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1. He saw them as he was dozing off. / He saw them before he dozed off.
2. The word is 'frolicking'.
3. He had probably / must have seen the boat, Sniper, smash into his sisters.
4. They were Richard, Richard's wife, some passers-by and a crew member from the Sniper.
5. She noticed that Rebecca's right arm was missing from her elbow down and Kelly's left
foot had been cut off above the ankle.
6. Yes, she was. The sentence is 'Rebecca was white with shock, making short gasps.'
7. It refers to looking for the body parts of Rebecca and Kelly.
8. They wanted to make sure they covered the whole accident area while searching for the
body parts.
9. The surgery was successful for Rebecca as she managed to regain normal use of her arm,
but for Kelly, it was not successful as part of her leg had to be amputated and she had to
be fitted with an artificial limb.
10.The girls could have died in the accident but they are still alive and are able to enjoy the
same active lifestyle like before.


1. These places are dry and plants cannot grow there. / These places are dry and not fertile. /
These places are dry and empty with only very few plants.

2. In North American deserts, there are plants because of the red-brown soil but in the Sahara
Desert, there is only pure white sand and no soil.

3. It is surprising that many animals can survive in a place with little water, no plants and covered
with only white sand.

4. They were not quick enough to adjust to the changes in their environment.

5. A sand stink moves through the sand just like how a fish swims in the water, using its legs as fins
and hard scales on its skin to protect its body.

6. There is a layer of transparent skin over its eyes to protect the eyes.

7. It is the puddles of water from desert rainstorms.

8. They are big, so they are strong enough to carry heavy loads. They have large feet like
snowshoes that help them move in the desert without sinking.

9. It can drink up to one hundred and eighteen liters of water in a day which it then stores in its
body for use over several days.

10. It has stored fats in its humps that will provide the energy for it to travel for days in the desert
without eating.

1D 2C 3C 4C 5B 6A 7B 8B 9B 10A


1. Wrong, complement

2. Wrong, complimented

3. Wrong, quite

4. Wrong, quite

5. Wrong, diary

6. Wrong, dairy

7. Wrong, complement

8. Wrong, compliment

9. Wrong, Dairy

10. Correct

11. Wrong, soul

12. Wrong, sole

13. Correct

14. Wrong, compliments

15. Wrong, quite

16. Wrong, quite

17. Wrong, Dairy

18. Wrong, diary

19. Wrong, complements

20. Wrong, compliments

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