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Commissioner Brenda Lucki

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

National Headquarters
73 Leikin Drive
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0R2

February 28, 2019


In light of the recent testimony of the former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, the
Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould has exposed a disturbing pattern of events regarding alleged
political interference by the Prime Minister’s Office and the Prime Minister himself in an ongoing
criminal prosecution.

What we now know is that the Prime Minister’s political staff, and senior officials reporting to him,
met with SNC-Lavalin an astonishing 31 times. What we also know is that following every
development in SNC-Lavalin’s prosecution, the firm swiftly found an audience with those close to
the Prime Minister.

“Undue pressure” was placed on former Attorney General by political actors urging her to exercise
her authority to overrule the Director of Public Prosecutions, who had rendered a decision in this
matter on Sept 4, 2018.

Given the subsequent chain of events that include portions of conversations that reference
immense pressure and political interference, and the subsequent removal of the former Attorney
General and Minister of Justice from that position in relation to the reported conversations,
followed by her resignation, there is reason to believe that pressure and interference did occur.

As the Honourable Wilson-Raybould said in her testimony, “I experienced a consistent and

sustained effort by many people within the government to seek to politically interfere in the
exercise of prosecutorial discretion.”

Per section 139(2) of the Criminal Code it is prohibited to attempt to obstruct, pervert or defeat
the course of justice. We believe that there are reasonable and probable grounds to suspect that
the conduct of the Prime Minister’s Office has crossed that threshold.

It is contrary to the section 423.1(1) of the Criminal Code to engage in any conduct with the intent
to provoke fear in the Attorney General.

We, the undersigned, have served Canada as either federal or provincial Attorney General.

In our shared view, ordinary Canadians, who do not benefit from political connections, have been
charged under these sections with much less evidence.

We are aware of media reports that the RCMP is seized with this matter. However, we write today
to urge you to ensure that you use all resources at your disposal to fully and fairly investigate any
potential criminality and provide Canadians with the truth in this crucial matter, as it strikes at the
core of the rule of law and independence of our justice system.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this very important issue.


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The Hon. Peter MacKay PC, QC The Hon. Douglas Grinslade Lewis PC, QC
Minister of Justice of Canada Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
2013 – 2015 1989 – 1990

Jonathan Denis QC
Solicitor General, Attorney General, and
Minister of Justice of Alberta
2012 – 2015

The Hon. Cecil Clarke
Attorney General of Nova Scotia
2007 - 2009

Colin Gabelmann
Attorney General of British Columbia
1991 – 1995