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Tuesday - Feb.

26, 2019 - 2nd Observation

Instructional Method of delivery
focus Standard: RL 4.8 - Explain how an author uses reasons and evidence to support
particular points in a text.
I can explain how an author uses specific reasons and evidence to support particular
points within a text.

I can evaluate whether or not the reasons and evidences given supports the particular
points posed by an author.

Essential Question: Why is it essential for authors to support their ideas? How do
reasons and evidence support an author's particular points in a text?
Procedures Materials
Vocabulary ● Proclamation
● Opposed
Opening VTS: Use 2 different Abe Lincoln Pictures and discuss what is the Lincoln artworks
artist’s POV of him in each. How can an artist convey POV through
their artwork or photography?
Lesson SW independently read pgs. 254 - 255 and complete the predicted Wonders Lit.
meaning for proclamation and opposed on pg. 255. Anthology,
Comparing pov
graphic organizer
Have students take out their comparing pov graphic organizer.
Reread pg. 254 with students, discuss the Northerners’ pov on
Lincoln’s skills to lead compared to Lincoln’s pov. (The Northerners
did not have faith in Lincoln, but Lincoln was determined).

Reread pg. 255 with students and discuss the Northerners’ pov
compared to Lincoln’s about the Emancipation Proclamation
(Northerner’s against vs. Lincoln felt he did the right thing).

Read pg. 256 with students. Discussion: Ask students what speech
was Lincoln giving? How do you know?
Closing Using pg. 256, have students discuss with a buddy what is the Wonders
author’s point of view of Lincoln on this page? What are some Literature
evidences? Do authors’ always have the same point of view on all Anthology
Lesson Assessments/quick checks

Teacher Center Vocabulary Center Computer Center Writing Center

Work on comparing and SW find actual meaning of Freckle - Emancipated Informational Performance
contrasting author’s the words using Wonders Slaves Article (adaptive Task/ Writing choice board
povs using Adorable Lit. Anthology/ Vocab level)
Adoptions and choice board
Dependable Breeders