Oxygen tubes, low
pressure liquid gas tubes in kitchens.

Liquids Barrels (tanks with steel, plastic, 200 lt steel or plastic barrels are
fiberglass content) used for many chemicals.
Big Bag (big carrier bags)
Tanks, IBC’s Used in transportation of chemicals.
Tankers Fuel oil products are generally
transported in tankers.
Ships Petrol

Solids Bags (plastic, paper, big bag) Solids in the form of granules can
Sacks (synthetic or natural) be packed in bags.
Boxes (carton and corrugated
cardboard) They are generally used as secondary
Containers or tertiary packaging.
Tankers Amorphous solids such as coal.
PC Case Packaging

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(flexible intermediate bulk container) /

“big bag” or “bulk bag”.

Rigid Industrial Packaging – Wooden,

Metal, Plastic

As one of the oldest packaging materials,

Metal Barrel – A product of Mauser Ambalaj. wood has been used for centuries when
transporting products from one place to
another. Even today, wooden and plywood Products of Deren Ambalaj.
Selection of Proper Packaging for cases may be preferred for handling some
Industrial Product industrial products.
The volumes and abbreviations for United ASD and SEPA Member Industrial Packaging
When selecting the best package for an Nations (UN) approved metal barrels that Manufacturers:
industrial product, we need to have detailed are used for transporting dangerous
information about the product to be packed. substances are as follows: • Balcýoðullarý Orman Ürünleri Ambalaj Hayvancýlýk
- Physical characteristics such as the boiling S = Small, 20 – 30 litres Otomotiv Taþýmacýlýk San. ve Tic. A.Þ. – Wooden
point, melting point and flashing point of M = Medium, 45/60 – 100/120 litres Pallet, Collapsible Wooden Case, Euro Pallet,
Plywood Packaging.
the product, L = Large, 180 – 250 litres (mostly 50
• Batý Kraft Torba ve Ambalaj San. Tic. A.Þ. – Industrial
- Danger degree of the product (whether gallons=210 litres) Craft Bag Production (Cement, Lime, Gypsum,
dangerous chemical or explosive Construction chemicals, Chemical Substances,
substance), Calcite, Fertilizer, Food Bags).
- The maximum transportable bulk amount • Çiasan Kraft Torba Ambalaj San. ve Tic. A.Þ. - Craft
of the product (transporting high density Bag for Cement, Lime, Construction Material,
products in smaller volumes), Chemistry-Mining, Food Seeds Animal Feed,
Fiber Barrel Compost Sector.
- The most important of these factors is
• Ekerler Kaðýt Torba Ambalaj – Craft Bag for Cement,
the cross contamination risk between the
Lime, Calcite, Gypsum, Construction chemicals,
product and the packaging material. Ready made Plaster, Barite, Bentonite, Silica sand,
Other chemical substances and Food Sector.
Flexible Industrial Packaging – Paper and • Deren Ambalaj San. ve Tic. A.Þ. - IBC, Barrels and
Plastic Jerrycans.
Fiber barrels can be used for packaging solids, • Greif Mimaysan Ambalaj San. A.Þ. – Sheet Metal
semi-solids and some liquids. Barrels.
Plastic raw materials, cement or cereal- • Güngör Plastik – Plastic Jerrycan, Plastic Barrel.
Plastic barrels are made in the following
like products up to 25 kg may be packed • Iþýklar Ambalaj - Craft Bag for Cement, Lime,
in 2 to 6-layer paper bags or plastic sacks Construction Material, Chemistry-Mining, Food
- Large: 200 – 450 litres; mostly 210 litres Seeds Animal Feed, Compost Sectors.
with open end or valve; larger amounts
(50 galons) • Ýþbir Sentetik Dokuma Sanayi A.Þ. - Big Bag.
a re g e n e r a l l y p l a ce d i n to l a rg e
- Small: 60 litres and below; mostly 20 and • Ýzvar Ambalaj San. ve Tic. A.Þ. – Sheet Metal Barrel,
transportation packaging such as FIBC
25 litres Sheet Metal Jerrycan, Renewed Sheet Metal Barrel,
- Medium: Volumes between large and small. Plastic Jerrycan, Ibc, Plastic Jerrycan, Fiber Jerrycan.
• Mauser Ambalaj San. ve Tic. A.Þ. - Sheet Metal
Jerrycan, Sheet Metal Barrel.
The term jerrycan is generally used for
• Oyka Kaðýt Ambalaj San. ve Tic. A.Þ. – Craft Bag
rectangular plastic containers. They are no
for Food, Cement, Lime, Mine, Gypsum, Construction
more than 60 litres. chemicals and Chemical Substances.
• Özler Plastik San. Tic. A.Þ. – Plastic Jerrycan,
Plastic barrels may have circular or square Barrel.
sections. Those with small volumes have • Ur-Sa Plastik Çuval San. Tic. Ltd. Þti. - Plastic
handles as well. They are made of high density (Polypropylene) Sack, Big Bag.
polyethylene using extrusion blowing, rotation
or injection (small barrels or caps) moulding
Products of Özler Plastik.

36 Ambalaj Bülteni Interpack Special Edition 2011