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Chance one minute

The meaning of chance is the possibly of something happing or something happening

without intention for it to happen.
Idea 5
Poker game

Idea 7 someone
Idea 1 final chance in
Two different their job before
new drugs one they are fired
that is fine and
one that kills you Idea 3
people have a Someone dies however
50/50 chance on they come back alive
life or death and have a second

Idea 8
Chance chance on life

Someone final chance to

fix their relationship

Idea 2
Someone has been asserted Idea 6
and this is their final chance Someone has a drug
to give up the people they addiction and there
were with or they take the family gives them one
full charge more chance to get
clean before the family
have noting to do with

Idea 4
Someone is wrongly charged
with a crime they didn’t
commit and this their final
chance to prove they didn’t
do before they are killed